Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Tale of Two Americas

This is a familiar story.

You've all heard it many times. Some of the main characters change, but the ending is almost always the same. Since I'm sure most of y'all are familiar with the tale, you won't mind if I spill the beans on the ending.

Niggers get fucked.

Tale number one begins slightly less than a year ago, when Joe Horn saw some damned illegal immigrants breaking into his neighbor's home. Horn, being the good, hard-working American that he is, jumped on the phone and dialed 911 to notify the authorities of what was happening.

Unfortunately, Horn wasn't pleased with the possibility that these foreigners might be able to get away with their crime before the police could arrive to catch them. So he told a 911 dispatcher that he was going to go outside and kill them.

That's right, for stealing a television, their punishment was to be death by shotgun. I wonder what the Indians think about that? Anyway, the stalwart Mr. Horn charged out to his front yard, after loading up his trusty shotgun, and took two lives with two shots.

Bang, bang, they're dead.

For his trouble, Mr. Horn became both a national hero and villain. He was vilified by those who dislike vigilante murder, and lauded by those who think the damn spics are taking over the country. Eventually, a jury of Mr. Horn's peers found him not guilty of all charges.

Tale two does not end so swimmingly.

John White lives in a suburb with a lot of white people. His son is friends with the children of these white people. One day, his son attended a party where said children began to threaten him with violence. It seems that one of the female white children believed that Mr. White's son had written some disparaging comments about her on a social networking website (allegedly threatening to rape her) and called upon her male white counterparts to defend her honor.

Unfortunately for Mr. White's son, he did not write those comments, someone else posing as him did. This did not stop said white youths from menacing him to the point that he felt the need to leave the party and return home to his father and his father's guns.

However, the white youths, imbued with a sense of courage and power thanks to alcohol and drugs, decided they were going to drive to Mr. White's house and exact their revenge on his son. They were even so gracious as to phone ahead and tell Mr. White's son what was going to happen. The boy, being of somewhat sound mind, notified his father of the impending visit. Mr. White armed himself with a weapon.

When the white youths arrived on Mr. White's front yard, they commenced to yell racial epithets at he and his son to display their anger. Mr. White brandished a gun at one of the youths, that youth reacted in a belittling manner. Mr. White shot and killed him. Mr. White was convicted of second-degree manslaughter and is awaiting sentencing.

The case stirred up a ton of racial animosity within the New York suburb where Mr. White lived, as he sought to classify the youths as a young lynch mob, and their supporters cast them as misguided teens looking to defend a young white maiden's honor.

So ends tale two.

This is my tale of two Americas. I know which one I live in, do you?


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Just for the record Mr. Horn didn't get found Not Guilty he didn't even GET CHARGED, that was a Grand Jury who decided an indictment was not necessary. Yes, big news in the H. He SHOT both of those men in the BACK like he was hunting animals. Neither was threatening ANY of his stuff or him. That 911 tape It makes me sick every time I think of it. Its been played over and over again since it happened.

It's my whole stance on how we need to KNOW this system to beat this system thing because some of these folks ARE NOT playing.

Some racist want to kill you economically (cutting off access to living and thriving and doing better) and others want to KILL You.

The sooner we realize they just need an excuse and stop giving them excuses the sooner we can progress, but then again they often make up excuses when they have none. Ala Emit Till.

I found this statistic from the white paper I talked about yesterday interesting especially coupled with the R. Kelly case it speaks VOLUMES about the value of black life.

Death Penalty Statistics
Black defendant + white victim = 70% death penalty
White defendant + white victim = 32% death penalty
White defendant + black victim = 19% death penalty
Black defendant + black victim = 15% death penalty

How SOBERING is that.

You are so right it all ends in a nicca getting phucked!


WNG said...

It's all one America, Big Man, where one of these guys can shoot a brown man and not get in trouble and a black man shoots a white kid and gets locked away right quick and NO ONE says why didn't you guys just call the damn cops and let them handle it because everyone wants to Dirty Harry it up themselves...and the cops can't always be trusted anyway. There are SO many things wrong with each of these scenarios that to list them all would take all day. At the end of that day three people are still dead, one is in jail, the guns are still on the streets and the police were no where to be found.

and people wonder why i drink

Deacon Blue said...

I don't currently have a gun...and I've never owned one...though I certainly have considered the possibility once or twice of owning something like a shotgun just in case an emergency should arise in which a human or animal might need to be shot, but...

If you've stolen some of my shit and are leaving, I'm not gonna shoot you. If you're on my yard and not armed yourself, I'm not going to shoot you. Where I will most certainly shoot you is if you are in my house and refuse to leave and I have a legitimate reason to think you pose a threat to my family.

That said, the outcomes of these two cases is way fucked up...but on the other hand, it doesn't surprise me. My son is one of the most well-behaved and thoughtful 16 year olds I've ever known and he got hauled home in the back seat of a police cruiser for having the audacity to walk down the street wielding a steak and cheese sandwich. Messed up system we have, and no solutions in sight for this or the next generation, I fear. Though I like to be optimistic enough to hope that we can start seeing some visible progress TOWARD solutions.

Deacon Blue said...

Just realized that for those who aren't familiar with me, I left out one important point: my son was armed with a sandwich AND he was unwise enough to do so while being half-black...which at the age of 16 in America makes you fully black and thus clearly a menace to anything that moves and breathes.

the uppity negro said...

I posted this story right before John White was sentenced back last year I believe and it was consistently getting hits on my blog everyday without fail.

First, let me say, YES, this is effed up.

However, only six states have this "castle" law (from the phrase "a man's home is his castle") if what I heard on the news was correct, and I don't know what NY law is on the books for this one. I think that comes into play, secondly, I think we need to look at the state this took place in--TEXAS.

Now, I have mad relatives who live in Houston and Orange, Tex. (migrants from Louisiana of course), but, honestly, the white folk down there in Texas are a different breed. Aint no way in HELL or heaven for that matter, that man shouldn't have gotten convicted of at least involuntary manslaughter by the grand jury. The grand jury only has to nominate for charges to be waged only by the preponderrance of the evidence--they only need 50%, not the 99% of reasonable doubt needed for conviction by a regular jury. But it goes into the Texas mindset of "this is our country" and the Mexicans need to go back where they came from.

Whoever was the DA of wherever this took place needs to lose there job--this fool had a shotgun, and one shot woulda done the trick. If they were in his yard, they weren't far away--but NO, he shot three times. He made sure they were dead.

I think what pisses me off even more was that these two were stealing from his neighbors and happened to go across his yard, therefore giving him the right to shoot. I'm sure the 911 operator shat in his pants after hearing those three gunshots.

However, I think one must realize the different contexts in which these two men live, and perhaps use that as a gauge as to why one got convicted and the other didn't even get charged.

It's still effed up though.


Big Man said...


I respect your point about the different locales. I just don't care. I think that New York isn't that different from Texas and that was proven by the racial response to White's case.


Your son has been welcomed into the fold. It's a rite of passage for Negroes to get bothered by the police. He'll get used to it and it will make him paranoid and angry. It goes with the territory

These two stories just felt so wrong. And what's even more troubling is that so few people in the mainstream media have bothered to connnect the dots. Guess I shouldn't be surprised.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

@ Upiity- The former DA in Harris County, Chuck Rosenthal, which is my home county being from the H has been mired in all kinds of racial and sexual injustices as of late. He had to resign.

However he built that office so just ‘cause he is gone doesn't mean their mindset has changed. Harris County is living up to the hang 'em high rep of the state of Texas. Dare I say lynch.

The families of the victims of Mr. Horn's crime were present with Quanell X (part activist part slickster and photo op grabber- but that’s neither here nor there cause at least he is out there making some kind of noise) as he grand jury gave there verdict. And that 911 tape of Mr. Horn calling in the burglary, if you listen to it you already KNEW them brothers were dead AS soon as he hung up the phone with that 911 operator, it's CHILLIN to say the least.


the uppity negro said...

Aint no way in hell, that guy shoulda got off scott free...I hope he sleeps well at night looking at the bloodstain on his lawn.

WNG said...

You might want to check out James Burnett's blog today, Big Man. It's on this subject as well, although he takes a...different...approach. It's Burnett's Urban Ettiquette on my sidebar.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

manslaughter vs murder hum
u the negro charles dickens folk

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I knew which America I lived in...which is why I left.

The Field Negro post about the Texas situation as well.

Renee said...

Wow, both cases are so extremely disturbing. The fact that it was not considered a lynch mob when it was made clear that a "white woman" was the center of the issue is impossible for me to grasp. How many black men have lost their lives over white women?
As for the murderer in Texas I have no words. Texas seems to be a land unto itself.

Raving Black Lunatic