Friday, November 13, 2009

Fido? Fughtabouit...

How many of y'all consider yourselves eco-friendly?

You worry about your car's gas mileage not because it costs you money but because it's better for the Earth. You recycle regularly, you pick clothes based on their impact on the Earth. You ponder your family's carbon footprint. You are a good Earthling.

Now, if that describes you, answer one more question for me. Do you own a dog?

If you do, then I want to direct your attention to this story.

Seems that according to this study, you and your little furry friend are destroying the world. I know you thought it was enough to have your little mulch garden, but apparently if you really cared about Mother Earth you'd be eating the dog, not taking him for walks.

Frankly this story cracks me up. I don't have a serious post, I just find it funny. I have a friend who is an avid dog lover and when I forwarded her this link she was coming up with all sorts of reasons why it was bogus. Dissecting the sources, analyzing the methodology. Now, if I send her a link about how people with dogs live longer, she just takes it at face value and tells me I need to get a four-legged freeloader myself. Hell, she even threatened to buy my kids one as a "surprise" one Christmas.

I would have had to kill her.

Anyway, before y'all get the wrong idea, I don't hate dogs. In fact, I had some serious love for the furry bastards back in the day. But, nowadays things seem to have taken a turn towards the absurd. Doggie clothes, doggie spas, doggie everything. I mean, dogs are the distant cousins of wolves, do they really need heated beds and gourmet dog food?

I wasn't surprised when I saw the news about dogs killing the world because most folks dote on their canines like other people dote on their children. So, dogs are like poorly trained babies who poo and eat more.

And they are ruining the world.



LisaMJ said...

Oh well, at least my cat is only the equivalent of a Volkswagon Golf. Sigh just one more thing to feel guilty about. Then again, feeding most people is the equivalent of driving a Hummer so I guess we should worry about ourselves too.

Oh and Big Man if you get a dog, you don't have to put clothes on it, send it to doggie daycare etc. You can just treat it like an old fashioned dog.

Deacon Blue said...

On the bright side, Big Man, dogs don't expect any help on college tuition.


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I read the Time To Eat The Dog review to my poodle. He didn't like it one bit and is trying to suck up to me. Too late - the kids are warming up the oven and have the barbeque sauce ready. ;)

Shady_Grady said...

I have a German Shepherd and am considering getting a Komondor as well.

Neither of them will be eaten..



my dog keeps the bad guys out of my yard.

after katrina somebody busted into my house and stole me and my wifes laptops.

they also ate out of our fridge and smoked my cigs and put them out on the floor of our house.

the carbon foot print of the cops comeing over and telling us we were dumb for living in our neighborhood and blowing off the crime , the energy i spent shutting down my accounts once i realized they were being accessed from the laptops,

the energy i spent updating the detectives about this and the the lack of response.

this all burned a bunch of carbon.

my dog keeps people out of my yard now and gives me and my wife lots of love and friendship.

a great trade off. dogs carbon foot prnit is cool in my mind.

i can leave the cops alone to pursue more serious stuff, hopefully.

GiGi said...

that study is a load of crap when you do the conversions, big man. :p

"friend who is an avid dog lover and when I forwarded her this link she was coming up with all sorts of reasons why it was bogus."

Raving Black Lunatic