Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Passing Along Some Info


You there, come here for a second.

Little closer to the monitor if you don't mind.

That's good.

Wait, back up just a tad. You need a mint.

Ok, I have something to tell you that may shock you. It's a bit of information that I've stumbled across at several locations across the blogosphere. Some of you may have even seen it yourselves and just didn't realize how important it was.

Here we go...

Senator Barack Obama is...

A Politician!

Yep, he is. In fact, that's why his title is Senator. He actually had to win a political campaign in Illinois to get that title so that makes him a politician. Plus, he's running for the most powerful political position in this country, President, so I'm pretty confident that this tidbit is accurate.

I felt it was important that I let you all know this because apparently many people on these here internets think that supporters of Barack Obama are unaware that he is a politician. I guess they think we're so enthralled with his purple lips, stick figure and effete ways that we never took the time to figure out that he was actually elected into his current job.

We Obama supporters can be so dense.

Typically, folks try to educate Obama supporters about his political status when they are criticizing him. You know, like when he caught flak for his FISA vote, or his Father's Day speech, or even his recent prayer that was revealed to the masses. Obama critics find all of these issues direct proof that Obama is a politician no matter how many screaming, swooning people he attracts to his political rallies.

I respect people who criticize Obama. It's good to question folks in power, particularly someone who has been making the promises that Obama has been making. But, I must admit that it can become tiresome to be constantly told how ignorant and naive I am for supporting a politician who is running for President.

Who the hell else runs for President?

Last time I checked, every president ever elected in the history of America was a *gulp* politician. (Well maybe not George Washington. He was just a slave-owning, former traitor.) You don't get to be the figurehead of America if you don't play the political game. I'm not sure why Obama's critics think it's so significant that he's a politician, but I'd love to hear them explain why they assume that the rest of us aren't aware of that fact.

My opinion is that you can be a politician without being just like every other politician. Dennis Kucinich is a politician. But, that cat sees UFOs, wants to impeach President Bush and wouldn't kill an ant at a barbecue. He's a politician, but he's clearly not typical.

I'm not saying that Obama is as unique as Dennis, but Barry does seem to have something special about him. Maybe I'm projecting, but I don't think I am. I think Obama will be a competent, caring president who will help this country recover from the eight years of hell that are the Bush legacy. Along with not being as ignorant as his predecessors about race relations, that's all I expect from Obama.

That's it.

A politician can do that.


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Well according to the McCain camp he ain’t even a politician anymore, he’s a celebrity of the Paris Hilton Brittany Spears variety. How DARE people LIKE a potential candidate I thought we were done with that, you know after we caught Bill playing hide the cigar in the Oval office and JFK was gunned down.

It is funny sometimes how because of his popularity they try to either remind us that he is a politician as if that is a negative, even though they are politicians as well, but I guess not so negative. The new Paris and Brittany claims are so funny to me, that’s what were down to now plus despite how many of us think those two are airheads, comparing him to them could get him a few more votes!

The thing that is hard for ANY candidate to fight is the popularity train, because it allows for a bandwagon of folks who don’t care about issues and only care about to steal a phrase from Paris What’s Hot. Obama is indeed the new black (all pun intended) but at the same time he has a large base of intelligent people who understand politics and think he is the change needed for this country.

And when it comes down to politics today well it just seems you have to be likeable after all the fact that W was a likeable GOOD Christian was what got him all those evangelical votes, not anything he really did as a Governor, well other than go to church.


Big Man said...

I thought about writing about the new McCain ad.

All I have to say is this. If you're best argument against your opponent is that too many people like him, well, you're fucked.

Really, really fucked.

truth said...

Big Man,
Obama must have lived a pretty clean life up until now, if the worst thing you can say about him is he's a politician. If there was anything else the Republicans had on him, they would have released it by now.

John Mccain has flip flopped on issues as well. Which shows he's just as much a politician as Obama. The Republicans are reaching for something that apparently is not there, the politician claim is further proof of such.

sdg1844 said...

It's one of lamest arguments I've heard in the political arena yet. ooooo Obama is like Brittany. LMAO.

Ridiculous doesn't even begin to describe it.

des said...

Somehow, you knew it McCain was gonna go here:

WNG said...

Completely off topic:
Mama G is going to be hanging out with Michelle Obama at the NAACP banquet in Chucktown in September. They'll be on the dais together.

In case you were wondering, yes I am so jealous I could spit.

(and proud of Mama G too, blah, blah whatever - JEALOUS!!!)

Big Man said...


I thought your eyes were green because you liked vegetables.

WNG said...

nah...that's just what my press agent puts out to protect my rep...

the uppity negro said...

Obama was quoted as saying about McCain that "I do notice that he doesn't seem to have anything to say very positive about himself."

I think that's all what it is. If McCain could rest on his laurels, I think he would. Although, echoing something Whoopi said this morning on The View (lol), somehow, I think a lot of this crap is the machination of the Republican party and clearly the conservative talk shows and blogosphere more than this is the brainchild of McCain.

This is not a knock at McCain's intelligence, but rather, at his style. I just don't see McCain, the one to get so dirty in politics. Granted he has a conservative past, but compared to a George Bush I and II, McCain is still a watered-down version of conservatism. Clearly, The Architect is behind this since April who started the "Audacity Watch" and described Obama as "coolly arrogant" and this was in the middle of the primaries!

So, this doesn't scream McCain.

I mean, I would NOT be totally shocked if like in September or October we have BREAKING NEWS that McCain drops out of the race and he just gets naked in front of everyone and starts saying all of this is a hot mess and how he felt forced to do all of this etc etc and just revealing how old he really is.

But, that's just me.

Also, Big Man, what you NEED to do is get all of these "open letter" type blogs, put 'em in book form and start selling them. This seems to be a favorite style of yours, make some money off of it. It can sit in the African American Literature section at the Borders or Barnes and Noble right next to a Michael Eric Dyson book! LMAO

MODI said...

Big man,

My sentiments exactly. All politicians are in a political box. At this point Obama is about as far to the edge of that box as can be. There is a gap between "playing the game" and "selling your soul". Obama will not do the latter -- as most obviously evidenced by his 2002 anti-war speech which was -- at the time -- political suicide.

BATS said...

The fact that he's a politician, honestly I think is lost on a percentage of the black vote, many of us are soo caught up in the "he's black, he must be for us" sensationalism that we're forgetting that black or white, a pimp is gon be a pimp, a playa is gonna be a playa, a pastor is gonna be a pastor, and a politician is gonna haveta kiss as much ass as possible, black, white, red or blue....and if those red and blue asses don't agree w/ fixin up the projects...well it's a great chance that the project aint gonna get fixed....
..hopefully i'm proven wrong


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

But,but,but...when you try to point that out to Obama supporters, who want the man to win, no matter what; by any means necessary - you get flamed.

I've been barbequed on Obama before...but that doesn't mean I will refuse to engage in discussion of his political platforms, while defending him against the racist attacks of the McCain camp.

That seems to be the most difficult for Obama supporters to understand; you can critique his platform while defending him against racial attacks on him and not be pro-McCain.

Will you explain that to me, please? LOL

Raving Black Lunatic