Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Desperation Smells Like Shit

Oooh, Hillary and them done stepped in it and you can't escape the smell lingering on their shoes.

I'm not even talking about that random photo of Barack as a "sand nigger" posing as "real nigger." Nah, that has been discussed by enough people in the blogosphere. We all know that the Hillary playbook requires attempts to play on the latent fears and hostilities of Americans, but we also know that it didn't work when she pulled that crap in South Carolina or anywhere else.

Nah, I'm laughing because her campaign is aggresively trotting out the storyline that the media hasn't been paying enough tough attention to Obama and now that needs to change. This ain't a new refrain, hell Billy Boy was saying that all the time before he got muzzled. But, the funny thing is that Hillary and company are using a recent Saturday Night Live skit to buttress her point.

Are they serious?

I don't know which public relations school Hillary's advisers attended, but here's a quick primer from a media type.

If you want to get journalists on your side you don't accuse them of being biased by using a wack ass sketch comedy show as your proof. Not only does it piss them off that you are using faux news to contradict them, but it also reeks of the one thing a political campaign cannot afford to stink of.


See, journalists hate being contradicted, but if you raise your claims in a measured reasonable way they have this compulsion that requires them to at least do a surface analysis of their work if only to prove you wrong. But, when Lorne Michaels is a campaign's Deep Throat, well any points made are almost guaranteed to get the brush off.

In fact, dumbass attempts probably only convince the media that Hillary's campaign is being run by idiots, a conclusion media types have been gradually arriving at for weeks since she lost almost a dozen contests and didn't know the rules of the primaries in Texas. Lashing out at the media while getting your ass handed to you is a sure recipe for getting the same rep as Kucinich or Gravel.

Journalists react to desperation like crackheads react to a dropped rock. It pushes them into attack mode, releases them of all their inhibitions and actually makes them feel justified in doing horrible shit. If a candidate is desperate that candidate is no longer credible and journalists can take their shots without feeling guilty or risking sanctions. If there is one thing journalists hate it's a desperate loser.

Anyway, I find it hilarious that Hillary's privileged arrogant ass is this desperate. It seems like a just dessert for someone who thought the presidency would be handed to them like an after dinner mint. Her attacks and distortions have only made this implosion more sweet.

So, I'll leave Hillary and her bumbling sidekicks with this one piece of advice.

Wipe your asses, you all smell desperate.


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

You forgot to mention Hillary's "Mammy", Maggie Williams, is all up in this meltdown.

Grab your bucket of popcorn and get a front row seat if Hillary loses, cause Mammy Maggie will be joining Lani Guinier and Joycelyn Elders under the Clinton yellow bus.

Christina Springer said...

Today, I felt sad for Hillary. My white liberal friend - with whom I don't much agree on anything other than our children love each other - agreed with me that Obama is the best candidate.

I said, "Bush carved out the sweeping wide road. But, Hillary paved it in gold. Thanks to her work, most of America is thinking, "Even a nigger is better than these fools."

M friend flinched. I said it again. I liked how it felt in my mouth. She flinched again, put her hands over her head and said, Yeah, I think you're right."

And in that momen, I felt very, very, very sad for Hillary.

Big Man said...

Damn Christina that was a powerful story. Seriously, that just cut to the heart of the matter.

Her actions have really made people re-evaluate how they view the Clintons. More importantly, Obama's reactions have only made him appear to be a man who deserves to be president.

I guess we should thank her.

rikyrah said...

I have long believed that Obama needs to send Dubya some roses, because if Dubya hadn't of been a complete and utter failure, America wouldn't be contemplating a Black Man as President. They simply wouldn't. And, that should tell you just how fucked up White America believes Dubya has done this country.

Christina Springer said...

Thanks Big Man.

Let's just hope she keeps opening her mouth so everyone will see all the flies, hornets and wasps that keep flying out.

Shazza Nakim said...

I might have to slightly disagree with you on the Hillary point. I think her interjection of her personal experience (Standing up for Principles) and making Obama Own his association CLEARLY (you either Denounce or Distance which isn't a symantic issue, they are have different meanings) was a winning point. Actually it was her only winning point.

I do agree with you, there is no doubt that obama likes the Jewish community. The real question is, "Does he Fear the Jewish Community Politically like 90% of the Congress does?"

Big Man said...

Nakim, disagreement is not a problem here.

I didn't think the way she handled that looked good in the debate. As a collegue of mine noted, if she had left Obama to his own devices, the media would have parsed the comments on their own and made Obama look bad anyway because he wouldn't come out and just call Farrakhan Satan as they would prefer.

Instead, by jumping in with her own dumbass comment, Hillary changed the focus to her stupid point on reject or denounce, and also made it seem like she was trying to paint Obama as a Jew Hater to appeal to Jewish voters, which is a clear stretch.

Consequently, I think her move was a failure.

Shazza Nakim said...

I debated this point with my Mother and she pretty much agrees with your point (and I can see your perspective on it as well) but I still believe the decider for the point was with Hillary Clinton directing the comment that, "Sometimes as a Leader you have to take a stand and 'SAY' what you mean, even if the outcome may not be the more popular thing."

In essence she made a chip in Obama's armor that he "may" waffle on HARD ISSUES ... which she has hammered before in the past. So when Obama conceded and stated that HE WILL Reject and Disassociate himself from the N.O.I. he pretty much gave into the notion that Hillary might be right.

It may not have worked as an Obvious Strategy but for those UNDECIDED Voters, its enough in TEXAS (who hate anything remotely Civil Disobedient and any Anti-American rhetoric) to consider Hillary come Tuesday.

Just to let you know some inside info, in Chicago, Farrakhan as spoken at the Trinity United Church of Christ on spiritual issues concerning Blacks and Africa. It is not unusually for Farrakhan to speak at churches, not preaching HATE but the importance of maintaining the integrity of the Black Community. So for Farrakhan to "ENDORSE" Obama isn't strange because he has endorsed him in the Illinois Legislature as well. And I need not remind anyone that American Muslims and those that are part of the N.O.I. do VOTE.

Big Man said...

I'll admit I wasn't aware that the rule against voting had been lifted. I knew that under Elijah Muhammed it was prohibited. I understand that Wallace Muhammed revoked many of his father's rules, but I thought Farrakhan had restored them. Thanks for the info.

Shazza Nakim said...

That lack of knowledge and understanding is at the heart of the REJECTION and DISASSOCIATION argument. The N.O.I. is very involved in the political system and has been for years.

When you do either, you don't give the American people the opportunity to make an intelligent decision to allow someone like a Farrakhan or N.O.I. to come to the table to HELP HEAL THIS NATION.

When Obama states he wants to reach across the nation and the world to get America Right, when you begin to select who can and cannot, or REJECT/Denounce them Publicly, you then begin to suspect if there will be others as well.

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