Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Outermost Boundary of Arrogance

Eight years ago, Al Gore won the Democratic presidential nomination, fought gamely against George Bush in a rough general campaign and finally lost the presidency thanks to some some shady dealings in Florida. In the process, Gore was labeled too boring, too soft and so lacking in charisma that he couldn't even win his home state.

He became a loser, and people forgot about him for the most part.

Fast forward a few years and 4,000 deaths in Iraq, and Al Gore is suddenly everybody's favorite almost-president. He's an expert on global warming, a fairly funny nerd and compared to the loser who actually won the presidency in 2000,
Gore looks like a butt-naked Beyonce on Valentines Day.

He looks pretty damn good.

Don't believe me about Gore's reversal of fortune? Well let me prove to you just how far that old Tennessee boy has come. When he lost in 2000, Gore was ridiculed by the press as the only man in America who could have squandered the amazing popularity of William Jefferson Clinton and lost to a former crackhead. Now, without campaigning in a single state or garnering a single primary vote, Gore is being floated by at least one pundit as the solution to the Democratic party's current nomination dilemna.

That is really amazing.

I mean, eight years ago this cat was a pariah. Actually, even in 2004 the name Al Gore was still a synonym for bumbling buffoon. Now, Joe Klein is writing in a national news magazine that Gore should really be considered for the Democratic nomination.

That's such an arrogant proposal that Dick Cheney is genuflecting at this guy's feet and chanting, "That's a bad motherfucker right there."

It takes boulder nuts to propose that Al Gore should leapfrog two candidates who have raised more money than he ever raised, inspired more people to vote than he ever inspired, and, here's the shocker, have actually run primary campaigns. To then take things one step further and posit that Obama should sign up as Gore's vice president, well I'm damn near flabbergasted.

The writer details the shortcomings of both Obama's and Clinton's campaigns, but seems unable or unwilling to consider the huge problems with a potential Gore run. Klein correctly points out that black people would feel cheated if Clinton was named the nominee without besting Obama in a single category, and would probably sit out the general election. He also notes that Obama could still face a huge backlash among white voters because of the media-fabricated Rev. Jeremiah Wright fiasco.

Yet, in his rush to anoint Gore as the party's Savior, Klein doesn't bother to explain why black people would go along with a plan that forces Obama to play second fiddle to some white dude who jumped in the race at the last minute and won even fewer states than Hillary. Nor does he explain why white middle class Democrats would suddenly be enamored with the same cat they despised eight years ago and who is pretty much a John Kerry clone.

Klein coyly attempts to downplay his suggestion and evens jokes that it's a kooky idea during the "silly season" of politics, but the very fact that he wrote this column for Time Magazine suggests that he's taking this proposal very seriously. Klein clearly thinks this is a viable and logical solution, and he implies that when he floated some trial balloons about it to Democratic party bigwigs they liked the idea, but lacked the chitlins to pursue it.

I must say, this is one of the few times when I have truly been shocked at the arrogance of a white person. It doesn't happen often, in fact I was only mildly surprised when Hillary made her own pitch to name Obama vice-president. But, when you pull some innocent political bystander off the street and prop him up as the perfect presidential nominee, well you've entered a whole new realm of arrogance.

You're now Rick James arrogant--slapping the darkness brothas at parties, dancing on coaches in platform and telling groupies their breasts are subpar(Four thumbs down, bitches!).

Arrogance is a helluva drug.


WNG said...

You have GOT to be kidding me! Damn, Big Man, that's two posts in one day where you were seriously on point. I've heard plenty of folks saying that we need Gore to make an endorsement with the reasoning that it would effectively end the primary, but RUN?!?!?!
Now I've got to go read an article instead of catching up on my comedy central.

That Girl said...

lmao. No. Not at the issue you address (cause that's just silly on top of silly) but at the butt-Naked Beyonce on V-day. That had me laughing out loud at work. So wrong. BUT. Wait for it. Then I finished reading at four thumbs down and I had to run to the potty on that one. That's some funny stuff. I can't believe you typed that lol.

Truthiz said...

LOL! Yes indeed..You are on it today!

Na see heya. Us darkies taint bout ta let Miss Hillary steal it from Bama. But Massa Gore? Well nah DATS anodda story cuz Massa Gore wuz alaze goot ta us. He wabed addus when eba he n Massa Bill come to da plantation. He eben smile addus...hee-hee! Yes, lawdy.

Seriously, I saw this crap posted on the bloggosphere yesterday. Like we're just too d*mn dumb to catch on to their madness?!

But this is what happens when SOME ultra-rich White DemocRATS start to panic, as it looks more and more like Obama is about to REALLY secure the Presidential nomination. They can NOT take it_LOL!

They see Hillary's campaign imploding before their eyes and they're Desperate enough to just let anything come out their mouths, no matter how blatantly arrogant and woefully assinine!

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Gore had a chance to throw his hat in the ring and prevent this mess when everyone else threw their respective hats in the ring.

Now, the DNC wants him to come in and rescue the party from Hillary Clinton.

This further tells this African-American woman that this country is too racist to want a brotha sitting in the White House. Rather than steal it and give it to Hillary (which will send Blacks away in droves, forever) they want to do the next best thing - which will still send Black people away in droves because whether you like Obama or not, you have to get pissed that he would be cheated out of something he won fair and square and in accordance with the rules the DNC themselves SET UP.

Something about winning fair and square and then having it taken away from you through cheating is something Gore should be well familiar with - but for the antics of George Bush and a partisan Supreme Court, he'd be the man sitting in the White House today.

I hope he remembers that and tell the pundits floating this mess to take a long walk off a short pier.

Christina Springer said...

I wholeheartedly concur, all.

Timi said...


F*** Yo couch Nigga! F*** yo couch! Darknesses. Darknesses!

lol...I had to say that one.

Big Man said...

Thank y'all for the compliments.

When I saw this story, both on Time's website and over at politico, I really couldn't believe it. I've written about white arrogance several times before but this was just beyond the pale.

I mean, Al Gore hasn't raised any money, hasn't campaigned, and yet this cat thought he should just be the nominee cause he's a great guy? WTF

Y'all, you really can't make this type of stuff up.

Big Man said...


That Darknesses line might be the funniest line ever in anything on televison.

"Darkness brothers."

"They should have never gave you niggers money!"

Deacon Blue said...

I hadn't heard about the Klein article until reading this. And between you and the commenters thus far, there ain't much to say, except that I love Al Gore as an "elder statesman" and think he might be able to play a serious role in politics, much like Jimmy Carter has done after having a disastrous presidency. But he ain't no savior, and much as I would hate to see Hillary Clinton get the nod, I'd rather the process end up that way than insert a whole new face at the last minute.

Lolo said...

I about chewed my fingers off so that I wouldn't type the sort of things that went through my mind at this. I'm still compelled to say that I would happily cut off Rush Limbaugh's chancre covered parts and slap Joe Klein in the head with them.


Casey's endorsement might just give Obama some real weight here, more than Murtha for Clinton, due to the fact that he really is a son of Scranton and a conservative Catholic. The local news here is actually giving it a lot of play.

This race is making me crazy but not hopeless. Remember, "liar, liar, sniper fire!" It's my little punchline to keep me laughing through all of this so I don't start carrying a brick in my purse .....

Deacon Blue said...

Lolo...please don't handle any of Rush's parts. That isn't the kind of bullet I'd want to see anyone take...not even for Obama.

jelana said...

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