Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bitch Please, Part Two

I think I might make this a regular feature when I run across stories that just defy racial logic.

Here is today's offering:


Now, I'm still trying to figure out what this little white dude thought was funny about burning a cross in a single mother's yard. What's the joke because my black ass just doesn't get it. To me, if you burn a cross in the yard of somebody who just moved into your neighborhood you're saying that you don't want them there and they need to leave. That's it.

And check out his mother playing the "He has black friends" card while she tries to convince the world her son is not racist and provide him with an alibi for the actual arson.

I wonder what her son would have to do to be considered racist?

Lynch a nigger?


Ben Atkinson said...

"...An FBI spokesman declined to comment on what agents had found so far.

"If an individual places a burning cross in front of someone's home with the intent to intimidate, that could be a federal violation of the civil-rights statutes," said spokesman Steve Frazier..."

"IF" !!!! WTF!

What other purpose is there for placing a burning cross in the yard of a woman with biracial children? It might be an attempt to intimidate, ya' think!

Big Man said...

That's what I'm saying. All that damn parsing is a clue that this little bastard is going to get off.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...



WNG said...

Oh COURSE he's going to get off. There is no justice, there isno damn civilization.
This is one of those times I feel like tearing my hair out. "IF HE HAD KNOWN IT WAS CONSIDERED A HATE CRIME"??? Are you kidding me??? That lady is criminally stupid and her son is just a criminal.

Having 'mixed' friends or Black friends does not mean that you are not a racist. There are people that I consider to be racist who think I'm their friend.

Whether this moron 'knew' it was a hate crime or not he knew it was wrong and he knew what it meant. Not only is he a hateful ignorant ass, but there is no way he didn't have other HIA's with him. You don't build, transport and burn alone.

Anonymous said...

Damn, that is the lamest excuse I have heard in a while. At 19 living in Arkansas there is no way this young fellow did not know how his actions would be perceived. His Mama is stuck on stupid!

oyster said...

"Friendship", Arkansas.

the uppity negro said...

I'm with blackgirlinmaine on this one. The mother should be charged with fraud because clearly she's trying to pass off her stupidity as genuine intelligence.

This is Ar-kansas...in the South...and yer whyyyte...and yer son thinks it's a joke burn crosses on them half-breeds lawns...(in my best redneck accent)

I don't buy that for a New York minute, or an Arkansas one for that. I mean, what ROCK does she think, we (the reading public) think she and her son are living under. I refuse to believe that her son thought it was a joke to burn a cross on a lawn.

And BigMan, your historically dead-on about this one. Crosses were burned in front of churches and homes to keep the "uppity niggers" in line and ultimately intimidate them.

The next step was a lynching.

And echoing the words of James Earl Jones character in The Vernon Johns Story, isn't it interesting that this so-called Christian organization would burn a cross of all symbols?

Also, the story should read about how he HAD black friends--I wanna know what black person is gonna stay friends with these fools!

Raving Black Lunatic