Thursday, March 6, 2008

Some Shady Shit

My parents read this blog and hate when I use profanity, but I'm sorry Mommy and Daddy, the link I'm about to post cannot be discussed without some choice words.

What the fuck is this?

For all of y'all that don't click links, that story is from Canada, and it reveals that the whole flap about the comments of an Obama aide about NAFTA were actually comments made by surrogates of HILLARY CLINTON!

Y'all remember, she accused Obama of saying one thing about NAFTA on the campaign trail and then doing saying something else in Canada. But, in fact, it was her campaign that did that and a reporter just made a mistake and attributed it to Obama.

I bet all y'all are clicking on that link now.

Besides the obvious fuck up on the part of the journalists involved in this incident, it's even more shiesty that the Clinton camp knew they were the ones guilty of this offense, but were still jumping on Obama's nuts about it? I mean, come on, if that's not some low down stuff, what is?

This hypocritical heifer and her slimy surrogates must fall!

I can even think coherently about this. My mind is numb behind the shadiness that this implies. Seriously, isn't this the exact sort of hypocrisy that Democrats castigate Republicans for? You know, fighting the good fight for family values, while visiting brothels or having anonymous sex in the park? Is not this the same type of heinous shit?

My anger is rising y'all. That cracker slapping spree I mentioned earlier may still become a reality. Shit, I might start slapping journalists too if they don't report on this tidbit with the same relish they used to attack Obama.

But I know they won't. We just have to get out and vote y'all.


Danielle said...

I read about this one and I have NO words that don't involve tons of expletives. I'm just incoherent with rage!

WNG said...

It's time to go to the news websites and start asking about this. Make enough noise and they'll have to check it out. Or the slapping spree could work...

vicdamonejr said...

big man ... e-mail me at dmansmi (at) ... and I'll get you started on switching the comments to Haloscan. The only thing you may not like about it: there's a possibility you could lose your previous comments, as I haven't figured out how to fix that problem ... all of the old ones still exist, but only thru blogger.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

As my late father would say, "Wait just a g-d'med minute!"

I want to see her come before Black people when this is over. Especially if she steals the nomination.

I'm writing in Cynthia McKinney. I can't vote for her, I can't hold my nose to stomach the stench (I did it twice in '00 for Gore and'04for Kerry, and don't plan to make it three in a row, cause I was holding my nose to vote for Obama, anyway).

But this race-baiting crap is making all of Black America look twice at what we accepted from the Clinton's back in the 1990s, not knowing it would come back to bite us in 2008.

Tell Toni Morrison to crawl out from under her rock and revoke Bill Clinton's ghetto-pass/honorary Negro card she gave him...

And the DLC is behind all of IT. Know who's running the DLC?

Harold "The Whore" Ford, Jr., that's who? Sells out more often than Bob Johnson, and for less money, too.

The reason The Borg Queen is floating that nonsense about her and Obama on the same ticket?

She plans to ease back into our good graces, and then swap Obama with The Whore and think we won't notice because we'd be too happy that another Negro is in the White House and not having to clean or cook in that SOB, either.

African-Americans - we're like CSI MIAMI's theme song:


Big Man said...

Lol, Liberal.

And I know you were holding your nose cause I checked out your site.

Lolo said...

Toni did publicly endorse Obama. Oh, and I'll take a little minute to whine that I'm in PfuckingA and ohmygosh I am so bracking myself for the weeks to come. This place is FILLED with Hillary's "core supporters".

I'm weighing whether it's more effective for me to work the local voting station or to get out the vote for Obama. I think I can manage both but I have mixed feelings. Not that I can't handle conflict or confrontation but I don't "play well with others" when people say horrible things within my hearing.

Wish me luck but if you get a story over the wire about some asian woman going on a clubbing rampage in a small town in PfuckingA ... I'll grant you an exclusive!

Saint Lucian Dutch Canadian said...

When I heard this story break here (in Toronto, Canada), I was shocked. I thought to myself that this didn't sound like Obama and it goes against everything he stands know, double talking. Anyway, I'm so glad to know that it's not true. And not surprised to hear that it's came from Hilary's side...she is despicable. And I can totally understand the people who say that if she wins the nomination, they will not vote for her. There are a lot of people here in Toronto, who support Obama and want him to win (my fiance, my best friend, me included). I've gone to his website a few times and was tempted to contribute to his campaign but I can't cause I'm not a US Citizen.

Raving Black Lunatic