Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sometimes It Slips Out

Occasionally, folks let their real feelings slip out in public. As Americans, we've been conditioned not to say certain things in front of certain people, but sometimes we just can't help ourselves. We get angry, we get frustrated and BOOM, we say some stuff we later regret.

This guy in Philly had one of those moments recently.

Poor fellow, his comment was actually a condemnation of the racism rampant in the PA General Assembly, and the hypocrisy of bans on gay marriage. Yet, it didn't come out that way. Nope, it came out like he was saying the General Assembly support slavery, and well, that's unfortunate.

I just hope this doesn't distract him from fighting those 139 corruption charges.

(Hat tip to my homie Dave Parks for putting me on to this.)


WNG said...

He just needed you to write his remarks!

Deacon Blue said...

Well, if he is guilty of those corruption charges, this will at least serve as a reminder that even dishonest people can have truly good hearts on important issues.

Truthiz said...

In my opinion, it's simply more proof that We (Black folks) must stop tolerating the "KNEEgrows" among us_and send their Ignorant and silly azzez BACK to the plantations!

Raving Black Lunatic