Friday, December 18, 2009

Mic Check

Skip the lights and cameras, I stay on

Got y’all queueing up to get your minds blown

Christmas time so I'm dropping jewels

Pity the fools that miss these tools

The rest of y'all, “Take that, Take that”

Like I was Diddy

Enjoy the lyrical "Massacre"

But, don’t call me Fiddy

My mental “Magic Stick” is a billy club

Intellect “So Fresh and So Clean”

This Big Boi don’t need dubs

But, I’ll take a little love

Always gonna need that

Clinging to my lioness and cubs

Eff a Tiger chasing cat

Oh Big Man, why you go there?

Why not? Let’s be clear

That cheetah gets no pity

Inkspot, fishing for love

In an ocean of pale titties

Just like Moby Dick got slain

Golf’s pet Tiger found pain

Next time he’ll remember, the power of names

Guess he Cablinigga now,

Matter of fact, always was…

What up cuz?



LisaMJ said...

HAAA!! Pretty good, Big Man. Poor Tiger, Silly Rabbit he didn't realize that in the USA the Bla(ck) is the most important part of the equation in his mixture. If he were 100% Wasian (white +Asian) they would make a big deal out of it but not the GINORMOUS FULL TILT 24/7 pile on fest that theyhave.

Merry Christmahanakwanzika!!!

PS: Don't think I stopped reading b/c I've been quiet, you know I'm a heeaaathan so I didn't have too much of value to say on your last few posts, but I enjoyed them none the less.

Anonymous said...

Awe, snap son. That was good. Yeah, Tiger just found out that in America he can call himself anything he wants to...but at the end of the day he is Black.

Like LisaMJ said, he is a silly rabbit. Thought his private life was private...

Um, not when you took over a white man's sport and start pulling his own women better than he can. Another blogger, I believe it was Rippa had some good thoughts on that side of things though.

Good post!

Anonymous said...


Raving Black Lunatic