Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Smell.....


Well, I don't, but apparently Mark Halperin does.

Homie said that John Edwards, he of the $400 press and curl, thinks Obama needs to check his panties. Apparently, Edwards would support Obama as the nominee if only Obama didn't act like such a punk.

I guess I gotta change my slogan to Hoes before Hoes now.

But, if Hillary could milk the media accusing her of pimping out Chelsea to the highest donor, uhhh I mean voter, for a bunch of sympathy, than Obama has got to have some traction with this one.

I mean, like the cats over at Too Sense said, if Halperin can make this type of statement and keep his job what's next?

What exactly constitutes a firing offense if you're a white dude? Does he have to call Obama a nigger on air?

Anyway, with this challenge I wonder if Obama is going to have bare-knuckle box with somebody?

Cause I think the O-man might have some hands thanks to his well-publicized stint in that para-military, Muslim training school in Indonesia.

Wait, that didn't happen?

Well Obama was a drug dealer, right? So he should be able to handle his business on any punk cowards that jump stupid.

That's wrong too?

Damn, Obama sure has a lot of negative, aggressive black male stereotypes attached to him for somebody who is supposed to be a punk.

Raving Black Lunatic