Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Umm...When Are You Leaving?

Y'all ever heard that old saying about house guests and fish?

After three days, both them motherfuckers be stinking.

Well Sarah Palin has been staying in Americans' collective house for waaaaaay longer than three days, and, right now, that's one funky Alaskan.

I can't be the only one wondering when the hell the Nieman Marcus Narcissist is going to be leaving the big stage, right? She done stretched her short stint as the tart of the right wing into a permanent gig as a critic of all things here in the Lower 49.

For a woman that couldn't be bothered with press conferences and "gotcha journalism", Palin sure seems to love a tape recorder and camera these days. The next day that passes without Palin discussing just how unfair the media has been to her, or the fact that she didn't keep any of those fancy threads the RNC gave her, will be the first day. And did y'all see how upset she got about anonymous sources? Really, you can't complain about anonymous sources and spread GOP propoganda on the stump. It just doesn't work

But, all joking aside, I'm wondering why this uninformed ignoramus from the backwoods continues to get a national platform to address the public. If you check out this story it's obvious that the Governor has some serious issues waiting for her back on the frozen tundra. So, shouldn't the media leave her and her dumb ass ideas alone, and let her get back to serving the citizens of Alaska now that oil revenues have taken a serious drop? Seems like the responsible thing, right?


Nope, the media has decided it wants to let Palin address each and every smear levied against her and then paint herself as some sort of martyr for the cause of common sense governing. Now, when I say "the media" I don't mean those pinkos over at MSNBC. Keith Olbermann is almost as obsessed with Palin as he is with Bill O'Reilly and his own press clippings. The disdain he and Rachel Maddow have for the Governor cannot be overstated, and they can always be counted on to piss all over her theories. I'm talking about the mainstream, or "neutral", media and how they have allowed this woman a ridiculous amount of face time after she effing lost!

That's right folks, this chick lost and she's been on television more than Joe Biden and John McCain combined! For real, being an old white guy is really a killer these days when it comes to getting some spotlight. It's still great when it comes to ruling the world, but as far as political fame, it's all about the darkies and the vajayjays these days.

Anyway, this is my plea to the national media to start igging Palin and her modular home community family (that's the polite name for trailer park folks) so that she can just fade into the background. Hopefully we will have at least four years of an intelligent president (where is Obama's bulletproof vest?) before we have to deal with the possibility of this broad having access to nukes again. Seriously, I wet the bed like three times after McCain named her his running mate because of how close she was to the nuclear football. Three times!

It's silent treatment time for Sarah Palin. Everybody pretend like she doesn't exist, and if she still manages to convince the people in Alaska to keep her in office, (They re-elected a convicted felon! And folks try to talk about black people and William Jefferson? Please), well then we'll worry about her national profile.

Other than that she needs to kick rocks.



Deacon Blue said...

Bulletproof vest for Obama?

Nah, I'm thinking more along the lines of some of that next-gen military body armor...complete with helmet.

Big Man said...

true, true

Gotta protect his head.

Ben Atkinson said...

She call O everything in the book.

I love this quote:

How bad must the G.O.P. feel right about now? It portrayed Obama as a socialist, a communist, a Muslin, and a friend of terrorists, and the majority of American voters said, “Y’know, we’re O.K. with that, as long as he’s not a Republican.” – Jerry Smith

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Yes I have been very interested that Sarah is getting more press the McCain who was very funny on Jay Leno yesterday.

I'm waiting for her star to die down to but I don't think it is. She really needs to be somewhere studying if she wants to run in 2012.


Somebodies Friend said...

Boo hoo hoooo!

Poor Sarah, my heart goes out to you, NOT.

aegil said...

Oh my goodness - I was just saying the same thing tonight - why was this woman on television and how much longer do we have to look at her?! (not long - I flipped the channel).
Btw, people in Paris are wayyyyyy happy about Obama. Giant billboards and posters and actual dancing and hugging in the streets the day after the election happy. I thought that was very cool.

adamson said...

You are the funniest person EVER.

Raving Black Lunatic