Friday, April 11, 2008

Some Good Info

I would ask all of you to please read this article.

Amazing wasn't it?

Here is a snippet for those of you who aren't convinced that you should check this out.

When any two of us are together, no racial comments or jokes are ever made. However, with the full group membership present, anti-Semitic jokes abound, as do racial slurs and vastly derogatory statements. Jewish people are simply known as “Hebes”, short for Hebrews. . . . Various jokes concerning stereotypes that Jewish people hold were also swapped around the gaming table. . . . These jokes degraded into a rendition of the song “Yellow,” which was re-done [in our group] to represent the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. It contained lines about the shadows of the people being flash burned into the walls. . . . A member of the group also decided that he has the perfect idea for a Hallmark card. On the cover it would have a few kittens in a basket with ribbons and lace. On the inside it would simply say, “You’re a nigger.” I found that incredibly offensive. Supposedly, when questioned about it, the idea of the card was to make it as offensive as humanly possible in order to make the maximal juxtaposition between warm- and ice- hearted. . . . no group is particularly safe from the group’s scathing wit, and the people of Mexico were next to bear the brunt of the jokes.


Deacon Blue said...

Color me surprised. I knew this stuff was pervasive, but I never realized just how much so. Never fooled myself into thinking I was 100% colorblind, but now I'm wondering just how much less so I am than I thought I was. (try saying that five times fast)

WNG said...

I got an email yesterday from my friend the BPM asking me if I thought he was crazy b/c he felt like he'd been dropped into a 'racist day'. I told him he wasn't crazy - sometimes we just have days like that. Some people have whole lives like that.
I'm glad thy did the studies - but my main reaction was 'well, duh'.

Lolo said...

I feel like a small bit of something just got a little bit deader after perusing that.

I mean, I know this stuff and all, as in really KNOW it but if I sunk into the despair of it I know that I would not be functional. So. While I don't pretend it isn't true, and I do not shy away from making my feelings known when witnessing it firsthand, I do ignore it to the extent that I can not bring it up or I would just not be allowed out in public.

Raving Black Lunatic