Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Better Not Blink

Governor Comb Over ain't no joke.

Just when everybody thought he didn't have any more power moves left, what did Gov. Consonant do? He challenged President-elect Barack Obama to a game of racial chicken.


Tell me y'all see it. The disgraced governor decided to thumb his nose at everybody who advised him to resign quietly and allow somebody else to appoint a replacement for Obama's senate seat. Blago not only appointed somebody for the seat, but he appointed a black man with a sterling reputation who has already held several statewide offices. Well ain't that a bitch.

Obama is now in the unenviable position of having to decided whether to support a well-deserving brother who is getting a promotion, or to rail against a man accused of trying to sell a senate seat for profit. If Obama supports the nomination, he gives Blago's claims of innocence credence just by his association, and throws red meat in front of the Republican dogs.

If Obama criticizes the move, he could further alienate segments of the black community while angering some black power brokers in his home state. He could potentially face a racial backlash and gain the label of "Uncle Tom." Finally, if Obama tries to follow his usual path of staying above of the fray, he'll still get lambasted by the media and Republicans for being a coward.

What to do, what to do?

First, I think we all have to tip our hats at Blago's impressive political maneuvering. Even without the Obama angle, Blago's pick masterfully interjected race into the discussion of his indictment and case. I think he's banking on the idea that black people will want a black senator no matter what, and that we will be pissed at anybody who prevents this from happening. So, Blago hopes to either rally indirect support to him by forcing people to allow his pick to go through, or he figures that if this thing actually goes to trial at least he will have some sympathetic black people on his jury.

"Serbian gangster" doesn't do him justice.

I'm hesitant to speculate about what political moves Obama should make because I am woefully unqualified. What I will say, is that I don't think Obama needs to put too much weight on the racial backlash issue.

What Blago and most white people don't understand is that Obama is holding the ultimate racial trump card. Like I said in an earlier blog post, Obama is going to have to get caught snorting coke of a white girl's titty to lose the support of black people, and even that screwup might not do it since a lot of black folks would blame that "scheming white heifer."

Most black folks are so invested in Obama's presidency that we view all obstacles in his path as the byproducts of the evil machinations by the long-dreaded cabal of rich white guys who run the world. There is a distinct possibility that Blago's attempt to put Obama on the hot seat will only infuriate black people because they will see it as an attempt by a white man to hurt Obama's presidency before it even gets started.

And we will not be grateful.

So, while Blago's move was somewhat crafty, he is still operating from the typical white man's position of ignorance regarding black people. He only has a surface understanding of how black people view race and success. He thinks we're still focused on how many checkers we have left on the board instead of worrying about whether we have a king. While we would like to see a black man in the Senate, honestly, we've been there and done that. The goal now is for Obama to be the greatest president of all-time.

By any means necessary.



Darth Whitey said...

I don't think PRESIDENT Obama can consider what black power brokers want, it doesn't matter what they want, he's the POTUS and he should be representing the best interests of the American people.

This Burris (or anybody else for that matter) has to be a fool to accept any kind of appointment by Blago, he should recognize the incredibly awkward position he is being put in, ends up looking like a lackey, and will face huge opposition and suspicion from everybody.

I don't know why PRESIDENT Obama is even getting involved, what does he care? He should just defer to the Illinois legislature and the Senate leadership in DC, he's got bigger fish to fry, this isn't his job. He has to take over the nuclear codes in a few weeks for God's sake!!! The middle east is aflame, this crap is not his concern!

Big Man said...


In your world, Blago isn't Obama's problem. In the real world, Blago is very much a problem. Join us in the real world.

Black people supported Obama by a higher percentage than any other group and we make up 12 percent of the voting population. If that doesn't qualify us as an interest group that deserves to have its needs and wants considered by the president, than what exactly would qualify us?

blackgirlinmaine said...

I like what you said, Blago knew what he was doing in choosing Burris. I am a former Chicagoan and Burris to my understanding is a decent guy.

I agree its racial chicken, the end though we need to keep our eye on the large prize and that is Obama doing a good job.

Happy New Year!

Mr. Noface said...

I disagree about the pressure being put on Obama. I mean, sure he doesn't want to knock down the chances of the Black Man with the sterling reputation, of getting his seat in the Senate, but then again he doesn't have to. All Obama has to do is stress his hope for transparency and fairness in the process of replacing him as the Senator from Illinois.

Mr. Burris on the other hand has and will continue to have a whole heap of pressure on him should he choose to accept (which I believe he did) the position offered to him by a Governor so tainted by scandal and controversy right now. If I were him, I would not accept the position. I would do so not only because of my sterling reputation, but because of the need for the legitimacy of that seat to not be called into question for the next six years.

BBCSR53 said...

I have been watching this Blago's drama play for weeks now. I really hate to be so cynical, but I wonder: if the outrage is more of Blago's getting actions surrounding the Senate seat Caught on tape or are his critics really so shocked at what he alleged to have done. I look at some of those relationships among LOBBYISTS IN WASHINGTON; they all have to pay to play. I know what some of you righteous people are thinking; lobbying isn’t illegal. OK! The bottom line is … who really get hurts more if this seat is not filled in a timely manner? I know Obama is a politician, but what about the people??

Deacon Blue said...

I have to agree with the first half of Mr. Noface's post. Obama doesn't have to support or question the appointment of Burris; only make it clear that as long as Burris didn't make any shady deals to get the posting, he's OK by him.

I'm not saying this won't get trotted out and people won't try to smear Obama or get him to misstep, but it isn't Obama's job to sign off on his replacement, if I understand the politics. He might suggest, and he might ordinarily have some pull in the choice, but it isn't his choice.

As for Burris himself, I don't know that he should refuse the seat. The fact is that Blago still has the power to make the choice and someone has to take Obama's place. It might as well be someone who (theoretically) is pretty upstanding.

Let's face it: Simply BEING in Chicao politics puts a taint on a person, whether they deserve it or not.

Big Man said...

Great points all.

Besides the cloud of corruption that will hang over Burris, he may also face some shots from black folks who think he's putting Obama in a bad spot. That's not certain, but it could happen.

Personally, I would take the job and do it well. Black folks can't be all worried about what other people think about how we got our jobs. If we worry about that, we'd never get ahead.

Obama is probably going to do what many of y'all said, and just stay above everything. We'll see how that works for him. The press is quietly developing a narrative that brands Obama as a coward. All he needs is one big misstep and they are going to run with that and list all these instances where he avoided conflict as proof. I might write about that soon.

Darth Whitey said...

Look, who cares that the children are quarreling over a toy right now? Daddy's on the phone with the fire department for God's sake!! Let the DNC handle it for crying out loud, the POTUS ain't got time for this!

In three weeks he gets the keys to the nuclear arsenal with everything between Israel and India in flames! And you want him to chime in on who gets the toy truck? Are you nuts?

The POTUS has to get going for his first hundred days here, get me my health care, GTFO us of Iraq, put the smack down in Afghanistan and Pakistan! etc! etc! etc! Priorities folks!

If he wants to pander to voting blocs he can do that in three and a half years.

Imhotep said...

Big Man, Blago is as a sitting Governor with all the rights and privileges that comes with the office. There is no federal conviction or impeachment by the state, so where is the problem? Surely, I don't see a problem with the Burris appointment (he's qualified and without dirt) and he has every right and should accept the appointment.

I don't agree with Barack agreeing with the members of the U.S senate on not seating Burris. Barack should echo the disclaimer that all politicians in such a situation “let the legal process take its course" and he will abide by whatever the outcome.

Dart, it’s not Barack who is involving himself in this mess, it's the media that keeps him tied to this fiasco. I'm sure if it was up to Barack he would be miles away from this mess, but the mainstream media will not allow it. This is what Barack usually labels a distraction. said...

Hello there, {waves}

I think Burris was an excellent choice. He has a proven track record of integrity and is a seasoned leader.

On another note...

I wanted to drop by and bring "Happy New Year!" greetings!

What could be more fitting than some advice and encouragement from God:

"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland."

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

*Isaiah 43:18-19

the uppity negro said...

You're right, we'll accept anything Obama says, but I'm not going to lie to you, more and more, I'm hearing more and more progressive thinking blacks are quite clear in their current dislike for Obama. Granted for other reasons, but it's still.

We may still be drinking the Kool-Aid, but at least now we're asking what flavor it is, or what else is in it, because RED doesn't cut it anymore. Obama should have kept his mouth SHUT and just delivered the report and let it go. Honestly, I was shocked he made a statement. He could have said "no comment" and kept it moving. Same as Pat Quinn, our Lt. Gov--he coulda kept his mouth shut as well. I mean, you aint talked to the guy in the past two or so months--I mean, wtf are they doing down in Springfield. Not to mention that legislature approved Blago's end of the year pardons--soooooooooooo..

**Scratches head**

That being said....

I don't know if you listen to Al Sharpton, but between Sharpton and Chicago's local black radio talk station WVON, most Chicagoans calling in are asking for Sec. of State Jesse White's (made famous by the Jesse White tumblers) head on a platter. Most are saying that if this turns into an even bigger bruhaha that we will NOT re-elect him. I don't think Blago necessarily brought race into it as much as death walking U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush did: I think Blago lucked up and found Roland Burris.

Only reason I make that claim is because he found a COMPLETLEY clean politician, I mean, he's 71 and he looks younger than John McCain by about 10 years (tell FoxNews to fall back for talkin about that guy's age!) and he's well respected.

Let it be said, I would NOT vote for Jesse White again if he crosses us on this one. I'm waiting for the Supreme Court to step in because right now we DO have a constitutional problem right now here in the state becaue the Sec. of State doesn't have a veto power which is what White is doing. Also, I do see this having the possibility of going to the U.S. Supreme Court. Whether or not someone would fund Burris' fight is another thing because he has NO money, but he has the grounds because the U.S. Senate has NO grounds on which to expel him from the Senate.

The law is FULLY on the side of Blago and of course Burris.

I hope Burris takes this all the way to the Supreme Court, and per and earlier post, I'm pulling for Blago until they bust out their hard evidence against him. I mean this dude is a fuckin G all the way!!!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hey Big Man, Happy New Year. That being said, I liked your post, but I think this problem will be quickly forgotten and pale in comparison to the ones he'll face immediately after his Inauguration.

Raving Black Lunatic