Friday, July 24, 2009

Crazy Stuff

Just want to noted that the police report detailing what happened in the Gates incident has been "modified" from it's original form. It now features new information that paints the officer in an even better light and paints Gates in a worse light.

This whole issue is sickening and is a stark reminder of how easily all Americans rights can be violated and how efficient the cops are at covering their abuses up.



Deacon Blue said...

Well, it's only logical, Big Man. The poor police officer was still traumatized from his brush with such a frightening, intimidating and physically dangerous Black man. It's only natural that as he began to calm down and once the threat was far enough in the past, he'd be able to recall more details. Post-traumatic memory retrieval.

Lord know I'd be feeling terrorized in the presence of Gates. He might club me with his bicycle or something.

Anonymous said...

We need the Black Panther Miltia to police the community, and force back the police state!

Anonymous said...

Get over it. You whiner.

Deacon Blue said...

I'm sure we all anonymous, heartless coward.

Big Man said...

Excuse the typos, I just noticed them. I was rushing.

Raving Black Lunatic