Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama, You Jew Hater

Dictionary.com Unabridged
1. to condemn or censure openly or publicly: to denounce a politician as morally corrupt.
2. to make a formal accusation against, as to the police or in a court.
3. to give formal notice of the termination or denial of (a treaty, pact, agreement, or the like).
4. Archaic. to announce or proclaim, esp. as something evil or calamitous.
5. Obsolete. to portend.

Dictionary.com Unabridged
1. To refuse to have, take, recognize, etc.: to reject the offer of a better job.
2. To refuse to grant (a request, demand, etc.).
3. To refuse to accept (someone or something); rebuff:

Ok, now that we've gotten an explanation of reject and denounce out of the way I thought I'd point out that contrary to the title of this blog post, Barack Hussein Obama does not hate Jews.

I know some of you might have been confused considering the recent debate on MSNBC that seemed to insinuate that Obama thinks Jews are the scum of the Earth. Apparently this is how Louis Farrakhan and the pastor of Obama's church feel. I don't know for sure if that's how they feel, but apparently Tim Russert does and he's adamant that this somehow relates to Obama.

I'm not sure how beliefs that Obama has rejected (or denounced) relate to him, but I can do nothing but trust the always correct judgment of Tim Russert. I'm also confused about how Obama is supposed to force Farrakhan or his pastor to only say things he would like them to say, but apparently Mr. Russert knows how this would work.

What I am sure about is that Obama does not hate Jews.

But, apparently Hillary Clinton isn't so sure. I mean, how else do you explain her decision to jump in and give a personal testimonial on her own love for Jews and Israel? Not only did Clinton out point how many Jewish friends she has, but she then challenged Obama to name his own Jewish friends.

Well, she didn't really do that, but her attempt to force Obama to explain just how much he loves Jews and hates Farrakhan seemed to do the same thing. Her ludicrous attempts to parse the meanings of denounce and reject only underscored the idea that she thinks Obama hates Jews.

Look, Minister Farrakhan has said some really bad things about Jewish people, things I don't agree with. And apparently Obama's own pastor has his own issues with Jews as well.

But, the sly attempt to make Obama out to be a neo-Nazi was over the top. Both my wife and I were puzzled when Hillary broke into her soliloquy about the amazing political bravery she showed when she denounced anti-Semitic comments during her Senate campaign. However, it quickly made sense when she took yet another swipe at Obama's character.

Seriously, the amount of race baiting and ridiculousness from Clinton's campaign has been out of control since jump, but when you start trying to paint folks as Jew-haters you've crossed a line. There is no more powerful accusation in America. Not even being called a racist is as bad as being labeled an Anti-Semitic.

Shit, when Mel Gibson went on his rant against Jews he not only had to go on a public apology tour, but he had to check himself into rehab. The LA Times previously reported that his entire Hollywood career might be in jeopardy because of what he said. Contrast that treatment with what happened to Don Imus, and well, my point has been made.

Clinton's comments were especially disgusting considering Obama had just given an extremely eloquent statement about healing the wounds between black people and Jews.

Look, this is politics, I understand it gets nasty. But, I've felt like this entire campaign Hillary and her folks have been stepping across the line of proper discourse. As Charlie Murphy would say, "She's a habitual line-stepper."

It's getting old.


Lesley Quezergue said...

Great post RBL.

Hillbilly truly pissed me off. That was crass for her to get a shot in at a moment like that. She's forgetting that the Dems still have the Repugs to beat in November. I swear, sometimes I feel that she's on McCains payroll.

However, let's ask a poignant question: why doesn't Farrakhann STFU? I mean didn't he kill the Jackson '84 campaign? Is he really that dumb? The MSM is going to take this and run a marathon.

Great blog, say hello to the wifey!!!

Lolo said...

Big Man,

You know how she just HAD to jump in there with her "me too! I hate the jew haters too and oh, I'm so brave cuz I REJECTED the support of the Independence Party!"? Well ~ I know you're going to be absolutely shocked that she just had to name check them but she was referring specifically to Lenora Fulani who is .... BLACK. I know, can you believe it?? Poor Hill, she can't say the magic words out loud any more "african american" but she KNEW that anyone watching that's from New York or the general area of the city knows exactly who and what she was calling to.

It was itching at me because of her pushiness of being all "me too, I'm so brave" because I was all "oooooh, that took courage to reject anti semites, in NEW YORK, god only knows that cost you a couple hundred votes at least" but of course, it couldn't be that simple and clear cut with her.

Noone seems to have picked up on that yet, in the mainstream or the statement about how she's so moved by that woman in Texas who needs help after spending three million dollars on her child's medical bills. Three million dollars is a whole lot of savings and may none of us ever be in that woman's position but ... good grief, how many of us have even one tenth of that amount saved aside for our children?

That's some puzzling populism right there, fighting for all those poor people struggling to hang on to their millions.

Anonymous said...

How sad that all the presidential candidates are falling over themselves to show their subservience to Jews and Israel. Barack Obama has shown that he is, unfortunately, no different. Israel will continue to dictate our foreign policy and all presidential decisions will be made on the basis of "is it good for the Jews?" Sad.

Big Man said...

What up Lesley? Thanks for stopping by. And I don't agree with a lot of stuff Farrakhan has to say, but he has just as much right as anyone to speak his mind. It's amazing how much more play his comments got then the comments by Bill O'Reilly about Michelle Obama. It's as if the media has decided to not to pay attention to O'Reilly because he's considered too far out there, but then they pay a whole bunch of attention to Farrakhan while labeling him a kook. Makes no sense. If he's a kook, he should be ignored. If he's not a kook, then you need to give his comments an honest analysis. You can't have it both ways.

And lolo you gave me even more insight into why Hillary did what she did. I thought it was just a chance to take a random shot, but she was actually trying to make some racial connections. That isn't surprising, but what is sad is that nobody in the media called her on it, or even asked why she felt the need to make her comment.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Funny, u know he cant win for loose

lesley q said...

What up back atcha. Anyway, I agree with you; Farrakhan has a right to his opinion. However, during the NOI's annual Saviors' Day Convention-the venue in which the endoresment occcured- he gave the support followed by this statement: "Why do you hate him so that you want to make me a stumbling block?...I want to see that brother successful and I don't want them to use me or that Nation of Islam." Hence, IMHO of course, he is fully aware of the potential harm an endoresment from himself can be!! Thus, if you know it, and you sincerely want the brother to be successful, let him get in there and then voice your concerns. The same goes for that prick Tavis Smiley.

In terms of O'Racist's lynch party remarks, your point is well taken. However, you and I know that there are two separate set of rules for whites and blacks.

But that's the beauty of the blogsphere right? We get to shine a light on the issues that MSM refuses!!

Danielle said...

I'm enjoying your blog. Her nonsense is beyond old. What I find interesting is that when white folks are affiliated with a "questionable" individual, they are not painted with the same brush.

However, Obama must be a jew hater because Farrakhan has been and probably still is and maybe Obama's Pastor as well.

Why do white folks get to not take responsibility for the bullshit spewed by the company they keep, but we get tarred and feathered for the very same?

I'm so sick of all this pathological nonsense, I don't know what to do.

classical one said...

Judging from his past statements, Farrakhan is more than likely an anti semite, but your right in pointing out that people like O Reily and Sean Hannity etc. are no better than Louis in their own brand of bigotry. Obama should be fine though, he's got Mcain's number come november.

sankofa said...

Folks, I believe the specific line that Hillbilly (I like that)was alluding to was in an article in Newsweek about this same subject.

The accusation is that Farrakhan called Judaism a dirty religeon. I've heard that particular speech and in it the minister basically said that based on the dirty action by some elements in that religeon, they are dirtying that religeon.

I am not a follower of Farrakhan but he is smart enough and have said that he is not anti-semetic.

And knowing his-story and my story, I should warn you to be aware of the false media and it's attack on anything African.

Unfortunately Farrakhans past is clouding alot of salient point he has made in his life.

Raving Black Lunatic