Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What do Y'all Think?

And here is the article that accompanies the picture.

Pretty lame in my opinion, but I'm sure media folks will think this is the right path to take in dealing with all the "complaints" about the New Yorker cover. After all, how can the "public" think to tell trained professionals how to do their jobs.

Sometimes my career choice just seems like a really effed up decision.


Deacon Blue said...

And this is why I'm glad I ended up in the trade press instead of in mainstream journalism.

(Of course, avoiding journalism and having gone for engineering or IT in college probably would have been better for my wallet...)

jelana said...

I agree with you. This is pretty lame. No comparison at all to the Obama cover. But what else could we expect?

Bigchief David said...

Big Man,

The cover aside, did you read the article? I'd be curious to see your take on that.

Raving Black Lunatic