Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why I Stay Raving

People ask me "Big Man, why you so angry? Why you name your site 'Raving Black Lunatic'? What do you have to be angry about? It's a new day."

You want to know why I'm so angry? You really want to know?

This is why I stay angry.

Man, click that link if you have the time and patience. I didn't even finish the story before I had to write something. I couldn't hold it in anymore.

The link goes to a Time story about two black men who lost a sizable chunk of their lives to prison because two white prosecutors decided to frame them for a murder a white man likely committed. And now the men want to see the prosecutors punished through a civil suit and they are being told "Tough cookies, you can't sue prosecutors. It would cause too much of a hassle."

Blanket immunity is almost always wack. It's wack that police officers get blanket immunity from civil suits if they claim they were just doing their jobs, it's wack that the federal government gets blanket immunity, it's wack that vaccine manufacturers get immunity. Blanket immunity is a license to abuse others in my opinion and far too many institutions with racist track records have blanket immunity.

So, I stay mad.

People getting shafted tends to make me angry. It bothers me when I read that prosecutors basically picked some black folks off the street and decided they should go to jail.

Or how about this story in Ohio? I remember reading about this case a while back, but seeing it again just reminded of how much of a hassle it can still be to be black in America. These people were denied running water for decades simply to remind them that no matter what, they were niggers.

So, I'm a Raving Black Lunatic. Not because I like it, but because that's just the way things have to be for me. I can't be anything but angry when I see people mistreated and abused simply because of the color of their skin, and then have to listen to other folks downplay the importance of these injustices. I have to say something. I have to let my anger out.

Now you know.



Darth Whitey said...

The justice system in America makes me irate too, it's just unbelievable.

Want to be even more angry about this topic? Watch this Frontline episode:

Nothing will make me fly off the handle faster than when I hear people making jokes about prison. Like "oh you better take that KY jelly with you there" or something similar, like prison rape is FUNNY or something. Prison is a torture chamber, a producer of monsters. And the very people who we "want" to be brutalized in prison are likely the ones doing the brutalizing. There's not a ubiquitous supply of guys generically named "Bubba" waiting to rape everyone.


Another Frontline that'll make you sick but that is a must-watch is this one (not the same topic)

Jazzy said...

Makes me wanna holler!

godamongus said...

God bless you! I would love to hear your opinions about my blogsite, Godamongus. Come check out the latest topic #13-"They would not have crucified the Lord of glory."

lincolnperry said...

The constant demonising of brothers allow this type of bullshit!

Raving Black Lunatic