Monday, March 17, 2008

This Is The Obama I Support

Please check out this interview Obama had with the Chicago Tribune if you have not read it already.

Link here.

Look at how he handles himself with the questions. Look at how he handles himself when asked to give a perspective on Ferraro, Wright and the campaign as a whole. This cat is presidential material. This is an intelligent, thoughful man.

That's why I support him.


T.A.N. Man said...

This article is a good read. Obama really handles himself well under pressure. He is firm, yet likable.

Responding to an earlier comment about the Rev. Wright deal, I don't think it will kill Obama. First, I think he did (in the article), and will do, a great job of putting the comments into perpective, such that they will be manageable, and separate from his campaign. As Obama said, he's his pastor, not his political advisor. Religion is supposed to be a search for truth. And, in my experience with Rev. Wright's sermon's (and in his defense) there is a lot of uncomfortable truth involved. Politics on the other hand is a popularity contest--the two are polar opposites. Besides, those clips are garbage, and extremely well-spun.

Second, in my mind, its weight averages out to Michelle saying this is the first time, in her adult life, she has been proud to be an American. And, Momma McCain saying, "Not me ... I've always been proud." And, he made it over that "stumbling block." I was like, "She ain't never lied." America was like, "See, we told you Barack Obama is a muslim and Osama Bin Laden is his primary campaign supporter."

Third, if any self-proclaimed intelligent American cannot understand the scorn that a well-educated, well-traveled, profilic, 60 year-old plus black pastor feels when discussing religious issues of cultural relevance, then they are the one with the problem, not him. In the words of Andre, "[They need to] wipe the boo boo from their brains."

Of course, as a black man I'm totally biased, and proud of it.

T.A.N. Man said...

I am a little late with this comment, but in response to the Good Negro Down post, is doing is stint on welfare, as an adult, sufficient to make you a "bad Negro?" Is the use of government aid bad, in and of itself?

Big Man said...

Nah, nothing is wrong with going on welfare. I think I used Clinton's cuts of welfare as an example of some he did that was negative to the black community. Everybody on welfare is not lazy and Clinton's policies put some hard working people in a bind.

Imhotep said...

Big Man, I read the bulk of the article. By way of disclosure, I'm an Obama supporter. I've read both his books, and been to three rallies.

I'm starting to see Obama differently, maybe its because I held him to a high standard. I think he should have given Duval Patrick his credit for those quotes. And I believe there is more to the Rezco case. In reading the article, it's the first that I'm learning that Rezco actually used straw donars while raisig funds for Obama. Now this is common in campaigns, but again, I held Obama to a higher standard.

I believe Obama has become too passive in dealing with hillary, really I would like to see my president have a bit more spunk.

I'm fully in his corner in regards to Michelle's statements, and the Rev. Wrights statements. White america has this view that we should all be waving the flag and singing yankee doodle doo. F**K that, tell these white folks that the POTUS isn't so important, that he needs to become stepin fetchin. Let that Black pride stand tall, walk away from the white house is need be!

A.F. said...

That's the Obama that I like, too, RBL.

T.A.N. Man--I think everybody is entitled to at least 1K per year they are old, with everybody under 18 getting 18K. Then my mama would have 72K instead of the $750/mo she gets from her (ha!) retirement, social security and food stamps after working like a dog her whole life and now having nothing to show for it but bills :) I think this $ should be subtracted from the military budget. Call me crazy.

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