Friday, November 6, 2009

Where You From?

Man, I stumbled across this article over at Prometheus 6, a great place for links to useful information for those of y'all unaware.

It seems that the cat who won the recent New York Marathon was American, a rare feat. Only, he wasn't American enough for some folks.

Get it.

If you read the article, you'll find that the gentleman who won immigrated to this country from Eritrea when he was 12, so genetically, he's from East Africa. However, he grew up here, learned how to run here and did all of his training here. He's a naturalized citizen and has lived here in America for 22 years.

But, for some folks that still doesn't count.

The article mentions that the United States, and white Americans, used to dominate distance running. Then East Africans showed up on the scene and things changed. As the article notes, this new culture of losing drove white folks crazy, and they decided that the only reason the Africans could be winning is because they have special "running nigger" genes.


It's amazing how when white people are good at sports, nobody assumes it's because they have good genes anymore. Maybe back in the day that was the argument, but now all you hear about is the superior work ethic and intelligence of the white athlete. It's funny how when white Americans were dominating distance running nobody thought they had some special genes that gave them an unfair advantage. Nope, they were just good, not genetic freaks.

The sad thing is that the cat who won the marathon has been in this country for two decades and he still doesn't count as an American. Apparently it doesn't matter how long you've lived here, all that matter is that you're the right color for the job you're doing.

It ain't where you from, it's what you look like.



T.A.N. Man said...

Same ish ... different toilet.

macon d said...

I appreciate the point that genes only get talked about by white people in these discussions when they see that as an explanation for black dominance in a particular sport. AND, that that they never seem to talk about genes when a sport is dominated by white people. So true . . .

Anonymous said...

Does make me wonder, what would happen if brothas discovered hockey? LOL I am only halfway joking but seriously you bring up a good point. Though in all honestly isn't it always that way when Blacks excel at something? It needs a reason, its never enough that Rashid did well at XYZ...

Tit for Tat said...

Does make me wonder, what would happen if brothas discovered hockey?(BGIM)

Is that likely? I thought all blacks hated the cold. ;)

Pistolette said...

Well, genetic superiority in specific areas does play a role that cannot be denied in some cases. For instance, it's fact that the "space race" between America and the USSR was dominated on both sides by German "Ashkenazi" Jewish scientists: There's even a line in "The Right Stuff" movie where the German-American scientist tells then Vice President Johnson not to worry about the Soviets "because our Germans are better than their Germans." In fact, they are so smart, they have their own genius diseases!

White people, like ANY people, find convenient excuses for their own inferior performance. In sports, if you take genetics (and race) out of the equation, some *cultures* practice particular sports more than others, and that explains some of it. For instance, I always expect people from Scandinavia to win winter sports - cause that's all they freakin' do up there. My southern ass has never even seen a bobsled! And I don't expect any of our gulf coast brothers would perform very well in cross-country skiing any more than Ivan the Snow-viking would deal with playing football in our 110 heat.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I think that strictly as a group, we do have more high performing individuals in athletics than other groups. Not completely sure if this is do to diet and culture, because there are plenty of fat guys who'd get winded walking a mile to McDonalds.

If the day ever comes where enough poverty has been eliminated to produce more educated blacks than whites, that's the time we might be in the most danger. We've gotten a whiff of the rage from Obama's election. Jews used to be considered inferior in Europe; it is when they began economically outdoing the German people that the propaganda kicked in and they became scapegoated, hated, then killed.

I think Fixed News has been moving in that same direction. It's chilling. There may come a day when we, like the Jews, need our own homeland.

We have one, but I wonder if any of those countries in Africa would welcome all of us in the event of a black Holocaust, or resent us as half-breeds trying to take over. I wouldn't want to see us end up like the Hutu and Tutsi.

Talk about a rock and hard place...

Raving Black Lunatic