Friday, October 22, 2010

The Bullshit Must Cease

So, good ol' Uncle Juan got fired?

Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.

He and his cronies over at Fox can complain all they want, but it's not going to change anything. In a free market society, employers can fire employees if they feel they are not properly representing their companies. Or did Fox News forget that page in the capitalism handbook? Juan Williams said that riding on a plane with anybody who calls themselves a Muslim makes him nervous, and now he won't be saying anything on NPR for quite some time.

Normally, I wouldn't even waste the characters necessary to talk about Juan since who he is and what he represents are well-known commodities. But, as I was watching the television news, they showed a segment from "The View" where the ladies were discussing his dismissal.

First, Whoopi went through her whole routine, where she makes excuses for any racism she agrees with or that is practiced by someone she likes, while simultaneously reserving the right to get all huffy about racism she doesn't like. Whoopi has excused Mel Gibson for his "pack of niggers" debacle and she's encouraged Ted Danson to rock black face, I don't think she's qualified to make accurate assessments of what is and is not racist or bigoted. Agreed?

Anyway, Whoopi trots out the ridiculous idea that since Juan was only talking about his "feelings" on Muslims, then his comments shouldn't have gotten him fired. What kind of ridiculous logic is that? Since when did personal feelings become some sort of protected class of utterances? That's some idiotic bullcrap if I've ever heard it. So, if somebody just expresses their "feelings" they can say whatever the hell they want? Like, if I decided to express my "feeling" that black women who encourage their white boyfriends to wear blackface are despicable coons who should be abducted by the Drop Squad and deprogrammed through repeat beatings that would be okay because it's just my "feelings"?

Do people even use their brains anymore?

Not only was Whoopi allowed to spew this idiocy unchallenged and have it beamed into the homes of millions, it appears that stupidity is contagious because her asinine outburst provoked another one. I don't know the actresses' real name, I just know her as "Debra" from "Everybody Loves Raymond." (My editor says her name is Patricia Heaton. I'll stick with Debra.)

Anyway, speaking as if she was dropping some serious knowledge, she opens her lips to say that if Juan Williams had said riding on a plane with Tea Party members made him nervous, he wouldn't have gotten fired. That's what she said.

Well duh, dumbass.

Nobody has accused Tea Party members of being terrorists and plane hijackers, although their sympathizers have committed acts of terror. Nobody associates the Tea Party movement with 9/11. That's been reserved, unfortunately, for Muslims. But guess what, if Juan Williams had said that as a black man whenever he's in the room with two Tea Party members and a rope, he gets mighty nervous and his neck starts itching, then I'll bet there would have been just as much outrage.

The Tea Party may not be associated with terrorism, but they damn sure are associated with racism, and they damn sure don't appreciate having their entire political movement categorized as racist because of the actions of some of the members. They have loudly proclaimed this fact to the world, including going so far as to denounce the NAACP and its recent report on racism in the party's ranks as a "liberal smear campaign."

Yet, these same people who feel it's unfair to judge all them by the actions of a few (which I don't think is happening. The vast majority of those folks look like bigots to me), are defending the right of Juan Williams to express the same idea about Muslims. And this chick on "The View" gave validation to that viewpoint.

This has got to stop.

 We have way too many people spewing nonsense into the air and not being challenged on it. Both Whoopi and "Debra" made stupid comments, but the folks sitting with them just nodded their heads politely as if they made sense. Either people are really stupid, or they're so conditioned to avoid conflict and disagreement that they will allow almost anything to be said unchallenged. I see it in the media, I see it in regular interactions. People don't want to discuss ideas or beliefs, they just want to get along.

That bullshit must cease.



LisaMJ said...

AMEN!!!!!! I've lost so much respect for Whoppi since she's been on that show. I sort of kinda gave her a pass for Ted Danson (no idea why now) but now, I just am so disgusted with her. So she could walk out on Bill O'Liely, but she condones Juan Williams and his pretending to be a liberal. Jezus. But even if I was at home in the day, I still wouldn't watch that trash. Can't stand Barbara Walters, she needs to sit down somewhere and retire with her old racist self.

Will Capers said...

I think it's more than safe to conclude that "The View" is nothing more than the view of middle to upper-class white women with some clueless Uncle Tomasinas detached from the world of truth, logic, and reality.

Those old hens are not experts with racism as evidenced over and over again. Yet, also demonstrated during their show, they think they have the answers and know what racism is all about. Ain't that a b**ch?

All I cay say is that the women on "The View" are blind as hell.

-Will Capers

Deacon Blue said...

While I find it hard to feel a hell of a lot of sympathy for Juan Williams...and while I think his comments was a bit idiotic (wouldn't a terrorist on a plane play down his or her Muslim-ness these days, meaning one who obviously identified as Muslim is probably "safe"?)...some good points about the sketchier and hypocritical aspects of his firing are made here:

and here:

While the traditional/older school nature of the journalism I was taught and that I have practiced tells me to watch what I say and makes me cringe at people like Williams some days...the nature of 21st century media (particularly TV media and media blogging/talk radio) does open up complications, and media people are bound to say stupid things at some point.

The question is whether they sometimes pay higher prices than their comments are worth.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Will Capers, I completely get and agree with your opinion about The View, BUT please don't blast racism while being sexist yourself.

Raving Black Lunatic