Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Boring 'Bama's Blandness

I think Barack Obama is pretty cool.

He has a little bit of swagger that makes his obvious intelligence less nerdy. He may not be John Shaft, but he's no Steve Urkel either. And, from what I've gathered from several news reports, the bop in his step tends to make the ladies panties wet.

So, why have I seen several reports lamenting the fact that Obama is pretty boring?

One man's boring is another man's smooth operator.

I think boring is the best bet for 'Bama. A drama-filled White House managed by a black is a racist's wet dream. Seriously, Pat Buchanan gets a boner every time there is even a hint of controversy dealing with Obama. And let's not even discuss Tucker Carlson's reaction.



SjP said...

You are so right on! "Cool in You" by Baby Face should be his theme song.

Deacon Blue said...

I think he's pretty cool too, but I'll take competency over flash right now, thanks very much.

Of course, the media overall would like someone "exciting," so I'm sure they're highly disappointed that McCain-Palin isn't going to be in the White House...

Ferocious Kitty said...

LOL, Deacon, you think McCain-Palin would have made for an exciting White House?

Oh, wait...you're right. The two of them would have been at each other constantly. By February 1st, he would have called her the c-word (Why not? That's what he called his wife). And what with her daughter's future in-laws running a meth lab in the West Wing.

Never mind...forget I said anything. ;-)

Big Man said...

I apologize y'all, this is only half the post I actually wrote.

Unfortunately, blogger decided to destroy the rest of it for some reason. Damn.

Oh well, at least y'all don't even have to worry about reading anything too long today.

MacDaddy said...

Big Man, that's okay. I'm having all kinds of problems with my computer. But, yes, after 8 years of drama, a cool/boring president who quietly goes about the business of correcting Bush's mess is welcome.

Deacon Blue said...

LOL...Big Man, I thought you were just being concise. Every once in a while, I force myself to do that on my blog. I would never have known half the post was missing if you hadn't mentioned it.

Lolo said...

"No drama Obama" totally works for me.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I think boring is the best bet for 'Bama. A drama-filled White House managed by a black is a racist's wet dream.[/quote]

Big Man:

Rather than pointing out what the "White Racists Dreams" are........why not point out what us BLACK FOLKS WERE PROMISED upon the dawn of Black political power?

Our DREAM was to have

* Good schools in our community
* Safe streets and justice within our community
* Thriving local businesses which employed us
* Healthy lifestyles that allowed us to live long, pain free lives.

It seems to me that some Black folks are so focused on WHITE FOLKS that they lose track of what they originally got into political activism for in the first place.

Strangely enough the "Republican" or "White Racist" appears in so many of the popular political tales of Black folks. Yet when they departed our local political districts they were said to have "left us behind"....all by ourselves and this was not fair.

Raving Black Lunatic