Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pool's Closed

Check it out.

Here's the gist: Black kids show up to swim a posh country club. Posh Country club members are appalled that the $2,000 they collected allowed nigras to swim. Members revolt, black kids are told to leave, a refund is promised sometime in the future.

The end.

Only it's not the end. It's just a continuation of what black folks have been complaining about for centuries. Things aren't equal, America isn't post racial. There is nothing post-racial about life in America or anywhere in the whole world!

These black kids wanted to swim. They wanted to beat the summer heat. Instead they received a firsthand lesson in what racism looks like in President Obama's America.

It looks like a closed pool. It looks like snide remarks about the potential danger of black children off their leashes. Hell, I'm shocked they didn't drain the pool immediately after the little darkies swam. Josephine Baker style.

I can already predict what's going to happen. There will be a minor uproar about the racism at this club. The members will come out making disparaging remarks about the behavior of the children and their chaperones. They will try to convince the world that they aren't racist, they just want to protect their kids. And some folks will inevitably believe them because that's what they want to believe.

Hopefully, somebody else will step up and pledge to let the children use their pool for free. Everybody will shake their heads at this small group of close minded people, and life will go on.

Only these kids will always remember the day they were told "Pool's closed."



Marcus said...

The blacks in the area should say fvck it and build their own damn pool.

Honestly what's the point of complaining about racism to white folks? Just get your own sh!t and and to hell with them.

But we can't do that lol. We want them to share, instead of having our own.

Darth Whitey said...

Shocking, truly shocking and sad.

Big Man said...


You raise a good point.

Owning your own stuff is important, but everybody is not able. Plus, if history is correct, getting our own isn't any protection.

Lisa J said...

Yeah, I heard about this last night from a few folks on facebook. I sent them a nasty gram, polite, but angry.

Those poor kids looked so bummed in the news report I saw on the interwebs. It also made me mad that those folks said that they were worried that they would hurt their kids. On the one hand I can understand a parent's desire to protect their kids, but on the other hand, sometimes white folks make me so MAD when they talk about their precious, innocent little darlings and their fears for them. I spent almost my entire childhood going to school with white kids, living around them, and being friends with them, and plenty of them are badass little kids. Just like some black kids are. I remember in college my friend telling me her roomates boyfriends mother called their room after the Rodney King riots b/c she was worried about her little Jonnie. Jonnie was 6'2 a creepy dude and a freaking drug dealer! So many of them are in such denial about their sweet angels and want to protect them from the "bad old scary black boogie people" when their kids are no better and no worse than our kids. But Philly ain't known for their great race relations.

Deacon Blue said...


And if the blacks make a nice pool for themselves, what happens when the white kids decide they want to check it out, and you try to keep THEM out?


Big Man said...


It's been my experience that white kids are not going to check out the black pool.

For example, I grew up in a city with a horrible public school system. There were only a handful of public high schools where kids could get educated well and safely. I attened one of these school, which also happened to be just about 100 percent black.

White parents would rather pay for inferior private school educations than send their kids to a school with that many black kids. Basically, white folks aren't too big on being "onlys."

So, if black folks got their own pools, it's unlikely that too many white kids would want to swim there. Not impossible, but very unlikely.

Deacon Blue said...

I know, Big Man...I guess I was being more metaphorical than literal, seeing as how when blacks create something cool, it's OK for whites to latch onto it and co-opt (in their eyes), but don't let a black person reach out for what they created.

Marcus said...

Blacks would not try to keep white people out of the "black" pool.

Nope, in reality they would probably kiss the ass of anyone white that showed up lol.

ch555x said...

"Blacks would not try to keep white people out of the "black" pool.

Nope, in reality they would probably kiss the ass of anyone white that showed up lol."


I still say the camp directors should have done some homework, especially with a so-called "private club"...

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