Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is Ludicrous

Tomorrow I'll talk about one of the common responses to Geraldine Ferraro's racist comments, but I wanted to post something else today.

As is my habit, I was reading Jack and Jill Politics. As I went through the comments on a story, I came across a line from a poster called CM directing people to an old New York time article with a comment from "Gerry."

Ferraro, bless her heart, was discussing the chances of Hillary and Obama with a New York Times reporter in 2006. This was when Hillary was the presumed heir to the Democratic throne and Obama was a young upstart. The article discussed whether voters could really elect a black man or a white woman. Here's an excerpt:

By contrast, for all the excitement stirred by Mr. Obama, it is much less certain that an African-American could win a presidential election. Not as many blacks have been elected to prominent positions as women. Some high-profile black candidates — Harold Ford Jr., a Democrat running for the Senate in Tennessee, and Michael Steele, a Republican Senate candidate in Maryland — lost in November. And demographics might be an obstacle as well: black Americans are concentrated in about 25 states — typically blue ones, like New York and California. While black candidates cannot assume automatic support from black voters, they would at least provide a base. In states without big black populations, the candidate’s crossover appeal must be huge.

“All evidence is that a white female has an advantage over a black male — for reasons of our cultural heritage,” said the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, the civil rights leader who ran for president in 1984 and 1988. Still, he said, for African-American and female candidates, “It’s easier — emphatically so.”

Ms. Ferraro offered a similar sentiment. “I think it’s more realistic for a woman than it is for an African-American,” said Ms. Ferraro. “There is a certain amount of racism that exists in the United States — whether it’s conscious or not it’s true.”

“Women are 51 percent of the population,” she added.

Did y'all catch that? Read it again if you didn't. My, my, my, it's amazing how things can change in two years, isn't it?

Link to the full story.

(Another link about Hillary's "qualifications." shout out to Lesley and Lolo for pointing it out to me)


Danielle said...

Now ain't that some stuff right there? Absolutely amazing! The times they are a changing.

lesley q said...

The very fact that she would compare Obama to two self loathing obsequious negroes such as Steele and Ford shows just how out of touch she really is. She forgot to mention that they lost miserably among blacks and white.

Other than that Big Man, this is some ish. I'm going to link your article on my blog. Let her funky record speak for itself.

Their problem is that they never thought Obama would get this far, and she uttered these words before many people, including the MSM,were paying very much attention to him. Thus she didn't forsee her comments coming back to haunt her.

The fact of the matter is that Barack is brilliant, and his call for change and hope-two themes that have always resonated with disenfranchised and disillusioned people incidentally- have garnered him many supporters.

Let's talk about qualifications here for a moment: Obama graduated from Harvard Law School, magna cum laude, goes on to hold a coveted position with the Harvard Law Review. Aside from being smart and articulate, he has a lengthy record of thinking about the next person, typically the downtrodden.

Hillary? While she's holding on to her tax returns, why don't we ask her for her bar exam results. Oops she failed the DC bar exam. Her only qualifying factor is that she's married to Bill. So who's the token candidate?

Big Man said...

Lesley, what's your blog? Put it in a comment and I put it on my blogroll.

Big Man said...

And your bar exam comment is off the chain. Is that on your blog? That's good info right there.

Lolo said...

"It's hard out here for an educated, wealthy, professional white woman running against Obama Hussein Jackson." ~ Geraldine Ferrarro

( ) for the relevant item on Mrs. Clinton's bar exam.

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