Monday, December 8, 2008

Always Bet on Black

Do y'all remember this movie?

It starred an up and coming Wesley Snipes as a troubled counter-terrorism instructor who had to thwart the diabolical scheme of a plane hijacker. In the film, Snipes was aided by a flight attendant, who he had met earlier during one of his training seminars on how to handle hijackers. It was a fairly entertaining movie, not great, but decent. It also introduced the line I stole for today's blog title.

"Always bet on black."

It seemed like such a cool line back then, and Snipes was a cool brother when he delivered it. He was Hollywood's favorite dark-skinned brother, the perfect combination of overly-dramatized karate moves and a completely jacked up haircut. He was a bad Negro.

Unfortunately, it seems Snipes believed the hype.

I wrote about Snipes getting convicted a while back, and I still feel like he got too much time. But, I had to stifle a little chuckle when I read that article about the recent move by his lawyers.

Snipes is using the Passenger 57 defense.

Seriously, he's saying that his time should be cut short because basically he was the real life Passenger 57. He helped America fight terror, so he should be free.

I just found that funny.

He is betting on stupid.


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Deacon Blue said...

It's always been my opinion that the character he played in "Jungle Fever" was probably the closest to his real personality. A little volatile, pretentious, full of himself, shallow, and a bit out of touch with reality.

I don't know why, but it just seemed that was the one time on screen we got a look at the real Wesley Snipes.

Certainly, this story seems to be bearing my gut feeling out.

Raving Black Lunatic