Wednesday, March 5, 2008

They say....

Revenge tastes better fresh out the fridge.

I can dig that.

With the triumph of bigotry, dishonesty and fear-mongering in Texas and Ohio I've once again begun to consider the fact that Mr. "O"-tastic might not win the Democratic nomination. It's a thought that's rolled around in my mind for a while now, but with every primary and caucus win by Obama I allowed myself to ignore it.

I had actually begun to believe.

Now, I'm not saying that Obama's losses in Texas and Ohio destroyed my hope, but it did take an ass-whipping. Tuesday night, the entire Lunatic family had faces longer than the official Black Folks Complaint Checklist. My wife was consoling me like I had lost a family member and she's the one who loves Obama more than breathing.

But, during the night and this morning I've perked up. Not only do I feel encouraged by Obama's sizable lead in pledged delegates, but I've also discovered another balm for my bruised psyche.

Hillary will fail.

It's inevitable, really. If she loses to Obama, she fails. If she beats Obama, she also will fail. Her tactics, and the actions of her surrogates, have alienated many, many African Americans and she lacks the charisma and message to draw in young voters. So, considering the fact that most Republicans would rather vote for Bin Laden than Hillary, well it seems unlikely that she has what it takes to beat McCain.

See, even though McCain is stupidly tying himself to that arrogant Village Idiot Bush, Hillary lacks the far reaching support to destroy him. True, there are certain types of folks who prefer Clinton to Obama, and they could possibly vote for McCain if Obama gets the nod from the party. But, I truly believe that those defections will not be matched by the ones Hillary would engender, and I'm convinced that Obama could offset some defections with new voters.

I don't know about y'all, but Hillary's inevitable failure makes me feel much better. I like knowing that she will eventually be chastised for her evil behavior. While the overall stupidity and latent racism many Americans possess has never been a secret to me, if Hillary was successful after tapping into those two things, well I might go a four state cracker slapping spree.

I don't need that type of pressure.

(If Obama signs up to be this woman's VP I will feel more betrayed than Negro guests at a lynching party.)


Mari-Djata said...

lol, I am feeling your last sentiments! I'd be pissed off if Obama takes Vice President, too.

Danielle said...

I agree with you. I enjoy your blog and read it daily. The big picture is Hilary has made her bed.

She decided the type of candidate she would be. Character is fate. She will not beat McCain is she wins the nomination.

Sometimes, justice does prevail. I still believe that Obama is in the race and there's a long road ahead.

Timi said...

I couldn't agree more. If he accepts her VP offer or HE offers her VP, then he would be defeating his own cause. It's not going to happen.

And I believe that with wins in OR, NC, MS & Wyoming in the weeks to come...Brotha "O" and his momentum is going to be ok.

Saint Lucian Dutch Canadian said...

I really really hope obama wins the nomination. I was so disappointed late last night when I realised that he lost Ohio badly. I guess all her nasty tactics works. How dumb are these people in Ohio and Texas to fall for this anyway!!!! I hope that if Hilary wins the nomination that she will not win the election.

Lolo said...

There you go, a little more "hope". It's not as though the press or the media have to do any heavy lifting to start asking some tough questions of the Hills, they don't even have to go near old Cooter Catcher himself. Can we mention "pardons for sale" via her brothers, never mind old Million Dollar Bill? Can anyone drive home just how dirty many of her contributors are?

Can we ask EXACTLY when does her experience count and when it doesn't? What is she allowed to denounce and reject and what is she held accountable to?

None of these have been answered, at all. I'm printing out that list of money people and having it ready for anyone who brings up Rezko. "Clean your own house first." is what I'm holding in my mind, thank you.

I'm pissed as hell but that's okay, this is worth fighting for and her people really DON'T have a clue how hard people can fight when their back is against the wall. As far as I'm concerned that's what it's going to be like. She's endangering what I believe my country should be and I'm not going to hold my nose or close my eyes this year when it comes time to vote. I'm voting Obama, even if I have to write it in by hand.

BrendaKay said...

Big Man - Thank you for coming back extra strong after your "love bug' posting. It was extremely disheartening to watch Tuesday nights results. But despite how badly I felt, I kept thinking about the Bible passage that says "It is done unto you as you believe". Well, I believe Obama HAS won the nomination. He has too many of our hopes and long held dreams to keep him from reaching his destiny. That is, so long as we don't give up on him

After 8 years of non-stop fear-mongering and blatant dishonesty - it was a given that the 'Desperate witch' would pull out these trump cards. And it should not have come as a surprize that she would also pull out the "victim" card. Nothing touches the heart of America, like a white woman crying about a Black man being unfair to her...or worse.

So we will now do as we have always done - we will pick ourselves up, we will regroup and we WILL keep on fighting until we have won this battle. The stakes are much too high for us to do anything less.

Big Man said...

I'm going to have my comments on picking myself up tomorrow. But, I appreicate all y'all reading my post.

Christina Springer said...

I'm sorry everyone felt so sad. As I blogged earlier, I am just fine with last night's results.

Yes, We Can! See, folks will finally understand that the "we" includes everyone who hasn't done anything tangible - check-writing, knocking on doors, phone calling - to finally do something.

Ya'll included in that list...and blog writing don't count as tangible. :)

Big Man said...

Ooh, that's a low blow Springer.

If it wasn't for my job, which doesn't allow political campaigning, I would be out on knocking on doors for Obama. Trust me on that.

BrendaKay said...

Hey Christina - I agree with nearly everything you wrote...

What happened last night was the swift kick that I need to not only sign up to participate in the call lists. But to also increase the amount of money that I've been donating to the Obama campaign.

Never in my 49 years on this Earth have I ever given a single cent to the campaign of a particular candidate. But Barack getting into this race changed all of that for me. For once I feel a part of this process and you can best well believe that I'm not going to give up when the goal is THIS close.

But I have to strongly disagree with you, that blog writing isn't tangible. As we have watched this race for the presidency unfold, blogs such as RBL are extremely relevant to the process. These blogs appeal to groups that go beyond a certain racial, gender, religious, etc. background. And unlike the so-called mainstream media, blog writers aren't having their words edited or censored.

It is blogs like RBL which were straight off the mark, reminding their readers of the utter hypocrisy of the Clinton campaign complaining that she has had a harder time in the media glare than Barack H. Obama.

And true to form, within 24 hours of Clinton playing the 'white woman wronged by a charismatic (just might be a Muslim) Black man' victim card, the mainstream TV and print media got EXTRA nasty with the O-man.

Please don't discount the importance of the blog writing as we march Obama into the White House and the presidency.

Christina Springer said...

Sorry folks - that didn't come out the right way. I'm usually more careful with words.

You're right, blogging does count. It counts a whole lot! But - just like check writing - it has to be supplemented with action.

(Unless your job, health or physical ability prevents you from doing so - in which case, your anonymous self ought to be blogging 'til your finger are numb.)

What I hope will happen is:
1. the pavement pounders will add more hours.
2. the check-writers will add an hour pavement pounding; and
3. and the rest who haven't done anything will write a check if they have it or give up some hours if they don't.

Big Man said...

Your comment was cool, and you're right about getting involved.

Seriously, I actually want to go volunteer to do phone calls or something. I really wish I could get away with it.

But Obama is not going to pay my mortgage when I get fired.

So, I'm going to keep writing and despite my legendary cheapness, I'll probably give him some money.

Raving Black Lunatic