Friday, July 11, 2008

Just a Few Questions If You Have Time

"Sucker think he tough, sucker think he can whup me? He can't whup me, his whole style is chump."

"Why don't you tell all these nice folks why you been ducking me? It's politics man, this whole country wants to keep me down 'cause I'm not a puppet like that chump."

"I want him dead. I want his family. I want his house burned to the ground. I want to go there in the middle of the night and I want to piss on the ashes."


Why Mr. Jackson why?

You know I had to ask that question, right?


Did he teabag you? Did he grab his crotch during a basketball game? Were his pants just too tight?

Why the fascination with balls? And clenching your first while talking about balls? That didn't seem nasty to you?

And why are you whispering about your testicle fascination like a sneaky schoolgirl? Why are you doing it while sitting inside the belly of the beast?

Did you even notice that the cat you were talking too really wasn't trying to hear what you were saying? Didn't you see that cat's face saying "Leave me the phuck alone you crazy bastard?"

Don't you know that no grown man wants to hear about balls from another man? I'm assuming you understand that balls are only a topic of conversation among cats who really, REALLY like balls, right?.

Something you want to tell us Rev?

Why didn't you learn your lesson about off-the-cuff remarks? Why would you trust the bastards at the Hitler News Service? Did you learn nothing from Hymietown? Do you even REMEMBER Hymietown? ARE YOU EFFING SENILE?

*Deep breaths. Breathe, that's right breathe.*

Why would gift wrap this dumbass issue for the media? Do you know that Iran and Israel are playing swords right now? You do realize that W can't wait to whip his little man out, right?

Aren't you a Reverend? Is "nuts" a regular part of your vocabulary? And why are you mad about what Obama said about faith-based organizations? Why is that a ball-cutting offense? Do you even like God?


Why would you say something that would bring back up The Father's Day debate among black folks? Aren't you just the little bit embarrassed that your own son had to check you? Do you like looking like a damn fool? Is kissing the ass of white folks something that gets you off? (Don't answer that.)


I mean, just why?

Tell me please.


MiGrant said...

If you're someone who respects Jesse, i.e. if you're black or one of a negligible number of white liberals, the incident does somewhat reinforce the Republican "Obama is arrogant" narrative -- but those people are solid for Barack anyway. For a much larger percentage of white folks, Jesse represents all their misgivings about Obama, and any hint of conflict between them is good for our guy and chips away at what's left of the Reverend Wright thing. I'm not cynical enough to believe the whole thing was deliberately orchestrated, but it couldn't be any better for our guy if it had been.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Yes I would have to say that Jesse has probably completely divorced himself from Barry and by doing that has made some whites more easy with the idea of voting for Obama or thinking about voting for Obama.

Sure it takes a strong conspiracy mindset and a belief that Jackson, Obama and/or Jackson Jr are that politically adept, but one could make a plausible case that this was all done on purpose.

If that was a case, it SURE would make me feel better about Jesse, however I do think its just a hate move.

I have to agree with Avg Bro who blogged about the apology. I mean if you really meant it Jesse why not say YES I said it,I might have been crude but blah blah blah.

Just a thought


Anonymous said...

Good post, you made me almost spit my coffee out all over the keyboard.

I do wonder myself how the hell Jesse decided to talk about the man's balls. That doesn't even strike me as words that should be coming out of the mouth of someone Jesse's age. More like some HS style garbage.

I suspect Jesse is on the slow, long path to senility, hell his own son has called him out publicly which has got to hurt.

WNG said...

Yes, let's all be happy that Jesse has made it easier for Barack with 'some white people' by highlighting the friction between them.
It's racism. Pure and simple. There are white people who believe that by virtue of half of his DNA Barack Obama will somehow 'put blacks first' in this country. So they get to see him in a tussle with the Rev and now they feel better and we should be HAPPY about that? THAT is your silver lining? I find that insulting, my cheek is burning.

As for the Rev himself I went straight to Papa G on that one. He asks me about iPods, I ask him about AARP. Papa G worked for SNCC and with Jesse and his take was that like a lot of the people of his generation (not excatly the baby boomers - but the people who led them) he feels like he did all the work and someone else is getting all the glory. They have lost sight of the fact that they were never working for themselves, but for the next generation. While things have gotten better in this country I can imagine that it must hurt like hell to be almost irrelevant now. To be unappreciated and unacknowledged. So when Faux News calls you answer and when you let your gaurd down the bitterness comes out - and of course it makes no sense, because you are getting something you worked for for so long...except YOU aren't really getting it.
And that's al the psycho babble this G's got for today.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

G you are right it is racism but at the same time I do think using something to break something down is not always a bad thing. I think that is where Barack succeed with many white voters, he takes racism and kinda puts it in there face and they see just how silly it is. Like when they were up in arms about Farrakhan liking him and he asked, so you want me to tell another guy not to like me because his politics are different than mine?

I don't applaud Jesse by any means however; don't they use viruses as antivirus, just a thought?

I think Papa G has a really good point there. Like I said in the end, I believe it to be nothing more than some hate. I think Jesse thought many years ago as young man close to MLK he would carry that torch all the way to Beijing not just be leg on the way. I won’t even try to get into or blame or name the may reasons and theories why Jesse could not/did not do what Barack is doing today. As there are as many reasons for that as there are stars in the sky.

I really wish some of these more salty leaders would take their divinity training more seriously; sometimes you are not the one who is the beneficiary of your hard work. Think of those in the bible that sewed seeds but never reaped. I mean if you take a page out of people like Jackson and Young’s book, they would have told Moses to hate on David and asked John the Baptist, why wasn’t he hating on Jesus’s Shine?

Then again the majority doesn’t ever contend with issues like this. The relationship between McCain and some old negatively white political figure will never carry as much weight as any relationship with Barack and black political figure who is viewed negatively. I mean really look at the fact he is practically Bush Lite, the polls still show that he is in this race.


Big Man said...

Good point about the Christian aspect of all this.

I think that's what I find most disturbing about Jesse and Al. There title of Reverend seems to be an afterthought in how they handle themselves. It's just something they did because it was cool to do it.

I could be wrong about Al, but with Jesse I'm positive I'm not.

I understand why you are frustrated WNG and if you notice, I didn't celebrate the whole "This is great for Obama" angle. In fact, I feel like this is bad for Obama because it's bad for black people. Once again, the discussion has turned to infighting between important black folks, which gives white people an excuse to wonder if we really can lead anything.

I know certain liberals are just tickled pink that Jesse is distancing himself from Obama, but I'll pass on the doing the happy dance. I don't like to see black people look stupid in public. This whole exercise makes me sad.

WNG said...

Me too, Big Man, me too.

OG - I'd tell Papa G you agreed with him, but he might ask you to be wife #6...
and I think you're right about the whole Rev angle - of course I was cut off on the drive to work by a minivan sporting so many born again and Christian bumpe stickers that it looked like a Jackson Pollack painting so I don't really expect Christians to act like Chirstians. That way I can be pleasantly surprised instead of constantly disappointed.

Truthiz said...

I apologize for ANY points I'm about to make that may have already been well articulated!

I didn't read over the other comments YET_but I was chompin at the bit for Big Man to cover this topic YESTERDAY_so here goes_lol!

Aside from the fact that I’ve NEVER been a fan of "the Revs Jackson and Sharpton:

Hearing a Black man_a "minister" no less_ say that he wants to CASTRATE another Black-man for speaking THE TRUTH is beyond anything even I would’ve ever imagined coming from the mouth of THAT charlatan!

I've got NO problem with Critiquing Obama_or ANY pollitician_on his/her politics and policies. And frankly, if Barack delivers on even 10-15% of what he's promised I'll be surprised_happy but surprised!

But I believe Jackson's “beef” speaks to another “issue’ altogether.

Since WHEN does emphasizing, to a predominantly Black crowd, education, hard-work and taking personal responsibility for one’s actions and the caring of one’s family _fathers being REAL fathers and mothers being REAL mothers to their children_ mean that Barack (or any other Black speaker for that matter) is “talking down” to Black people?!

Stressing those kinds of morals, principles and values are quite “the norm” in My family and in many OTHER Black families, as well!

IMO, Jackson's “cutting” words actually speaks to the concern that Jackson has for HIS OWN “nuts”, if you will.

The majority of Black Americans are fed-up with being PLAYED by so-called “Black leaders” and their “Masters” in the Democratic Party. Over the past 40 years, they’ve exploited Us for their own per$onal gain. They’ve FAILED us miserably while getting Rich and FAT at OUR expen$e!

Much like Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson suffers from what I call_the “CAN’T HELP IT” syndrome.

Barack’s “rise” poses a REAL threat to the “OLD Guard”, as they see it ALL (their Power and status) slipping away.

They're mighty frustrated, jealous and ANGRY as their ERA, their reign and GAMES seem to be coming to an end. They're lashing out, running their big-fat mouths and revealing all kinds of disturbing sh*t about themselves.

Jackson and Co. have a serious case of the "Can't Help It”, Big Man.

Btw: I’ve never considered Jackson OR Sharpton to be “Civil Rights Leaders".

Moreover, I strongly believe that a lot of things would’ve played out VERY differently had Dr. King’s life not been cut short!

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Big Man, I think you are right the media LOVES to glorify any rift there is between Barack and any of the other black “leaders”. They hardly talk about the fact that Barack has 85-90% support of the black community’s support, something no OTHER national black political figure has been able to do, and while I realize the support is for various reasons and all blacks do not agree with all his politics, we definitely think he would make a good leader.

Sure some of his support is bandwagon jumpers in both black and white communities, but you can’t ignore that he is an exceptional leader and understands how to galvanize people. I think that being a good leader is nothing more than common sense and people skills. We highly underestimate people skills.

However there are never stories on how he does this. On how so many are willing to give him a listen. Obama isn’t really saying anything too radical, as we know he is a moderate. He’s not even making promise of free chicken and pimp my ride motorcade. He’s not talking about a revolution or any of that, but we he is doing is talking to people like they are people and listening to their concerns even when they are vastly different than his. There are lots of smart magenta people in this nation who feel like he gets it, the everyday plight of what ever being American means to them, whether they are black, white, or green. Nah the green folks get W. The media simple writes the majority of his support from our community off as race based, which is a bit insulting but you know I do live in America. You now uniting black people since integration is a feat many have tried and failed at, including Jackson.

Even though Jackson quickly apologized and Obama quickly accepted it is still in the news, I mean else is there to talk about, except remind us that he has dissention among the ranks, but what leader doesn’t. I agree with you Big Man, we need to be talking about the FACE OFF and I’m not talking about Travolta and Kilmer, I’m talking about Iran and Israel. Oh well. Maybe tonight.


OG, The Original Glamazon said...


My favorite Christians are the ones in the parking lot at church that won’t let you in line to leave church! That’s always a PTL moment for me!


Truthiz said...

Regarding the media:

Are they beating the story to death?


Will they probably keep beating it to death?


And it certainly doesn't help that FAUX News is reporting they have even "more" damaging stuff on Jesse from that afternoon.

(Jesse knows IF they're LYING or not_?!)

But Black folks_including Jesse_already know the deal. He's certainly been on the public scene long enough to know better than:

1. To EVER trust the media..peroid.

2. To go on FAUX News for ANY reason.

3. To run his mouth in such a manner, regardless of whether he thought the mic was "live" or not.

WNG said...

@truthiz - my big WHY for Jesse is why he was at Fox News to begin with? To me the only acceptable reason to go there is to take their money and blast them on their own airtime. Make the rest of teh media report on how biased and flat out racist that channel is.
Other than that - WTF???

As for Jesse being a Civil Rights Leader - I'm as pissed as everyone else at what he has become, but we need to not forget the work he did with Dr. King, the times he put his life on the line and the fact that his run in 88 did lay some groundwork for Obama. To me, this all just makes where he is now even more sad...

Big Man said...

I step away for a minute and things go crazy...

Love the comments from everybody.


You inspired in one of your more recent comments for a post I'm going to do soon. You and CPL were talking about racism as a disease and addiction and I saw something today that made me really ponder that.


Loved your comment about the media's failure to really breakdown beyond the surface level why Obama has had success. They keep trotting the internet story and the Republicans suck story, but it doesn't go much further than that.


Jesse went through a lot in the 60s. You think he would have learned a little more about white folks like Lou Dobbs and the crazies at Fox News.

the uppity negro said...

Lawwwwwd...what did I miss while I was out with the good whyyyte folk doing missions work in Philly?

Hell, Jesse was right in what he said, seeing if I'm getting the story right from reading other news reports and other blogs. I agree with him as far as saying that Obama has not specifically addressed "black issues."

Now, I must say that Roland Martin was right in his TvOne piece back in like March or April that many of the policies that Obama is putting forth are in fact "black issues" as well as issues concerning the country, but I'm sorry, not doing the SOTBU, NAACP events, throwing Wright under the bus, leaving Trinty and the April 4th visit to Memphis are beginning to show a pattern--The Ice Queen (as Big Man so eloquently referred to HRC) and Weathervane McCain both did the April 4th MLK event in Memphis and Obama was somewhere in New Mexico or some crap.

I've begun to alienate myself among the black blogosphere and many of my friends, but I'm sorry, there is NOTHING that is in Obama's CURRENT history that would indicate that he's going to do ANYTHING specific for the black community once elected. Yes, old history has him as a community organizer on the South Side--cool, I'm happy for that, but he was catering to an ALL BLACK constituency, that's expected. Now that he's running for ALL of the US now does that mean that he's allowed to forget the people and the consituency that helped his beige ass out in the beginning when half of them on the South Side at one time couldn't pronounce his immigrant-asssed name?!?!?

Sorry, got a lil worked up.

Yes, Jesse was wrong, I didn't even know about the "balls" comment until now. I'm more mad that he apologized, hell, be a man about what you said. And Junior shoulda kept his gastric-bypass ass shut--aint no one asked you for your opinion--what have YOU done lately?

And the relevancy of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton debate is old...I'm tired of hatas, I'm tired of black hatas and white hatas on this one.

Do any of y'all listen to Al Sharpton's talk show? It comes on everywhere. Maybe if y'all bamas would listen to it you'd realize that while yes, he has a LOT of charlatan proclivities, this man goes a LOT of places without media coverage and brings to light issues that many wouldn't see.

Hmm, I think I'ma finish the rest on my own blog, peace out and check out


ps, thanks for the shout out from the other post.

Truthiz said...

"@truthiz- my big WHY for Jesse is why he was at Fox News to begin with? To me the only acceptable reason to go there is to take their money and blast them on their own airtime. Make the rest of the media report on how biased and flat out racist that channel is."

@WNG- I declare it's irritatin when you ask_AND then answer_your own question before I can "get a word in", AND Your answer is ON POINT, dagnabbit_LOL!

The only thing I would add is this:

IF FAUX news really does have "more" damaging stuff on Jesse, I suggest the "Rev" come clean_AND apologize_NOW!!!

@Big Man- Can't wait to read your follow-up on the "Racism is a disease" discussion!

Truthiz said...

I just had another thought, after reading the follwoing pasage by UN:

"Hell, Jesse was right in what he said, seeing if I'm getting the story right from reading other news reports and other blogs. I agree with him as far as saying that Obama has not specifically addressed "black issues."

Yes indeed. Jesse has certainly tried to make that argument. I don't understand it(???) But he has certainly peddled it.

Here's why I consider Jesse to be such a Charlatan:

1.) Jesse expressed wanting to CASTRATE" Obama specifically because Obama was somehow "talking down to Blacks" with his emphasis on "personal accoutability and responsibility" _NOT because Obama wasn't addressing "black issues."

Check this out: Barack was 7 OR 8 years old when Dr King was assassinated.

2.)To the degree that Blacks have "different" issues from other racial and ethnic groups_ Jackson and his ilk have had 40 YEARS, since Dr. King's death, to address THE SAME "Black" issues he's crying about now_and yet, from ALL of the evidence I've seen, on multiple fronts, I'd say Jesse and "friends" have done a PISS-POOR, to say the least!

3. The collective Black community has had 40 YEARS since Dr. King's death to STEP-UP and address "Black issues", in order to build on all that was achieved BEFORE us_but We FAILED to do so due to Apathy, taking MUCH-TOO-MUCH for granted and depending on so-called "Black leaders" like Jesse and Al to "lead" us.

Again, I point out that Barack was 7 or 8 years old at the time of Dr King's death. Jesse has had 40 friggin YEARS to effectively "address" them!

What's HIS excuse?!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

b-cause he obsolete

TLW said...

I am not about to defend Rev. Jackson but I really am starting to see a trend here that if you are a Black person then you are not allowed to be critical of Obama, as if it is breaking some sort of Black Law and it is really staring to get annoying.

Also, about Obama's fathers day speech, the reason that many people are upset about it is because it seems that whenever he does this tough love approach it is always directed at Blacks as if Black people are what is wrong with this country and nothing else. He used that speech to improve his standing among the so-called Reagan Democrats. I am still waiting on the same speech directed at other races since he claims to be this race-neutral, race trancendant canidate. (Oh and don't give me that so-called "revolutionary" speech he gave a few months back about race where he excused "white resentment" but stigmatized "Black anger"). But if his butt kissing at AIPAC and among other things is any indication of future patterns then that might be wishful thinking. Either have this conversation with all people/races or shut the heck up and continue to be race-neutral because so far he has been anything but.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I think folks should not be penalized for say they disagree with Barack. But what Jesse said has nothing to do with policy. As a man who played such a large role in the civil rights movement to talk about cutting another black man's balls off is wrong on so many levels.

Maybe Jesse took the father's day message personally as he had a baby with his mistress and is what? that's right an absentee father.

Also these comments were made at Fox, aka Faux News, come on.

The comments were not constructive. Maybe Jesse is the one talking down to black folks all the time. How are you going to speak on morality when your own house in not in order?

Barack is running for President of America not black america. I don't think one man is going to solve all the problems in our community. I mean like another poster said it's not like Jesse and his generation have been able to. I do know Obama will be a much welcome change after 8 years of Bush/Cheney. I can't say the same about McCain

Although I don't agree with what was said and where jesse made his comments, Nas shouldn't dismiss the work Jesse have done. Please without the civil rights movement rappers wouldn't be able to make millions for the big corporations that release their material.

Big Man said...

I don't have a problem with criticizing Barack when it's warranted. No man is above reproach.

But, the ball-cutting thing was too much.

Notice, I didn't get on Jesse for having something negative to say about Obama, I got on him for focusing on testicles and the venue he chose.

Finally, this isn't the first time Jesse has said something greasy about Obama. It's a pattern. I understand lots of folks have problems with Obama, but let's at least admit that Jesse seems to have some personal dislike for the man.

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