Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Love bugs and Niggers

This a dark post to match my currently dark mood.

A friend of mine, also a journalist, received the text below in an anonymous letter sent to her at work. Just the text below typed on a single sheet of paper.

"After an intense study, scientists have discovered that love bugs (plecia nearctica) are niggers of the insect world. The facts to support their findings are below. The similarities are astounding!
1. They're black
2. They love cars
3. They serve absolutely no purpose
4. They stick together
5. People hate to see them coming
6. People are forever trying to figure out how to get rid of them
7. They are usually found in large numbers in the south
8. They aggravate white people
9. They are constantly screwing and making more of them
10. No one cares when they die"

Now I'm going to go think about the best way to instruct my son on how to live in a world where people write letters like that, and Hillary Clinton can become "The Comeback Kid" by using innuendo and outright lies.

Y'all pray for me on that tip.


Timi said...

I feel you brotha. I feel you. I went to a primary party tonight for Barack Obama. You should've seen the long faces when the Ohio numbers were coming in.

I'm so disappointed in Ohio. :(

BigMik said...

I am holding on for Texas, but it's a shame how Hillary can use the negative tools in her bag and can win. Shame. I read where a Hispanic in Texas said he was voting for Hillary cause Bill will be by her side. My God.....

Big Man said...

No, what's a real shame is that the media, of which I am a part, is now mostly ignoring just how negative she took the campaign in its rush to crown her "The Comeback Kid" and continue to cover a horserace.

This chick compared Obama to McCain and found Obama lacking!


That's acceptable behavior?

They set the rules to the game, then change the rules when the game gets close. Eff it, if she's successful, I hope my black brothers and sisters finally make their displeasure felt.

Timi said...

Yo....Big bro...I've been saying that about the black voters for a while. I've been saying that black folks should vote is massive forces for an Independent candidate to voice their displeasure if Hillary gets the nod.

Even worse, though I know it'll never happen, if black folks turn out in large numbers for John McCain. What would be a bigger slap in the face for Democrats come November... blacks folks not voting or black folks voting for the enemy? I say the latter. There would be nothing more profound than a bunch of field negros voting republican.

Damn...Let's hope we never have to take it there.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I want to put John "100 More Years in Iraq" McCain into office just to spite Hillary. Especially since it won't be Hillary's offspring being sent to Iraq to die for the next 100 years, you see where I'm coming from? ;)

Big Man said...


I respect you not wanting to support McCain because of his Iraq position.

But, I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils this time. Not when there was a candidate, a black candidate, who was viable and represented something different.

Hillary Clinton has not lived up the so-called ideals of the Democratic Party. She has stooped just as low as any Republican to get what she wanted.

Why would I vote for someone like that? What message am I sending to other people like her?

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

You know something?

We deserve the leadership we get if heifers like Hillary can pull all of the negatives out of her arsenal and mobilize self-hating Black people and other bigots in this country.

It's times like this that make me run to the nearest passport office and get my passport because you never know when a sista will have to put America on blast and raise up out this SOB for parts of Europe where Black people may not catch as much as hell as they do in the country where we were born, fought, built and died for this SOB.

Ohio and Texas prove that there are still enough haters to get their agendas on point and to sling us under the bus when they have to.

If Hillary Clinton gets the nod, Black people should vote elsewhere (like Cynthia McKinney), to preserve our right to our say, and to send a message that says to Missy Clinton that she's NOT THE ONE WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR.

Dark & Stormy said...

I must agree with you big man. I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. Didn't do it in 2000. I would write my own name in first.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

boy, LOL u are wild folk

Timi said...

I'll write in Ross Perot if I damn well feel like it. The earth will turn 16 shades of eggplant purple if my black ass votes for Hillary Clinton!

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

And Big Man:

The individual who sent your friend that letter you posted?

I work in EEO. If the office computer was used to send her that letter, he/she needs to track down the IP of the computer from which the letter originated.

Then, he/she needs to file an EEO complaint. Doesn't matter if they don't know who sent the letter - if the company has an anti-discrimination policy as required by law, posting shyt like that letter is breaking the law and the company policy. They can be held liable for creating a hostile work environment based on race.

Third, the company issues a memo reiterating that crap like that letter will not be tolerated and if caught, you will be subjected to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Watch how fast those letters stop. I don't care if it is Louisiana...that crap is still against the law.

Anonymous said...

Sure go ahead and vote for the muslim hate monger. This country is done with anyway. We will all become slaves to islam because we are infidels. Great choice. Become muslim or die. Think islam is that "peaceful, tolerant" religion? Try typing in www.killtheinfidels.com and see what comes up. Heres a great read for you "Because they Hate: A survivor of islamic terror warns America" by Brigitte Gabriel

Anonymous said...

Funny letter. And so true! ;-]

Tim said...

How come it's only okay for Democrats to use the n word?

Big Man said...

Because it is...

If you're going to ask asinine questions, I'm going to reciprocate with my answers.

Raving Black Lunatic