Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Talking and Walking

I have a conondrum.

Is it hypocritical for me to give a speech calling for other folks to do something that I myself often fail to do?

I'm not going to be chastising folks. Rather, I'm going to be offering advice on a topic based on my understanding of the Bible and God. Yet, I know for a fact that I fail to display several of the character traits I'm going to be discussing.

Consequently, I'm now wondering if it's hypocritical for me to even discuss this topic and advise other folks since I haven't demonstrated the willpower to get my own life in order.

I've been tapped to talk about ethical behavior in the workplace at an upcoming program at my church. Now, I'm not the worst employee in the world, but I'm not even close to the best. While I try to do my job most of the time, I've been guilty of some shady decisions here and there.

So, I feel a little funny about telling other people how they should behave. It's kind of "Do as a I say, not as I do" situation, and I hate those. Is it enough to try to do the right thing even if you're failing? Or, ultimately, is the standard that you have to be living right before you start telling other folks how they should live?

Can I start talking if I'm not walking?



Darth Whitey said...

Well if only those who are perfect were permitted to speak then nobody would ever speak :-)

Brenda said...

Co-sign with Darth Whitey.

Deacon Blue said...

I second those emotions.

Imhotep said...

Big Man, In this case I think honesty is a good policy. Share with the audience your short comings and failings and the resulting consequences, or non-consequences.

This approach should allow you to develop a bond with the audience, and your message should be more impactful.

Tit for Tat said...

Big Man

Its ok, remember those who cant play, coach. ;)

LisaMJ said...

I think you'll be fine and I agree with the others. No one is perfect and I'm sure there is many a pastor who has advised his flock to avoid certain sins that he or she has committed. It's just when you pretend like you have never messed up or don't struggle with the issue you are highlighting you are in bad territory. Just be honest about your own shortcomings when saying what the "right" or "ethical" thing to do and it'll be good. You are an honest guy and the fact that you are even worrying about being a hypocrite speaks volumes.

Raving Black Lunatic