Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Hear Those Rumbles

The grumbling continues.

Across the political landscape, folks are wondering if the presidency of Barack Obama will be change they can believe in, or just $700 billion worth of the same old thing.

The streets are talking.

I'm not listening.

It's too early for me to get all excited about who Obama picks for what post. I understand the concerns folks have about Clinton, Holder and Geithner. The disappointment regarding Obama's backtracking on several issues, like tax cuts, NAFTA and ending the war in Iraq is understandable. After all, people elected Obama because they thought he represented certain interests and if he fails to hold up his end of the deal, well people have the right to stay home in 2012.

I get it.

Only, I guess I don't.

I've said this in several places, but it's worth repeating. There is only one HNIC, and he's the one who has ultimate decision making ability. It doesn't matter that much who is in his cabinet because they will be carrying out the vision he has set forth.

I know that's a gross simplification of how the executive branch works. I fully understand that the president is dependent on his advisers to provide him with information, and I know that the people who control the flow of information have a lot of power.

The point I'm trying to make is that nobody is going to take bold action unless Obama signs off on it. Conversely, nobody is going sit on their asses when Obama wants action taken. He's smart enough, and informed enough to stay on top of the people working for him.

Plus, homeboy has a vision.

I think that's what comforts me even as I wonder about some of the changes he's made to his rhetoric and actions. See, from what I've noticed, Obama is excessively pragmatic and somewhat obsessed with having his vision of the world come to fruition. He has definite plans for his legacy and the world, and I'm convinced his selection of political retreads is an attempt to hit the ground running and get his vision moving.

At least I hope so.

I really want the brother to succeed. Honestly, I'm not sure what success would entail, but like pornography, I'll know it when I see it. If Hillary and the rest of the crew can help him get this country back on the right track, I'm all for them joining the team. If they are standing in the way of progress, I fully expect him to jettison them quickly. He's cold-blooded like that.

Basically, I hear the rumbles, but I ain't listening.



Anonymous said...

I think he'llbe fine. As I have said a few times on my spot (Oh Ye of Litte Faith)and on some comment boards, I think Obama is really just keeping friends close and enemies closer. I also think Obama just realizes how bad everything really is and wanted to make sure he put in a team that could hit the ground running.

Plus, homeboy has a vision

Exactly. I don't quite understand why people are giving up so quickly. Give the man time to put his vision into place

Anonymous said...

There are already bumper stickers out with the slogan:

"Don't blame me. I voted McCain-Palin."

Rumbles indeed. The man hasn't even taken the oath of office yet, and people are blaming him.

Last I checked, Dubya and his wife still live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and he's still signing all those papers...

Anonymous said...

Rome wasnt built in a day neither was the world. I am not listening either. Some say back tracking I say flexibility. Its call politics for a reason. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Holla!

Raving Black Lunatic