Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Rest in peace Undercover Black Man A.K.A. David Mills.

Sorry to hear the brother is gone. I had some heated discussion with him and disagreed vehemently with his thoughts on black intelligence, but death is still a sad and final chapter in every life.

The brother didn't believe in God, from what I could gather, but maybe if Deacon Blue is right he got one last chance when he checked out.

Anyway, he was a smart and funny dude, and I wish peace upon his family.



Mr. Noface said...

It's strange. I go on to his blog with his last post being about the new HBO show "Treme" and on the 29th of march he posts a reply in the comments section (maybe his last post?). Then five posts down, people stop talking about the show and start talking about his passing (with the post dates starting at March 31st).

It's trippy how much a difference one day can make and how drastically life can change from moment to moment. Tomorrow is truly not promised to anyone. I have never personally met UBM (though I have read his blog in the past), but his passing made me feel like I/we have all lost someone very close to me/us. Makes you appreciate the moments (real or virtual) that you have with the ones you love, admire, and/or respect, because everything can change five comments down.

Big Man said...

That's real talk No Face.

LisaMJ said...

I just became aware of him yesterday. I'd seen some of his work, only the Corner, which was a revalation, and today I've seen and read a lot about him. I'm curious thougy, what exactly were his opinions about black intelligence though?

Big Man said...


I didn't put it in the main piece because I didn't want to seem like I was bad mouthing the dead.

But, Mills was of the opinion that their are cognitive difference between the races that are genetic.

Basically, some races are intellectually inferior to others.

And black folks were at the bottom, in his opinion.

Anonymous said...

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