Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm Bitter

Excuse me y'all, but this is going to be a little rough.

I'm so very pissed right now. I had another post all ready to go for y'all to read, but then I sat my dumb ass down and watched that tabloid fest masquerading as a Democratic debate.

It's hard to organize my thoughts into a completely coherent longform post, so, I'm going to have to break this post down into section.

Part One: That Heifer

It's hard not to hate that woman. My visceral dislike of her actually makes me sad because she is an assertive, intelligent and pragmatic person. In many ways she would make a good president.

If she wasn't Satan's spawn.

Seriously, if there is one thing this campaign has proven, it's that this woman is evil at her core. Just evil. She may have many outstanding characteristics, but they cannot overcome her reprehensible morality. Like a termite infested home, her exterior appears outstanding, but upon closer inspection it's impossible not to see the rot that has taken root in her soul.

Her willingness to twist, corrupt and co-opt Obama's message has sickened me. But, it's her outstanding arrogance that truly weighs on me. Is she arrogant enough to believe that she can just admit that she was lying about Bosnia and it's no big deal? How can she question Obama's affiliations when she and her husband rented out the Lincoln bedroom like it was a Ho-Jo for campaign donors? (And with Bill around there was a big emphasis on the ho aspect.) She has the audacity to argue that her past missteps are unimportant because everybody knows about them?

Are you serious? WOW

Part 2: The Media

Let's put this out there; this was by far the worst moderated debate with the worst questions of the entire campaign season. It was an indictment of journalism that the most shallow issues dominated the debate, while a question about how to lower gas prices was lumped into the "lighting round."

It's not that I think journalism was so great back in the day. The more I learn about history the more I realize just how often the mainstream media has failed us as a society. Remember, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were both demonized and marginalized by the media during their lives, while J. Edgar Hoover was hailed as a freaking hero! So, I don't expect that much.

But, last night was just sad and disappointing. How many times did Charlie Wilson ask a question only to have Obama point out that one of the facts the question was built upon was false? Did we really have a question about flag pins and former terrorist who sponsored campaign events years ago? This whole debate was an exercise in rehashing inconsequential crap without giving any context or ever asking whether these issues were relevant.

In addition, to my trained third eye, there was a distinct sense of racial bias in the way this whole event was conducted. I felt like Obama was being asked to prove that he's a Negro white folks can count on and that he's not delusional like the rest of those crazy niggers.

When was the last time every past association of a white politician was scrutinized? Shit, George Bush was a former cokehead, alcoholic and draft dodger and we didn't see any of that bullshit splashed across debates. Yet, Obama has to denounce his pastor, Minister Farrakhan and any black person that doesn't line up with the way white folks think. Shit, we have even examined letters Obama wrote in elementary school!

And these bastards wonder why folks hate journalists.

Part 3: Mr. Hope

Dude, I feel your pain right now. Those two grinning moderators snuck up on your ass, sucker-punched you and then looked away when the heifer kneed you in the groin. That was an old fashioned ambush, and it clearly took you by surprise.

But, I must admit that I thought you handled it pretty well. If these analysts think you were defensive, they should have seen how a nigga like me would have gotten down. Man, Hillary would caught a serious verbal ass-whipping that included me bringing up every scandal of her political career, and that pompous bastard Charlie Gibson would have been spitting Chiclets.

But, you stayed calm and kept to the high road. You actually pissed me off a little because I wanted you to at least take one shot at somebody. However, that's not how you get down, that's really not how you play the game. You're a much more conciliatory black person than I will ever be, but that's probably why you're running for President and I'm writing about you on the web.

Ultimately, you have to be the type of man that makes you comfortable. You have to strike a balance between staying true to yourself and appealing to more Americans than John McCain and Hillary Clinton. Only you know who the real Obama is, and only you can blaze a path that suits him. I wish the Lord's strength and guidance for you.

Things are only going to get worse.

(That was very cathartic.)


Deacon Blue said...

Like you, of course, there are a lot of folks out there who want to see Obama start throwing punches (metaphorically), though many of them are less willing than you to concede it might be for the best...or at least the best path for Obama. Hell, sometimes I'd like to see him put a few people in headlocks and piston-drive their skulls into some podiums a few times.

But, in the end, I admire him for sticking to the high road as much as he does. It's a rare thing to see these days...or at least it seems rare to me.

But seeing as how he IS taking the high road, Big Man, how's about you and me go sneak up on the folks who made the debate such a mess somewhere near a dark alley and sort things out with 'em?

Leaving Clinton alone, of course...I don't need hassles with the Secret Service. ;-)

Gye Greene said...

"You're a much more conciliatory black person than I will ever be, but that's probably why you're running for President and I'm writing about you on the web."

Oh, yes.

One of the **many** reasons I'm not in politics. (That, and I can't remember people's names...)

We don't get the Demo. debate on t.v., here in Aussie-land; good to have your report.


BrendaKay said...

Big Man,

As another one of your readers from Down Under, I'm actually quite glad that I didn't have the opportunity to watch that farce masquerading as a debate.

From the snippets that I've seen on CNN and on the web, plus the numerous blogs that I've been reading this past few hours, I don't think it would be too far off the mark to say this has to be the lowest point of the presidential far. If ABC News has any measurable amount of integrity left after last night, it will be nothing short of a miracle.

As an ex-pat American, I don't give a damn about a bloody flag pin, but I do care a whole hell of a lot about how little my American dollar now buys me and the thousands of lives that have been lost (and are still being lost on a daily basis) in that hell hole called Iraq. Rev. Wright, Minister Farrakhan and some guy named Ayers don't worry me in the least bit. But I am concerned as hell about the growing number of wack-job Islamic terrorists who would like nothing better than to pave the road to paradise with my and your life.

But you know Big Man, despite all that has happened and perhaps because of it, I've had this overwhelming feeling for over a week now, that Obama is going to pull out a surprizing win in the PA primary next week.

People are waking up...

sixfive said...

great post, couldn't agree more.

A.F. said...

That debate was miserable. It's like the dealer didn't even have the courtesy to stack the deck behind closed doors, but did it right there in the open, grinned out, and said, "Whatcha gonna do about it?" Dealer = ABC, Gibson, Stephanopolis (sp), Clinton. Just disgusting.

Big Man said...


I might have taken you up on that offer last night. But, after seeing that very few people feel for this bullshit, I am doing better now.

Brenda and GG

Y'all didn't miss anything at all. Like I said, I wish I had stuck to my original plan and avoided the entire debacle.

AF and Sixfive

It was crazy how blatant the bias was, just crazy. And the arrogance of Wilson was just really too much to deal with. I don't think Obama can win in PA, but as long as he loses by less than 10 points it will be a great moral victory.

Danielle said...

Thanks for the post Big Man. I didn't even bother to watch the debate for the very reasons stated in your post regarding Sen. Clinton & The Media.

My right eye has been twitching and that's always a bad sign.

Truthiz said...

"..that tabloid fest masquerading as a Democratic debate."

That about sums up what it was Big Man.

Truthiz, I didn't watch it because I reached my "absolutely fed-up" point with the American msm_ meaning, ALL of the corporate prostitutes/punk-azz opportunistic hacks, POSING as "news journalists" and "analysts" _a long time ago!

And judging from the comments I've checked out, today, at this site and a few other sites, I'd say a few more people may be reaching that point too?!

Slate said...

WOW, what a jewel you are. So glad I found you. Many thanks and please rage on.

Anonymous said...

...and through it all Obama was "holdin it down to the fullest" and brushed the dirt of his shoulder!

des said...

Big Man,

Actually, it's Charlie Gibson. Like you, I admired Obama even mre after that crap. Some factions of the MSM were saying he was unsure and nervous. I contend that after about ten minutes in, he realized the deal and zoned out, why cas pearls before swine? That the heifer considers last night as a big win confirms what kind of person she is. The only thing missing was the steel chair.

Big Man said...


Thanks for the tip on the name. I knew that and apparently zoned out. I agree with you. I think he realized this wasn't even going to be a real fight and was just tired after dealing with everything.

It was so bad, those moderators would say stuff like "Obama, we know you've spoken about this before, but please talk about Wright/Farrakhan/Bitter again."

Raving Black Lunatic