Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Questions, Come On, The Questions...

1. Why do white racist have so many black friends?"

Because the black people don't know about it?

2. If America is post-racial, why do I still see so much racism?

Are you wearing your colorblind contacts? Now, isn't that better?.

3. Honestly, why do all the black kids sit together in the cafeteria?"

I don't know. Why dont't you ask all the white kids at their tables?

4. Why are you so focused on race anyway? We're all humans.

Cool, can you tell that to this loan officer and the cop waiting by my car?

5. Are all black people as angry as you?

Do you talk to all black people

6. Say, can I touch your hair?

I don't know, are we in a zoo?

7. Why are black people always blaming everything on whitey?

You got a better suspect?



Darth Whitey said...

A better suspect? Asians. Good luck in Japan and China heh. And American-born Asian folk too (remember the "why I hate black people" column?) :-)

Let me add to the questions:

1) Is it true that once one goes black, that they do in fact, not go back?

2) Are y'all black men, on average, sporting large members as rumor has it?

3) My roommate in college and all his friends smoked menthol cigarettes. And I noticed a lot of black folk do too. Why is that?


Deacon Blue said...

Let me see if I, as a white person, can begin to answer some of those questions, Darth.

1) If I should ever be separated or divorced from my wife, I will let you know, but I still look at chicks of all hues and find equal sexiness among all of them. As I am very much in touch with my feminine side, I will arrogantly assume that my experience matches up with a woman's

2) Not going to even try to touch that...literally or figuratively.

3) Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.

Darth Whitey said...

4) Does one's lack of sexual attraction to women of a certain race make one racist? After all, you don't control it.

Deacon Blue said...

Depends on the reason for lack of attraction, Darth. If one finds a certain race unattractive because of assumed characteristics of that race, probably YES, that's racism. If you just find a certain hue and body/face shape and hair types attractive, then probably NO, it's not.

For the same reason, existence of sexual attraction can be racist. If one assumes that members of another race are going to act or be a certain way, and seeks them out because of that, it can be racist. Assumptions of sexual promiscuity or freakiness, for example.

Darth Whitey said...

What I'm talking about is purely animalistic sexual attraction, not relationship and behavioral expectations. Like if one were to watch pornographic material, which race of the actresses one would be inclined to um, consume and which ones they would avoid. For instance imagine if one only favored such materials that featured white actresses and would not be inclined to enjoy material starring non-white actresses. Is that racist?

Deacon Blue said...

I don't see preference as racism. Some people prefer big boobs. Some people prefer redheads. Skin color is just another category. Inclinations are inclinations. Now, if, to use your porn example, you completely and utterly lose the ability to be aroused by certain races, when all things being equal, the scene is still smoking hot, maybe there's something deeper going on than just inclinations, even if you don't think there is. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Another good post. The hair thing is my #1 pet you cannot touch my hair, I don't know you like that. Seriously why do people go there?

I agree with #4 as well, when I don't have to deal with the small racial injustices I see everyday then we can shut the hell up.

Good stuff!

Mr. Noface said...

I like the answer to question #4. If I didn't have to face it almost everyday, I would never bring it up.

Darth Whitey said...

Deac my man, the nipples gotta be pink, that's all I'm sayin, anything else won't get it done. Is it racist to require pink nipples???

Big Man said...


You like the women you like. If you're only sexually attracted to white women, so be it.

As for your questions:

1. Obviously false.

2. I think that some sort of study was conducted on this, and it turned out to be true, but I'm not certain.

3. Apparently, menthol's were originally marketed to black folks and we became partial to that cooling sensation that one gets when smoking menthols. Since most people's preferred cigarette brand is tied to the preferred brand of their friends and family, it just got passed on through generations. From what I understand, menthols are actually much worse for you than other cigarettes because of that extra chemical.

BlackWomenBlowTheTrumpet said...

This joint was hill-air-eee-ous!!

Tit for Tat said...

Deac my man, the nipples gotta be pink(Darth)

Nipples, Nipples? Now were talking! So long as there pointed and hard. Pink or black dont matter. ;)

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Man...the questions...the questions, you are so right with the questions.

However the comments have been highly entertaining today!


Deacon Blue said...

As long as the nipples respond to my ministrations, that's all I care about. But Darth, if you like 'em pretty in pink, go for it.

atchisonmorris said...

Two of the most important learning experiences that I had in my life were about discrimination.

I was a white redneck hillbilly stationed in a mostly black unit (compassionate reassignments). There was clearcut racial discrimination. I was white and I was discriminated against. I was totally unprepared for it. It taught me to identify racial segregation in a couple of sentences.

I was on a subway reading a paper that mentioned someone that had been railroaded. I noticed the black guy next to me reading the article too. I expressed my support in a fairly mild way. Wrong, he hit the roof screaming, "What's that matter with you? Are you nuts? This guy is a freaking low life with two rape tags and the last thing I want on my block is this nigger asshole, you dumb whitey."

How wrong it is to be singled out as black every damn time. My personal solution is to ignore it.
I was working in a bank as a temp and someone asked me who so and so was and where they could find them. So I gave exact directions, later I was called into the boss's office for a little personal counseling. She was black and started laughing and said, "It is all right to describe someone as black." I said, "It works for me."

I think that someone with a little sense needs to write a clear cut book about how to conduct relations. In fact, I would highly recommend Pam of Pam's house blend. A well written book would, at least, open a discussion.

I was one of founding people of NOW in Oregon. In the late 1970s, I took a young woman with me to a convention in Seattle. I was down in front for some reason and I lost it completely. There were a couple of asians, a couple of probably latinos and Not One Damn Black. I raged and cursed them until they kicked me out. "Got mine, fuck you." doesn't cut it with me.

I need help, does it just irritate you when I treat you as a grown up?
Should I bring it up and then suggest that we just can the crap between us? I am confused any help would be appreciate. This is not just idle chit, I am going to try to start a broad based political party founded and run out of the church choirs in the old south. The power and practice in political maneuvering is there, there are good candidates available from the school board all of the way to the governors mansion.

Raving Black Lunatic