Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Beauty of Karma

Sometimes things line up perfectly.

Call it Karma, or the Golden Rule or just plain luck, but there are times when the universe seems to perfectly provide redress for wrongs.

Thursday was one of those days.

As one of my earlier posts noted, Hillary Clinton tried to brand Barack Obama as a Jew-hater in the recent MSNBC debate by grousing about his initial refusal to "reject" Minister Louis Farrakhan's anti-Semetic statements instead of just denouncing them.

Clinton would probably deny that she was doing that, but she's a known liar. Her attempts have since been aided by the pretty much universal hatred of Farrakhan among white folks, which has given the "reject" and "denounce" story far more legs than it deserves.

But, thanks be to God, trouble don't last always (that's the Baptist coming out in me y'all). Just recently, confronted with her own "reject" and "denounce" moment, Hillary whiffed worse than Ryan Howard.

Read more here.

Apparently, an older Latina woman at a Hillary rally said that the biggest problem with Barack Obama's is that he's black. Yep, this woman clearly feels that Obama is a nigger and niggers are a problem.

In fact, the woman even referred to black people as "the blacks" during her comments and said since "the blacks" never helped latinos they shouldn't help us. Her comments about Obama's skin problem were captured by a televison reporter, who then set up an interview with Clinton.

Given Clinton's quick reaction to Anti-Semetic behavior, you would have thought her answer to these type of comments would be obvious. Well, lo and behold Ms. Clinton neither rejected or denoucnced this woman, she just urged voters to vote based on each candidates merits. When the reporter confronted her with her hypocrisy, she said she wasn't going to parse the comments of some random person on the street.

Only it wasn't a random person. The woman who made the comments was Adelfa Callejo a well known Latina activist in Texas. She has clout throughout the state and her comments were represented as the general feeling of most older Latino residents in the state. (UPDATE: In speaking to someone who talked to Ms. Callejo about her comments, I have learned that she says that her comments were taken out of context and misrepresented.)

Can I get a WTF?

So, Minister Farrakhan, the leader of small black religion that mainly wants to be left alone by the white world is somebody that Obama needs to "reject," but a Latino activist in a state where Latinos make up a huge percentage of the registered voters is a nobody?

It appears that Hillary has added the fetid odor of hypocrisy to her already lovely perfume of desperation.

Now, if all those media types thought Obama equiviocated on his answer about Farrakhan (which is utter bullshit) they have to hang this hypocritical heifer out to dry. Seriously, if these comments don't get chopped up on every news show Clinton loses the right to complain about the press coddling Obama.

But, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for equal treament. Cause, as black people well know, white folks don't have to randomly condemn other white folks when they fuck up. See, white people are individuals, "the blacks" are a group. When one of us effs up, that means no nigger can be trusted.

Don't believe the hype when media types complain that this is no big deal and that we should focus on more important issues. They don't focus on important issues during a campaign, shit we spent days discussing whether Obama was a meanie because he wouldn't shake Hillary's hand during the State of the Union. Political commentaters have actually complained when the candidates spent too much time discussing random policy points during debates and speeches.

But, media types hate to take on long-standing racial issues that paint white folks in a bad light. They might play up black and brown hate, but the complicity of white folks will be ignored or minimalized. There will be no discussion of the tendency for the white world to view blacks as a monlithic group, there will be no discussion of how racial hatred among minorities has been fostered and encouraged by white people.

Simply put, media viewers and readers don't want to hear that shit, and contrary to what media members say, this media shit is a business. Plus, most media types don't really want to talk about stuff like that because it forces them to examine their own motivations for how they handle racial issues. That's not appealing.

Fourth estate my ass.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Man as long as he alive white folks gone hate on the minister, and Karma is a MF

T.A.N. Man said...

You must have stopped watching yesterday's election coverage. Though Hillary only made the statement you quoted in the live interview, she came back with a written statement, both "rejecting" and "denouncing" the woman's comments. You must have known she would. She had after the stink she made. The karma aspect of it, is that she gave the exact same explanation as Barrack--""You can't tell a person what to believe, though I don't agree with it."

Ferocious Kitty said...

...there will be no discussion from Angry White Feminists of how HRC neither denounced nor rejected the support of Bob Johnson, founder and former CEO of BET, a leader in peddling the worst available imagery of black women and black men.


Christina Springer said...

Now, she's gone and done it. I think this author sums it up pretty nicely.

Big Man said...

If she denounced it later, it was only after the story built up as a problem. Her initial reaction was to avoid dealing with it.

I guess hating Jews deserves more rejection than hating blacks. Funny how that works.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I wonder how she will feel if that Latina activist decides that Obama's race "isn't that much" of a problem and switch their votes to him when they find out she still plans to deport their relatives back south of the Border?

The Black Snob said...

I just can't believe she opened her mouth to say that. Adelfa Callejo obviously does not possess an internal editor.

But get sick of the media is always pushing for ALL black politicians to account for every black activist and controversial figure who's existed from Farrakhan to Nat Turner. It's getting ridiculous. There is a Gulf of Mexico size difference between the world Obama works in and that of the Nation of Islam, who despite all the rhetoric is a marginal player in the Civil Rights game and is relatively harmless. It's never done anything to white people other than offend their sensibilities and get on their nerves.

And it annoys me how people compare them to the Klan considering the Klan was responsible for thousands of hangings and gruesome murders, was basically a terrorist organization bent on keeping blacks in a "slavery" type environment, and were behind intimidating an entire ethnic group in the south to a point where they didn't vote and didn't dare voice their dissent.

The only person to get "hurt" in alleged NOI violence was Malcolm X, who, last time I checked, was another black person. And they still don't "know" who was really behind his murder considering the NOI has consistently disavowed any involvement to the point that on "60 Minutes" about seven years back Farrakhan came on to personally tell Malcolm's widow that the Nation had nothing to do with her husbands assassination.

So, ahem, pardon me if I find some white people's histrionics towards NOI a little "methinks doth protest too much." It's more of an effort to claim blacks are "just as racist" so we can finally be all "even" for that whole 200 years in bondage and suppression thing. I don't know how you "square" that without a formal apology and a dedication to better incorporating our history and story into American history, then have massive diversity training. I get sick of some white people who constant tell black folks to "get over it" because "it was a long time ago." Hell, my mother chopped and picked COTTON as her parents were SHARECROPPERS. My father had to go to the back door of a restaurant to order a sandwich. One generation. There has only been one generation since the death of Jim Crow. How can you be "all square" in less than thirty years?

Anyway, sorry about the long post. I don't really know how to write short ones.

Big Man said...

I appreciated the post Black Snob, you echoed things I've been saying for years.

The only problem is that the people who need to hear comments like yours don't read my blog.

Ernesto said...

What give's these story legs is that it benefits Republicans to pit ethnic groups against eachother. That's the divide and conquer strategy that has been protecting the ruling class since the days of ancient Rome.

Fantastically Misunderstood Me said...

as a so-called "journalist," i can definitely say there have been some tough times in the editing bay where i had to make some decisions about which bites to keep, but i saw that interview w/callejo on the news & she said those words exactly. how far out of context could they have taken that statement?

hillary pressed barack to reject & denounce farrakhan, not just his statements. why didn't SHE reject & denounce this woman AND her support? right, because she needs the latino vote...

Anonymous said...

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