Sunday, April 6, 2008

Watch That Door

Don't let it hit you in the ass Mark Penn.

I'm talking about the swinging door. You know, the one Hillary just showed you after you effed up yet again. Read more about it here.

Mark Penn was a funny dude. From news reports, it's obvious he was the classic arrogant bastard who believed his farts smelled like strawberries. And besides his embarrassing deal with the Colombian government, he apparently represented dirtbags like Blackwater and Countrywide. I guess that old saying about birds and flocks actually is true.

The funny thing, well besides the laughable attempts by Hillary's surrogates to suddenly distance the campaign from Penn and and his fluctuating morality, is that not only did Penn get dumped by Ms. Clinton, but he he also got dropped by the Colombian government. Seems Colombians don't like being thrown under the bus by people they are paying millions of dollars, and they took offense at Penn scrambling to distance himself from them and their trade agreement. So homeboy talked himself out of two fat checks.

I wouldn't feel too sorry for Penn though. After all, he's still going to be hanging around Hillary helping her analyze polls while providing other advice. And given the way Hillary's campaign has hemorrhaged bigshots, Maggie Williams might want to polish up her own resume, because if things keep going south for Hillary she's going to be looking of a new Kizzy to bring her some water real soon.

I'm actually curious to see if Penn's departure will change the tenor the campaign at all since he's received much of the blame for Hillary's decision to make negative attacks on Obama. Then again, I also heard on some television show that Hillary's folks claim they have some explosive dirt on Obama that they are waiting on the Obama-loving press to report on. So, things may stay the same.

Whatever happens, it's becoming clear that Hillary has pushed all her chips into the middle of the table for one last push. She seems to have less and less patience for screw-ups and with more of her lies being exposed, Hillary is even more conscious of potential public relations pratfalls.

While her surrogates have claimed that Penn stepped aside voluntarily, I tend to believe he was forced out by those individuals who used this last mistake to finally draw a wedge between Penn and the Clintons. If there is one thing we've learned it's that the Clintons will get rid of anyone if the political cost of their friendship is too high.

Nobody is indispensable.


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Guess that lobbying for the Colombian government was too much for Hillary to keep Jabba the Hut on her payroll.

She really got her money's much so, she can't pay her campaign bills because she was supposed to have this thing wrapped up back in February, thanks to Jabba.

Truthiz said...

One should never Underestimate the ruthlessly CONniving nature of many of the people who work for the Clintons!

My take on Mark Penn’s resignation is this _

"TIMING is everything."

And the truthiz, the LAST thing the Clintons wanted to do, at this crucial Time, in the campaign was to "fire" or ask their chief strategist to resign.

But Penn is a mendacious, Opportunistic RAT! He sees the handwriting on the wall. He knows that Hillary’s campaign is practically DEAD_and like all mendacious Opportunistic RATS, notorious for jumping a sinking ship, Penn orchestrated a plan to JUMP!

Yeah, I know it’s been reported that he’ll still play a “lesser role behind the scenes.”

But I would wager, while Penn’s company will remain somewhat “involved” in the Clinton campaign, Penn himself is on to “more promising” ventures, having already been PAID million$ by the Clintons, he couldn't be happier to bid them_Adieu!

A.F. said...

I think HRC and Penn were/are a perfect match. Both Clintons for years have talked out of both sides of their mouthes, simultaneously declaring themselves friends of workers and the poor and working against them hand over fist.

Raving Black Lunatic