Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dirty Tricks

Obama was right, when Hillary's back is against that wall, the claws come out for real.

Word is that Clinton's campaign has already confirmed that they plan on trying to seek defections to their camp not just by super delegates, but by all delegates at play in the convention. Read more here.

Of course, it's not technically against the rules to try to get delegates to ignore the votes of the constituents, but it sure looks shady.

I mean, does Hillary think that after pulling every sleazy move in the book to win the nomination people are going to magically coalesce around her in the general election just because they're afraid of McCain? Cause if that's what she's betting on, then she's out of her damn mind.

Perusing this great blog I noticed just how many dirty tricks Clinton has employed. The new attacks on Obama for stealing his speech, the whole cult angle and of course Bill Clinton's race baiting. It's a real pattern.

Right now, Clinton is grasping at straws to try to find something to hurt Obama, and the media are lapping up every accusation because there is nothing media types like more than tearing down someone they have built up.

I think it's an interesting strategy by the Democrats in league with Clinton and I think it displays their near total belief that American voters are too stupid to hold a real grudge. They firmly believe that voters, particularly black voters, are so trained at voting for one party that we won't have any choice once they break out their special dog whistles.

I don't salivate for any bell.

Straight up, I will never vote for Hillary Clinton for president. Ever.

Obama or bust.


T.A.N. Man said...

The way I see it, if Obama doesn't get the Democratic nod, I'm voting for Ron Paul.

Big Man said...


You read about the whole Stormfront thing with him and the racist email he put out, right?

He's not for me.

Jonzee said...


I will not ever, ever vote for her. I am finished. My boss (very midwestern white man) said to me that he was disgusted by the way the Clinton's tried to use and dismiss the importance of attracting black voters--not once but twice.

That was it. I was finished. I will write in somebody if she is chosen.

Raving Black Lunatic