Friday, August 15, 2008

Watch Out for the Knife

Originally I planned to write about this new report that military members have given substantially more money to Barack Obama than John McCain. In fact, not only has Obama raised six times as much money as McCain among military members, but Ron Paul, who quit his campaign months ago, has raised four times as much as McCain. The only thing Obama and Paul have in common is that they are both against the war in Iraq.

Tells you something, doesn't it?

But, just as a I was sitting down to pen a piece that would destroy the "McCain is a beloved war hero" myth, I stumbled across something else that just shocked me. It was so unbelievable I just had to discuss it with y'all.

WTF is Obama thinking?

Check the link. Apparently Obama the Great has decided that he needs to put Hillary's name "in nomination" at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in show of party unity. From what I've gathered, putting a name "in nomination" is like giving them the chance to get voted as the party's nominee.

Is this nigger high?

Look, I know that Clinton and Obama came out with a joint statement recognizing him as the party's nominee. I noticed that the Obama camp said this was a way to honor Clinton's historic campaign. I read her quote talking about uniting behind Obama. And to all those comments I just have one thing to say:

The short yellow bus does not stop at my house.

Obama is smart dude, but sometimes he does some dumb stuff in his attempt to be "above" the petty bullshit. I know that's because he has to operate by a different set of rules than everybody else, but this thing is going too far. I even heard he was talking about giving Florida and Michigan full voting rights. Now, he's doing this "in nomination" crap, which opens up the door for Hillary and her crazy ass supporters to unseat him at the convention.

I am not qualified to offer a seasoned politician like Barack Obama advice on how to run a political campaign. But, as a semi-paranoid black man who grew up in the South I am qualified to offer advice on the ways of white folks. And my advice is to never, EVER let white folks get close to power once you have defeated them in battle. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever...

Has Obama not noticed that Hillary and her crazy husband have been throwing darts at him and his nomination since she got whupped? They are even talking about doing away with caucuses for the next election because of how well Obama used them during this election cycle. I know Big Homie is an optimist, but I hope he hasn't closed his eyes to the fact that Billy Boy is actually calling him an uppity, unprepared Negro who only got where he is because of Affirmative Action. I hope he sees that.

With all of his campaign's web savvy they should have noticed that Hillary has some die-hard supporters who are willing to do anything to see her become the Democratic nominee. As I noted in yesterday's post, these fuckers are seriously deranged. They are convinced that it is Hillary's destiny to be the nominee and they are willing to employ Shermanesque Scorched Earth tactics to secure a victory for her.

All of these factors lead me to believe that the last thing Obama needs to do is give Hillary any opportunity to usurp his position and overturn the decision of Democratic voters. She does not need her name in the hat because that wily heifer will steal the damn hat in a heartbeat!

Seriously, even if she and her supporters cannot steal the nomination they can turn an event that should be a coronation into an embarrassing forum for them to air their grievances. Can y'all imagine all the wrinkled, angry white women who will flock to Denver with the sole purpose of righting all the wrongs men have done them in their lives? Those women will make love to the news cameras if given the opportunity to discuss why Obama is "inadequate" and Hillary is the one with "cojones."

I see the benefits of Obama's decision, but I also see the pitfalls and because of my cynical and cautious nature the pitfalls look way too threatening. I don't trust Hillary or anybody who supports the darkside to do the right thing. These people are evil. The Good Book says to resist the Devil and he will flee, it does not say welcome the Devil to your table and ask him if he wants some Chardonnay.

This could be one dangerous dinner party.


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Wow that is interesting!


Anonymous said...

Big Man,

I'm with you. She will indeed steal the hat and Obama is too busy playing mister nice guy. Like you I am wondering what is Obama smoking, because if I understand this process correctly, in theory Hillary and crew could steal the nomination from him, so why in the hell is he setting himself up like that?

Obama may indeed be a smart man, but right now he is in need of a dose of common sense.

Rob said...

At first this freaked me out too. But then I read that there's essentially nothing he can do to stop it. She can put her name in if she wants; it's been done at nearly every convention for the past 20 years. The only difference is that never before has someone put their name in after they endorsed another candidate-- and that's what makes this look so shady. Obama's endorsement of the idea is meant to assuage his supporters' uneasiness with this whole mess (ain't working to well, is it?), but I guarantee you the brother knows the "okey-doke" is on.

the uppity (and still militant) negro said...

In the light of a new morning, I'm going to side with Rob on this one, at least as far as Obama is aware that the okey-doke is on.

But see, the problem is that Hillary, I believe had this plan in the works from the night she horribly lost the Iowa caucuses. Anyone else would have dropped out, but naw, this trick "suspended" her campaign and didn't even want to give Obama the June 6th coronation.

Secondly, its only some 300 odd votes needed to shift in her favor. I mean Obama BARELY has this 2,100 some odd delegate votes to Clinton's 1,900 some odd votes. And then doing a roll call vote this means Obama MUST have all the states and their delegates lined up. But, please believe the Clinton's are some ruthless muh'f&*#%s--I mean, I could see Bill in Denver strong-arming the right super delegates and then damn--we have a brokered convention, in which I'll be forced to fly my ass to Denver and start kickin' ass and taking names.

Deacon Blue said...

Just when I thought the damn drama inside the party was dying down...

Soap operas can't hold a candle to the ridiculous plot lines of this presidential run.

Big Man said...

I'm glad to see y'all share my concern.

When I saw folks trying to downplay this all I could think was:

"They must not know white folks."

I hope that doesn't offend my few white readers, but it needed to be said. From my experience, white people do not handle defeat well, particularly at the hands of black people they expected to beat. That's a problem for them.

Anonymous said...

I guarantee you nothing of the sort will happen. Nobody is crazy or stupid enough to stage such a coup. It would guarantee defeat in the general, and definitely set off riots everywhere. I myself would take part in them just out of disgust for the circumvention of the democratic process.

This is just a way to appease the die-hard Clinton voters, all those women who saw this as their chance to see their lifelong dream of having a woman president come to fruition. She'll make a lovey-dovey speech, tell everyone to vote for O', and doves will fly.

WNG said...

The only reason I'm not TOO freaked out about this (I am pretty upset) is that if she makes a grab she won't win in November and she'll look like an idiot in the history books and she knows it. She might want to go for it, but doing so would be political suicide. There would be NO coming back from that and she'd probably lose her Senate seat as well.
She's dumb, but she's not stupid - you know?

Anonymous said...

btw, uppity person, I just subscribed to the rss feed of your blog so you might see me challenging you from time to time there as well (if you don't mind.)

Big Man said...

One of my friends said that the most troubling part of my blog for her was this:

Can y'all imagine all the wrinkled, angry white women who will flock to Denver with the sole purpose of righting all the wrongs men have done them in their lives? Those women will make love to the news cameras if given the opportunity to discuss why Obama is "inadequate" and Hillary is the one with "cojones."

When I thought about it, I agreed. Even if Hillary doens't make the "real" power move, giving her this platform means that reporters are going to be talking to angry Hillary supporters for weeks, reinforcing the idea that even Obama's own party doens't really trust him. That seems like a bad situation to me.

Truthiz said...

I'm with you on this one Big Man_it's a BAAAD move on Obama's part!

But IMO Obama's has made quite a few really BAD moves since winning the nomination_so I can't say that I'm surprised by his inability to recognize that you can NOT appease pitbulls_and that's what the Clintons are, Pitbulls. Their goal is to tear him to pieces.

Anyway, it's good to be participating again. My job has taken me to South Carolina, for at least the next 6 months and relocating was quite the task!!!

But I'm back at the RBL and glad to be in the number_lol!

the uppity (and now just angry) negro said...

@ anonymous

no problem...

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Big Man, I've taken the unpopular position and been saying for months in my blog that Obama has been painted into a corner of so many compromises that his campaign of change no longer looks like it did when he began it. I don't believe he's in control of the wheel, and it's not entirely his fault. They're all puppets to a large degree, Barack, Hillary and McCain, and whoever wins, will do the bidding of the power behind the throne.

As for Hillary elbowing her way into the upcoming convention, I touched on this subject at the end of my article today,
The Latest Spin & Why: Obama Is The Anti-Christ

Hillary may just get enough super delegates to change their minds and give her the votes she needs to win the Democrat Presidential nomination. This wouldn't surprise me at all, and when if you read my article, you all will understand why.

Big Man said...

You know I read you article KIT. I didn't comment because I couldn't think of anything insightful to say. Plus, the topic just made me sad for the world.

A.F. said...

I'm totally with you, Big Man. I don't think that HRC can steal the nomination, but I do see it as a calculated effort to get her supporters stirred up again, via a "movement" that will look much bigger on television than it is, and as an obvious attempt to undermine Obama's candidacy in hopes that McCain will win and she can run again. I don't see any other way to explain why on earth she would leave her name in nomination. She says it's for "catharsis"?? In other words, it's so that we can all cry our eyes out at what a tragedy it is that she didn't win?? What.a.maniac.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

sounds like
watch out for the hook

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Thanks Big Man, that's nice to know, because unlike most other posts, this one has gotten very few comments. It left me kind of down, as it took me a lot of courage to post it, and I was wondering if people were either afraid to comment b/c of the issues I raised, or prefer the lighter stuff, or didn't agree with the sad conclusion.

jelana said...

Even if she is making a play for 2012, she still will not win. How many of us are willing to forgive and forget?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Yea, this little developement kinda caught my eye like a fucking dagger. WTF? I figured O Man had nothing to do with it and it was a back room ploy perpetrated by the Clintons.
Hell yes they would try to wrangle the nomination away. . . in a heartbeat. . . by whatever means possible. . . white audacity at it's zenith.
NOTHING should cloud the love fest that should be the dem convention and NOTHING should cloud the coronation and acceptance speach of the O Man. If we're going to win in Nov. it's got to be total unity.
The Clintons should be kept as quiet as possible.

Very excellent blog.

Asad said...

"If we're going to win in Nov. it's got to be total unity."

Ameen (Amen)

clarity said...

I wholeheartedly agree. This little blip on the Friday news cycle caught me off guard too, and made me good and nervous. I had just started to catch my breath from every lunatic step HC made during the primaries.

First of all, who needs catharsis? It's been almost 3 months since she (officially) lost, and it's been almost 7 months since Super Tuesday (when it was clear, IMO, that she was going to close...). Hell we only had about 3 weeks to get over Gore "losing" the 2000 elections, but we're speding months catering to these loony broads?

Second of all, how does this help? Theoretically, if all the delegates vote as they were assigned as of June, then HC still loses! So WTF is the point of all this nonsense other than to bring Obama down in a mire of drama and tension.

I did kind of want to call my boy up and ask him what he's smoking and, more importantly, where I can get some, but really, what were his other options? Put up a fight and alienate the base he's worked so hard to reach out to? This is definitely a rock and a hard place kind of situation I guess. And he's a better person than me, because I'da had to say something to somebody bout all this foolishness...

Raving Black Lunatic