Wednesday, February 6, 2008


That's all I feel right now.

Relief that Obama kept things close and by some measures even won on Super Tuesday.

See, I have this problem. I always, always suspect that the worst possible outcome is the one that is going to happen. In addition, while I'm expecting that outcome to occur, I can't stand to actually watch it happen.

Let me explain.

When I watch a movie or reality television, I'm always expecting something bad to happen to the main characters or a character that I like. I foresee all the ways everything could go wrong and even comment on them to people who are watching the movie or show with me. (No, this does not make me popular, go figure.)

The thing is, although I'm a pessimist, I still can't bear to watch bad things happen to characters I have a vested interest in. I don't want to see them embarrassed, or hurt, or whatever. So, right at the climatic moment that everyone has waited for, I have a tendency to change the channel. That's right, just when the best moment comes, I flip over to a commercial or random basketball game. Then I flip back when I think the moment has passed.

I know, I have issues.

Anyway, that tendency caused some serious problems in my house last night. Both Big Man and his Little Woman love them some Obama. I don't personally agree with everything he says, but I ride hard for my Southside homie.

The Little Woman is even more in love with Obama, to the point where she will watch hours of dry ass news programs to hear news about how he is doing or listen to folks talk about him. Like, she actually watches all those dumbass CNN and MSNBC shows where the hosts are prattling on and on about their opinions, and then she gets all heated and wants to discuss how unfair those opinions are with me. I only watch the hard news shows occasionally, since I prefer to get my news in written form.

So last night, while the O man was pulling off his stunning upset, (That's what I'm calling it), we damn near came to blows cause the little woman wanted to stare at those stupid graphics on CNN while I keep flipping back and forth between some random reality show about meter maids in Philly and the Animal Planet's special on African crocs.

I swear she almost cut me. Seriously, there was one point where I thought I saw her whispering evil comments about me to the Little Big Man, and then it looked like she was teaching him how to give me the bird. I tried to give her a good night kiss a little later and I had to step back cause I thought she was going to spit on me. LOL.

But, what she didn't realize, was that I wasn't refusing to watch the news cause I was being truculent, but because I was being a punk. Seriously, I was worried that Obama was going to get his black ass beat like he stole something and the idea of watching all my hopes go up in flames sickened me.

But, it appears I was wrong. Obama had a great showing. He shocked many observers by winning states where they gave him no chance and by even getting a few of our brown brothers to get down on his team. Hola Obamito.

So, my irrational fear was unjustified, and I'm fairly pleased today. Now, I just have to figure out how to get back on the Little Woman's good side so I don't get frozen out for the rest of the week. My married folks know what I'm talking about.


That Girl said...

lol...I'm the exact same way. I be HOPIN'G for the worst so that I can be pleasantly surprised when good stuff happens. And I'm like your woman...I would cut you too if you tried to turn it to anything other than CNN, MSNBC or ABC last night. I might let you sneak a little Fox News up in there only cause they hate a certain someone and sometimes, I just need to vent. But yeah on last night. Strap in...long ride ahead. Non-married sinners know what the freeze out is about too. Ask my man...he tried to have a conversation with me in the midst of the "O" man speech. The nerve of him...

Big Man said...

Don't keep him frozen out too long.

Raving Black Lunatic