Friday, December 5, 2008

King Coon Returns

That is the face of an uber-coon.

Study it. Learn it. Despise it.

A friend of mine referred to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as a "troubled man." He said he feels sorry for someone who is so obviously messed up in the head.

Sympathy for uber-coons is hard to come by in my house.

Why am I using such strong language for a man I've never met? Check out this story that I found on Jack and Jill Politics. That, my readers, is the work of an uber-coon.

For those of you allergic to links, the story details exactly how Uncle Clarence is trying to derail President-elect Barack Obama's ascension into the White House. The Cliff Notes are that Thomas is going out of his way to investigate whether Obama is a legal citizen of this country. Uncle Clarence is bucking (pun intended) some longstanding Supreme Court tradition to conduct his "investigation," and he's aligned himself with some kooky people.

Truthfully, this case has very little chance of progressing. Not only would stripping Obama of the presidency pretty much assure that the Supreme Court lost all public trust considering the Florida debacle, but it would mean that we'd have to have George W. Bush as president longer.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants that.

I'm not upset because this might prevent Obama from becoming the HNIC. Nah, I'm upset because this is such a flamboyant display of coonery that it makes me sick to my stomach. Really, I just had to swallow bile.

I only have a passing familiarity with Uncle Clarence. What has been written about him suggests that he is deeply troubled by feelings of inferiority that are rooted in color issues and were heightened by a mistaken belief that Affirmative Action's sole purpose was to promote unqualified folks. From my vantage point, he's a deeply disturbed individual.

But, if he was only disturbed, I would be loathe to label him an uber-coon. Maybe a regular coon, but not an uber-coon. Uber-coonery requires malice and evilness, not just an overwhelming sense of self hate or greed.

I have a friend who hypothesized that Thomas believes, mistakenly, that by taking a hardline stance against affirmative action he is really saving black people from a lifetime of victimhood. My friend saw Thomas as a Quixotic figure, tilting against a black pathology he has grossly overestimated. Someone deserving of pity, but not anger or disgust.

It's not the first time we've had a difference of opinion.

Clarence Thomas is the prototypical crab in a barrel. Sure he had a hard childhood. Orphaned and mentally abused, he definitely earned some leeway regarding his lack of social grace and even some of his color issues. But, that's as far as I can go.

Uncle Clarence has benefited from affirmative action at every stage of his life and he has the nerve to tell other black people that he's trying to prevent them from using the same tool because it's bad for them? Is he serious?

No, if Thomas really opposed affirmative action he would have refused that first federal appointment from George Bush I, the appointment that later led him to the Supreme Court to replace the court's only black member. If he really opposed affirmative action there was no way he would have replaced Marshall in what was clearly an affirmative action hire. In fact, there is no way Thomas would still be practicing law if he truly abhorred his tainted degree from Yale's Law School. If his feelings were that intense, he would have abandoned his pursuit of a career in the law and sought to make his mark in another career without the help of sympathetic white administrators.

He didn't do any of that.

Instead, he reaped all the benefits he could from affirmative action and then dedicated himself to insuring that no other black person could ever have that opportunity. He believes that any black person who has as much success as a white person must be unworthy of their position, and should be deemed inferior. He willingly claimed an uber-coon destiny.

Now, Thomas may actually believe that he is a martyr and that his courage and perseverance will be celebrated by later generations. He may have convinced himself that is his real motive. But, I have seen beyond that facade.

Uncle Clarence is looking out for Number One. He is protecting himself and his position, all while abasing himself at the altar of white superiority that is his real God. Thomas is willing to endure ridicule from black people because he does not care what we think, after all, we aren't white. As long as white people treat him with love and respect, and there are many white people who do just that, then he is fine. His life work is complete as long as he receives that figurative pat on the head from his smiling master.

He can die a happy uber-coon.



Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Big Man, you're right: No sympathy for Uncle Thomas. I've despised him ever since I heard Anita Hill's testimony about how he harassed her. But his conservative votes are worse than Judge Scalia, another scoundrel on the Supreme Court.

I think he's got issues.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

yes, seriously crack and happy 21st amendment day folk

Anonymous said...

Big Man, I am so happy you are there. You say things that sometimes I think but have no one I can say them to. I used to hold the Supreme Court in high regard (I am an attorney) not so much after they let Thomas in and not at all since the Bush-Gore fiasco.

Imhotep said...

Right about now Uncle Clarence should be fitted for one of those S. African neckless. The kind made from auto tire, soaked with gasoline and set on fire.

Big Man said...

Damn Imhotep.

I can't advocated death, but he needs public shaming immediately.

Unknown said...

Not that I didn't believe that he had issues beforebut when I read excerpts of his book, it exposed how deep his pathology went. This guy really is an angry black man and in my opinion his anger has poisoned him. Look at how emotional he was during his hearings. The very white people he cherished and loved were turning against him. But on the other hand remember the testimony about what he said to Hill-it's obvious that he didn't respect her because she was a black women and that he believe some of the same stereotypes of black woman as wanton sexual animal as the worst deep south racist.

rikyrah said...

I dont want to admit it, but I'm feeling Imhotep. truth be told, Uncle Clarence has shown us, during slavery - he would have been the one telling Massa who was going to try and escape,

Anonymous said...

cosigns with Imhotep and rikyrah

Harriet Tubman carried a gun, and prolly shot a few people who wanted go back. Shoot him!


Michael Eric Dyson calls Clarence Thomas "accidentally black." just think thats hella funny.

LISA VAZQUEZ said... Clarence Thomas' book, he says that he has been misunderstood by blacks...

Deep down inside of that man....Huey Newton is just DYING to bust out....

Anonymous said...

I gotta admit.. you keep me reading. I've never liked Uncle Thomas.

Imhotep said...

Big Man, Public shaming is not enough for Uncle Thomas. If left to his own devises, he'll put us back 100 years.

I'm not a proponent of violence either. But when someone actively strive to retard our progress, and nullify the sacrifices made by many,then that someone, in this case, uncle thomas, needs to be eliminated!

Anonymous said...

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Constructive Feedback said...

It is quite interesting that you eagerly adopt a word that White Racist used to assault Black people. Not that I am surprised though.

If indeed Obama's birth certificate is intact - this will be a quick hearing.

As you are not unfamiliar with various conspiracy theories - why not have an official judgment from the US Supreme Court to put this to rest?

Instead you act as the voice of racist White liberals who could not get away with calling a Black man with power a "coon". They worry not because you stand proud in channeling what they say about you IF AND WHEN you don't do as they want you to.


Anonymous said...

Justice Thomas' continuing efforts to ingratiate himself to the "wrong kind of whites" notwithstanding, I'm getting a little tired of this trend of the Supreme Court mucking around with U.S. presidential elections.

You'd think after giving us Dubya and thus helping to tank the economy, they would have learned their lesson.

Big Man said...


I've been using the word coon for quite some time. I doubt I'm channeling racist white liberals.

I have no illusions about liberals or conservatives, or anyone. We all have the potential to say and do racist things.

If you have a problem with the word coon, I can respect that. But, I'm going to say whatever I want to say whenever I want to say it. I make those choices and I live with those consequences. For you to assume that I should refuse to call Uncle Thomas what he is simply because he's powerful and black is idiotic.

Thomas has actively worked to retard the progress of other black people. I noticed you did not challenge that fact. If you feel he's worthy of your protection, that's your choice, but he's not worthy of mine.

Anonymous said...

Big Man, I just read the whole article, and I'm not sure how you reached your conclusions. Earlier today, as expected, the Supreme Court refused the petition, finally bringing an end to this particular case. If Thomas had simply denied it, Donofrio would simply have filed again with a different justice.

"The Supreme Court has turned down an emergency appeal from a New Jersey man who says President-elect Barack Obama is ineligible to be president because he was a British subject at birth," the Associated Press writes. It adds that:

The court did not comment on its order Monday rejecting the call by Leo Donofrio of East Brunswick, N.J., to intervene in the presidential election. Donofrio says that since Obama had dual nationality at birth -- his mother was American and his Kenyan father at the time was a British subject -- he cannot possibly be a "natural born citizen," one of the requirements the Constitution lists for eligibility to be president."

Now Justice Thomas does have some issues, but I truly believe Black people developed such immediate disdain for him that many of us are incapable of developing truly rational opinions about him. I don't believe he hates himself or his race, nor does he simply pander to White acceptance. To try and simply his views in that way does a disservice to everyone.

Ask yourself this question: If you worked and studied as hard as you could, attended and graduated from the best college, then ascended to the top of your chosen field, how would you feel if people routinely discounted all of your ability and work as "you only got this far because of affirmative action?" How do you think Barack Obama feels when people ignore his education and intellect and say he's only where he is because he's Black and Black people supported him? How does Condi Rice feel when her academic accomplishments are reduced to "she's just a Bush lackey?"

There's a lot more to it than just "self hate."

Big Man said...


I read what you said about this being a procedural thing, but that was after I wrote my initial piece. Maybe I made a mistake.

But, on Thomas and affirmative action. It would suck if people said that about me and my accomplishments, but would suck even more is if I started believing them and saying that about other black people. And myself.

I'm assuming you've read all about Thomas, and if you have, I can't see how you don't see the self hate oozing from his pores. Maybe this wasn't an example of it, but it's there. He does not like being black, particularly not a dark-skinned black. He feels inferior. Shit, he hold die hard conservative Republicans views on every imaginable subject and has regularly thwarted attempts to address civil rights wrong. That seems like self-hate to me.

Raving Black Lunatic