Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's The Process

So, Rick Sanchez got fired.

And it wasn't for being inept, incompetent or idiotic.


Nope, Sanchez made a much bigger boo-boo. He got pissed about something one Jewish person did and went after the whole race/religion.

He pulled "a Gibson."

Gibsons happen everyday, but they are particularly damaging when you work in any field related to television or movies. The backlash is typically swift and searing. So, I'm not surprised that Sanchez got the boot.

I am a little intrigued that he managed to get tossed without drawing more support from the folks who always resent any emphasis on being "politically correct," and who rail against the subversion free speech police. Those folks seem to pop up whenever a racial brouhaha erupts, but I haven't seen as much of that for Sanchez. And I think I've figured out why.

Jewish people have succeeded.

Somehow, and I really don't now how they did it, they have managef to impress upon most people that whenever somebody randomly blames then for problems or issues it's uncool to side with that person. Sure there's a fringe element that blames Jewish folks for all the ills of the world, but that contingent is decidedly non-mainstream. It's not like the faction that loves to bring up every manifestation of black pathology whenever discussions of discrimination or racism pop up. That feels like the majority of the American public.

So, my Jewish brethren, what's the secret? Do you all have some sort of special mind control? Are there hidden pictures? It can't just be the Holocaust because no disrespect to the Holocaust, but up until 1990 things were extremely harsh for black folks in the United States. I'm not talking back of the bus harsh, I'm talking Rosewood harsh.

I really want to get to the point where racist outbursts directed towards black people are met with overall disdain instead of couch lawyering. Are there seminars I could could attend, or possibly a tape series I can purchase? Maybe you all have some sort of workshop? I'm willing to try just about anything as long as it doesn't involve blackface or O.J. Simpson.

Just give me the process. Please.




Leigh C. said...

I wish I could tell you what the process is. Really. There's still a good amount of anti-Jewish sentiment out there in most of the world. What will be more telling is seeing where Sanchez ends up, a la Imus.

Maitri said...

"He got pissed about something one Jewish person did and went after the whole race/religion."

That is kinda idiotic, isn't it?

I hope you realize that Jews may not be picked on in America as much as African-Americans, Hispanics, Arabs and Asians (a part of the process you're looking for is skin color/looks), but they are still the butt of very openly-stated socioeconomic jokes. I personally know people (whites, Indians and Arabs included) who think all Jews are greedy Shylocks who run America. And that ain't cool.

Big Man said...

Of course that's stupid. But that's what Sanchez did.
I agree that people hold those views, as I've said, but only most fringe people voice them. It's a big different when you're talking about other groups where blame shifting is the standard response to reports like this.

"They say nigger..."
"Well if they learned to speak English..."
"Why do they wear those things on their heads? It's threatening. That's why people suspect them."

Shady_Grady said...

I'm not so sure that Sanchez said anything that was bigoted though it was certainly impolitic given business realities.

The interviewer said that Stewart was as much of a minority as Sanchez was. Sanchez disagreed with that and pointed out that people of Stewart's particular background have a dominant presence at CNN and other media outlets.

That's "politically incorrect" to say but it's factual. When I heard he got fired I thought he had actually used slurs or made wildly inappropriate jokes or said something hateful. He didn't.

What he said was really no different than a black man in the workplace pointing out that despite the hype around affirmative action, whites aren't a minority.

For example I have worked with white women who complained about not getting promoted FROM positions Blacks couldn't get promoted TO. Some of these people were fiercely in favor of special programs for women and just as fiercely opposed to special programs for Blacks. I usually try to avoid these sorts of discussions in the workplace as they never lead to anything good and are usually career limiting moves for the person with less power, but there are red lines, yes?

If Sanchez honestly didn't believe that Jewish people in the media are an oppressed minority, when cornered should he lie?

Deacon Blue said...

Don't really have anything to add, but thought I might point you to this blog post by someone who knows Sanchez personally, and had some interesting insights on the whole issue:


Big Man said...

Shady Grady
Good points man.

I think Sanchez wasn't precise in what he said, and you can't say "Jews are in control" unless you're very precise about what you're saying. You might still get in trouble, but that's the only way to do it.

I think he made some good points initially about bias and the "in crowd" but then he got a little off track.

lifelearner said...

It's simple that it is difficult to explain. Long story short, it's because they are white.

Whit said...

Jews aren't in control. It's antisemitic to say so. Srsly.

Anonymous said...

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Big Man said...

Whit, are you saying I said that because I'm pretty sure I didn't.

Mr. Noface said...

Do Jews run the media (Mr. turner and Mr. Murdock would contest that claim)? I'm not sure about that. Do they have a huge presence? I would have to say yes. With that presence comes a lot of influence. Being labeled "antisemitic" is a career ender in the the entertainment business. Contrast that with being labeled a racist.

Raving Black Lunatic