Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Happened to Notice This

A friend of mine sent me this column from the New York Times.

I've noticed that in the past few days it's as if some random light bulb when off in the collective minds of the media that Hillary actually has no chance to win and maybe her continued involvement in this race might be for selfish reasons.

You think?

I'm just saying, everybody in the black blogosphere realized this fact of life a long time ago, you know when Obama won 12 straight primaries and split Texas and Ohio with Hillary. How is it that so many non-journalists could see this, but so many paid professionals were in the dark?

Is it just because they liked the idea of close race, or because they were scared to count the Clintons out and be wrong again? I'm not sure, but it's kind of weird that all of a sudden, after what arguably was Obama's worst stretch of the campaign, everybody now realizes that it's time for Hillary to quit.

The optimist in me says that the media is finally catching on. The realist says that they just need to fill their news hole. The cynic points out that if everybody begins counting Hillary out again it can be an even bigger story when she does well in Pennsylvania primary. You know, a redux of the previous Comeback Kid story.

Which aspect of my mentality do y'all think has things right?


MODI said...

I think thr realist in you is probably closest to the truth. The mainstream media knows how to do the math. They know that Hillary can only win through a superdelegate coup at best. But their ratings have probably never been so high since Monica and OJ before that. They are not going to willingly forfeit their profits...

Truthiz said...

Naaa, the American media “AIN’T” just catching on to the FACT that Hillary CAN’T win. They've known it for quite some time.

"PLAYING" the masses is what the media does primarily for ratings and profits, and keeping the American people distracted and divided.

But when it comes to the Clintons-versus-Barack Obama, in particular, I believe that the main role of the media has been much more sinister!

Let’s be real_ IF Barack (a man of color) was in Hillary Clinton’s position _far BEHIND in popular votes and pledged delegates with NO hope of being able to overcome the numbers__the Democratic hierarchy AND the media would have FORCED him to concede by now!

It’s as simple and as RACIST as that!

Truthiz said...

And I forgot to mention_

IF Barack had been exposed as a world-class LIAR, making sh*t up out of whole cloth regarding all of his so-called "experience"_the way that Hillary Clinton has been exposed__He would've been forced OUT by now!

But Hillary is allowed to stay in the competition, PRETENDING that's she's somehow still worthy of the nomination and fit to be president?!

It's a good thing I'm calmer these days_lol!

MODI said...

truthiz, I can't refute the logic. Perhaps I extended to much benefit of the doubt...

Lolo said...

My nature is such that I hope for the best while bracing for the worst so I'm about as befuddled as you.

Empirical data would seem to support that at the least, the media are whupping on the Cackler right now but you know, next week it's gonna be Obama's turn in the barrel, again.

Raving Black Lunatic