Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Preserve Your "Happy."

Can't nobody touch my "happy" right now.

It's too deep down inside of me, too ingrained in my current worldview. It's not a happy born of blind optimism, but a joy birthed by the union of admiration and satisfaction.

Y'all know the source of my happy.

It's a good, clean happy. The kind that embraces realism and hope. This happy doesn't provoke fits of passion, but rather a soothing state of contentment. It's not a temporary tenant in my spirit, but rather a permanent passenger on my life's journey.

That man can sure give a good speech.

My happy has been under attack today, but it's impervious to outside influences. What can they say to harm a happy like mine? A happy with a battery recharged by a master electrician, but whose true power source is much more eternal.

He made it plain.

Do y'all have that happy? It's a happy created by watching somebody you understand succeed. A happy that isn't focused on the next big event, but rather the continual wonder of everyday life. The happy that ignites imagination, but is tempered by clear-eyed analysis.

If you didn't get it, you didn't want to get it.

I don't need anything else to feed this happy, it's already sated. No more factoids, no more rhetoric and no more proof is necessary. The goals have been met, the doubts erased. Even with the outcome still in jeopardy, my happy is more than secure.

It is what it is.


Lolo said...

Heeeeeeey, don't hog all that happy all to yourself now.

Oh, what's that you say? Why, you're right! There's so much happy that I'm all wrapped up snug and happy too and I even have lots left to share.

I'm so happy that I took my happy self to the store and bought that book, you may have heard about it, The Audacity of Hope.

I'm so happy that I'm going to the campaign organising meeting tomorrow night in my weird little county here in weird old PA tomorrow night just so I can find out about getting a few more people to go and vote for our next president.

I hope that you spread your happy all over your family and that it stays with you for as long as humanly possible.


Timi said...

I'll get my happy back after I see the most recent polls AFTER the speech.

Big Man said...

Don't let the polls dictate your happy. Your happy should be independent of them. Mine is based solely on what has already happened, what happens in the future will not affect it.

And thanks for the words of wisdom Lolo, if you had a blog I would read it daily.

Truthiz said...


I'm with ya_"can't nobody touch my Happy right now."

And my "Happy" ain't poll driven; it's about something more!

Yesterday, I witnessed an eloquent, articulate Black man display the qualities of more than a President. He displayed the qualities of a True LEADER_Courage, Dignity, Depth and Understanding etc.

Obama's speech was in NO way about getting votes. Oh no, his Divinely inspired vision is BIGGER than that!

And after watching him yesterday, I am now convinced that Obama's mission truly does transcends "race" and politics.

Regardless of whether he wins the nomination_Obama is on a mission and there is No doubt in my mind that he is THE MAN! He IS the best person to help heal this nation and move this country forward.

T.A.N. Man said...

After reading and watching Obama's speech, and then watching the media's reaction, the Presidential election means a little less to me. I am happy that Obama took a stand as a man and refused to play ball. Win or lose, he will always have my respect.

You are right--"If you didn't get it, you didn't want to get it."

WNG said...

Mama G and I have a whole otherkind of happy working today(i posted about it if you want to check it out), but I get yours too.
It is what it is.

Deacon Blue said...

Hey, I'm so happy about this speech that I had to figure out a way to make some comments about it that would be relevant in my blog. I was wondering when I'd finally have a topic to start filling in my "Worldy matters" category.

Win or lose, he's got plenty of respect banked away right now from my point of view.

Big Man said...

Y'all are right. It's a respect thing. I liked the brother, but now he has my utmost respect. Sure, he had to give a speech. But he didn't have to give that speech. That was the speech many black people have been wanting to hear from somebody in authority for a minute. Win or lose, I think most of us are cool.

Timi said...

Well looky looky...


Raving Black Lunatic