Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Damn Shame

So I've got one eye on the Michael Jackson memorial coverage today.

Anyway, I just heard an official from the city of Los Angles ask the fans of Jackson to go online and donate to the city to help defray the cost of providing security and whatnot for the memorial service. Apparently it's going to cost millions to deal with the event and California is one of the most cash strapped states in the union.

That's a damn shame.

Have we as a country come to this? First, we have a public entity, a city, asking the public to make donations so that it can pay police officers and other emergency workers to do something that is a basic part of their jobs. Second, the city has turned to panhandling instead of demanding money from Jackson's estate or from the event promoter who created the problem.

This is a microcosm of what's ailing America. We as a country have not been prudent with our money. Consequently, our public entities can barely afford to operate. However, when these entities see a shortfall, instead of demanding payment from the businesses or rich folks who have caused the shortfall, they turn to the general public to foot the bill.

Our priorities have been skewed for a long time. We have avoided making politically tough decisions for generations, and now we're paying the price. Did y'all know there is a cap on how much property tax California can collect? That's right, in the state with the most outrageous home prices in the country, the government can only tax folks up to a certain point on their property.

I don't have to point out to most of y'all that this directly benefits the most wealthy residents, but I'll point it out anyway. Basically, California has a welfare program for rich folks, and to finance it, they have to cut services to everybody else. That's a skewed system.

Did y'all know that when you or I have a memorial service or funeral, we're required to pay for the police details and other services that are needed to re-route traffic? Yet, when a multi-millionaire's family and rich corporations decide to have a memorial service, they are given a free pass on the costs. Once again, welfare for the rich, at the expense of the poor.

This country's standard operating procedure is to screw the little guy in an effort to protect the interests of the rich. We've waged wars, destroyed levees and violated human rights all in the name of the rich. And it's always the rest of us who pay the price.

Damn shame.



Lisa J said...

That is messed up. The Jackson's or his record company or someone needs to step up and pay for it. I just recently became aware of their limit on taxes and that passed by one of their referendums. They need to get rid of that mess with the referendums. All it takes is someone with enough money to pay people to get out to get signatures, get it on the ballot and then get some folks to vote on it. Not that it isn't good for people to be involved but they don't have all the facts sometimes, sometimes people don't vote on all the measures or get tricked into voting on things that aren't helpful for them. Legislating by referendum doesn't seem to be to great of an idea. Plus, though I've heard some good things about the Gubenators governing, it just doesn't seem too smart to kick out the elected governor so that a foreign actor with no higher education can take over. I know he won on his own the 2nd time but the whole thing seems freaky and I'm sure that having someone with no appropriate background at all, become governor based on a fluke is not the best way to go. I've wanted to move to Cali for years, but right now I am so glad I don't live there.

Leigh C. said...

God Almighty! And I read this just after this lady in Cali posted this, in which her son's charter school is moving into a new building that apparently doesn't have much else but walls, ceilings, electricity, and bathrooms:


Yes, the Jackson family oughta pay at least part of the costs for the extra security and all for MJ's funeral...but the schools are something else entirely. It's ALL a damned shame.

blackgirlinmaine said...

I like what you said...considering that MJ passed almost 2 weeks ago you would think city officials had time to talk with his fam and discuss the cost.

I mean isn't Cali offering IOU's to people? Come on common sense says tell the family looks its going to cost XYZ to do this.

blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hi there!

I don't think that the Jacksons should have to pay for that memorial service... they could have had the service in a private place and kept the entire world from sharing it... instead ...they showed generosity by allowing the world to grieve with them. They weren't PAID to allow us to share that important day with them.

They should not have to pay the city for allowing the world to be with them on the worst day of their lives.

His record company isn't responsible for the death of Michael Jackson and they should not have to incur ANY costs that had nothing at all to do with the contract for production of music that they had with Michael.

If the city could not afford the event, then they should have held the event in another city!! Plenty of cities would have wanted the press and the headache of the masses and the family could have flown anywhere to attend.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Big Man said...

Thanks for the dissenting view.

Raving Black Lunatic