Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bitch Please...It's Back!

This smiling brother with the Obama campaign sign is Germany's official Barack Obama impersonator. He's a theater actor who travels around the country pretending to be Barack.


Of course this absolutely forces me to ask several questions.

Why does Germany have an "official" Barack Obama impersonator?

What type of gigs does this guy do?

How much does he get paid?

And, most importantly, why doesn't this man look ANYTHING like Barack Obama?

Yep, Germany gets today's "Bitch Please" award.


dp said...

I thought you got the memo... we all look alike

oyster said...

I know the market's smaller, but he should come to N.O. and be a Cedric Richmond impersonator. At least he'd look like he's in right the ballpark.

WNG said...

Sorry, but this is just hilarious to me. They 'love' him enough that someone can make a living impersonating him and they STILL don't get it!

Good Lord.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's all I gots to say and I agree that cat looks nothing like the O-man.

Anonymous said...

It's because he's racist, all of Germany is racist. The reason why everybody does everything is because they're racist.

Big Man said...


Don't you know black people can't be racist?

You need to study your troll handbook more closely before you comment again.

That's an inexcusable error when making snide comments on a pro-black websites.

Imhotep said...

This is a close call but you can't fool me. Barack been wearing a flag pin of late. This brotha pictured is not wearing a flag pin, therefore he is not BHO.

This may also come as a surprise, but the little girl on his right is not Malia.

Oaktown Girl said...

Yeah, this is fucking offensive. Where the hell is the "Official" John McSame impersonator? Germany's got to be up to its ears in candidates for the job.

Now there is a kind of "impersonation" which, when done well, is not based so much on a look-alike quality, but rather on capturing a person's "essence". An example of this kind is when Will Ferrell on SNL did George W. There was no attempt to make Ferrell look like Dubya at all, but it worked anyway because Ferrell did an excellent job playing-up the Shrub's immaturity, ignorance, and near total cluelessness. Somehow I don't think this German Obama guy is that kind of "impersonator".

And for the record, SNL's Fred Armisen captures neither the look nor the "essence" of Obama. But that's not surprising.

Saint Lucian Dutch Canadian said...

He doesn't look anything like barack. Geeze!

Anonymous said...

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