Friday, December 19, 2008

Chilling Read

Check this story out when y'all get a chance.

It's a look at some stuff said to have happened immediately following Katrina.


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Anonymous said...

Um....yeah, I got 1/4 way through, so I'ma comment on the part I read. I read enough last semester, thankfully my grades show it, but um...yeah, I just read a Time article, I'm read out for the day right now.

But, yeah, in short, a lotta white folks are crazy and have more of a race problem to get over than we do. They believe all the ish they see on the TV and clearly that was the case with Algiers militia.

I never did the West Bank like that, let alone Algiers, I only passed thru once, but I never heard no one ever talk about it. Doubt you'll catch me over there anyways.

Raving Black Lunatic