Saturday, May 1, 2010

Know What? Eff Arizona.

Not only do these desert dwellers using an unacceptable amount of our water resources pass a bill that encourages the racial profiling of Latinos, but they turn around and pass this bill as well.

That bill bans ethnic studies programs because they apparently promote separatism and resentment. The bill's creator doesn't want ethnic studies taught because they encourage revolution against America, and aren't consistent with Martin Luther King's dream of a character-based society.

You gotta be kidding me.

First, if we're banning ethnic studies that promote resentment and separatism, then I'm guessing American History is next on the chopping block.

Because, while I haven't seen many Latinos advocating for a separate state, I have seen a whole bunch of white, Tea Party folks calling for Texas to secede, and arguing for armed revolution. Matter of fact, those folks seem quite full of resentment, and they've even used HISTORY to justify their claims.

But, I won't hold my breath waiting for a law banning American History, or rather, White History courses. For some reason, I doubt the law's creators can recognize the connection.

Not only does this law highlight just how much cognitive dissonance there is in this country, it also highlights how thouroughly Dr. King's message has been co-opted and twisted in our time. You have to hand it to conservatives, those cats are masters of spin and outright lies.

To posit that Dr. King would be in favor of a law banning ethnic studies because of his "I Have a Dream" speech takes a special set of balls and blinders. You have to ignore all context for King's speech, you have to ignore all the other speeches he made, and you to have lack a moral compass to make that argument. It would be mind-boggling if I wasn't talking about conservative white folks.

They will say and do anything.

What really bugs me is that this law caters to the idea of a black and brown bogeyman, while ignoring the white insurgents right in front of our eyes. This law basically advocates that we need to limit the information granted to coloreds and prevent them from congregate in numbers because they are clearly planning an insurrection even if we have no proof. This despite the fact that we have tons of proof that white folks want revolitions RIGHT NOW!

The truth is, ethnic studies courses were created because white folks did a horrible job covering the contributions and experiences of people of color in America. Most folks get a very white-washed version of how this country's history in our elementary, high school and college classes. This version of history reinforces the concept of white folks as a force of good all over the world, and downplays the evil done in the name of white superiority. Ethnic studies programs typically explode that lie.

It's funny that the immigration bill has garnered so much attention that the ethnic studies bill is sorta flying below the radar. Nobody's noticed a bill that in my opinion is just as dangerous and racist. Remember that old maxim:

Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.



Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Damn, Brown Man, I'm so tired of my jaw dropping open from neo-Klan fuckery. This attack on ethnic studies is infuriating and slipped completely under my radar. Thank you for posting it.

And the do want to sanitize the history books. Did you see this story last month? Texas Conservatives Win Curriculum Change

Or this one, how "Virginia’s wingnut governor Bob McDonnell declared April Confederate History month and in his proclamation mentioned nothing about slavery."

It's like the stories and movement toward alienating as many whites from people of color are coming faster than I can keep up. The racists, even the moderate ones, have come out of the closet and are losing their damned minds since we got a black President.

I have an inkling what it must have felt like to be a Jew just before all hell broke loose in Europe, or a Native American when the abuseness as a prelude to ethnic cleansing began, and I can't help but wonder if the US is headed in that direction.

If anything bad happens to Obama, God help us, the fake news crowd will have a field day flaming the flames to start and continue riots and all out civil war.

Deacon Blue said...

Hey, while we're at it, let's make sure the chemistry courses don't teach future scientists and teachers anything that might allow them to create illegal drugs or something. No matter than cutting out such knowledge would hinder their other work...

Makes about as much sense...

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Deacon, Science? Surely you jest. Those book burning flat earthers won't be happy until they have Creationism as a substitute.

Thordaddy said...

Oh please... The legendary exaggerations of minority persecution has about 15-20 million legal and illegal aliens that say otherwise and at least 6-8 million black liberationists who nonetheless STAY PUT even though they are free as can be to do whatever they please.

Ethnic studies... What??? No ethnics ever published any books that these kids could get their hands on without school help?

These kids wouldn't know anything about their roots if ethnic studies wasn't part of their school work? What...? These kids don't have parents?

What does an illegal aliens' ethnic studies class look like? Does it tell him to travel hundreds of miles from HOME at great expense to get exploited?

You guys been selling dogshite for so long that you actually believe it.

TLS said...

Thordaddy writes: "The legendary exaggerations of minority persecution has about 15-20 million legal and illegal aliens that say otherwise and at least 6-8 million black liberationists who nonetheless STAY PUT"

So, if I understand him correctly, the only way to prove there is persecution of minorities is if those 15-20 people he talks about didn't exist? Meaning, I guess, that they'd either live somewhere else or they'd be dead. Simply by being allowed to live in the US, I guess, is proof that they are not discriminated against. Ditto for the "black liberationists." If they truly felt they weren't free, I guess, they'd live somewhere else? Hmmmm.

Deacon Blue said...

@ Kit,

Yeah, but most of the worst concentration of the scientifically clueless faith-based folks are in Texas, so maybe we can contain the damange...LOL

For all their noise, though, I don't think the ultra-fundies who maintain that the Earth is 7,000 years old blah blah blah are going to eliminate real science from the textbooks. The do manage to muddy the waters a bit in some select locales, though.

Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist! said...

just got back from India and ive beeng greeted with this awful news about AZ on Facebook. I thought this was a joke before I realized it was real.

absolutely AWFUL!! and you are right, they are always blaming everything on black folks, brown folks, Latinos, Muslims,Asians, Arabs, everyone, etc while ignoring the WHITE BOGEYMAN!!!!!!!


Thordaddy said...



THE POINT IS that you and those like you ARE CREATING A FALSE REALITY and projecting this FALSE REALITY onto the masses as though it were real.

People don't leave HOME risking life and money TO BE EXPLOITED.

Carlos Slims has a fine telecommunications business and these "browns" CAN CALL EACH OTHER and let each other know of the "exploitive" situation. BUT THEY DON'T DO THAT...

They keep coming in droves...

Likewise, black man circa 2010 IS MORE FREE THAN EVER, but he stays put right here in America EVEN AS A black liberationist.

Then dood has the gall to think that "ethnic studies" has everything to do with history and nothing to do with radical liberation.


TLS said...

"People don't leave HOME risking life and money TO BE EXPLOITED," says Thordaddy.

You're right, they don't leave to be exploited: they leave for a job. A job that privileged Americans give them gladly because it saves money and increases profit. If you don't get that basic, fundamental reality about immigration, you're dumber than you appear on the printed page.

"Black man circa 2010 IS MORE FREE THAN EVER"

Well, he's freer than when he was hanging from a tree getting his balls cut off. You're right about that. But, just out of absolutely mordant curiosity, why do you think two-thirds of our prison population is composed of black males?

Thordaddy said...


Didn't Bloomberg try that economic argument the other day and sounded like an absolute fool? Is this one of those "racists don't think with their economic interests in mind" arguments?

The problem is that you're an open-borders fanatic and so you argue in bad faith.

You believe ANYONE should be able to come here if they want to. If not, please tell us how you would discriminate?

And I say black man is as free as ever and you regurgitate some black liberationist agitprop...

If you hate America AND don't want to leave THEN what are "ethnic studies" all about?

Change... Yes we can... Change... Yes we can...

Why so coy about your aims, TLS?

Big Man said...


You're relatively new here. Word of advice, what you are embarking on is a very irritating and painful journey. If you value your time, I would suggest you avoid it. Not saying you can't scratch that itch if you really, really need to, but I want to let you know that it will likely bring further irritation, not relief.

Carry on.


Aren't you the one upset at the increase liberalization of America?

Shouldn't you be the one leaving, since you're unhappy with the wya things are going?

Nobody is keeping you in the country, are they?


Mr. Noface said...

Arizona seems to be on some other ish. I mean they even got Texas going, "WTF man?!" I guess the authorities in that state figure that if you're gonna go crazy with unconstitutional laws you might as well go all the way bat sh*t crazy with them.

Redbonegirl97 said...

Face it they don't know what the hell they are doing.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Thordaddy said...

Lil man,

There you go again with that odious all-inclusive ideology of yours that says because lil man is alienated from America then we should ALL be alienated BECAUSE that makes it equal...

Mr. Noface,

Enforcing immigration law because the federal government won't is unconstitutional??? Don't get twisted with that alienated mentality... Doesn't even make sense.

Big Man said...

The legendary exaggerations of minority persecution has about 15-20 million legal and illegal aliens that say otherwise and at least 6-8 million black liberationists who nonetheless STAY PUT even though they are free as can be to do whatever they please.

Says the man who spends everyday complaining about about his own "persecution" at the hands of liberals and radical autonomists hellbent on ruining America. Or rather, who have already ruined America.

Yet, this same fellow continues to live in America, continues to visit the blogs of "liberals" and "radical autonomists."

All while telling those same "liberals" and "radical autonomists" that they should leave the country if they don't like things here.

See, it's compelling logic like this that makes you such an invaluable and useful member of this blog community, Thor.

Quite useful.

Thordaddy said...

Lil man,

You're fundamentally inclusive.

I'm exclusive.

Which means you BELIEVE that ANYONE can be an American.

I think an American is a particular thing.

American is like a designer label to the liberal. Certainly
tossed aside when the trend isn't hot.

All the other black liberationist agitprop is just that...


How does your wife feel about that?

Can anyone be your wife, too?

MODI said...

Wow! This law is absolutely crazy! even with the arizona backdrop. like you said, all history books will have to be destroyed if we banned "ethnic studies" that you so correctly call "white studies". if the celebration of slaveholders under the guise of freedom fighters is not propaganda, then I'm not sure what is.

on that note, has anybody watched "The Story of Us" on The History channel? There are study guides and all schools are receiving DVDs. The first episode barely mentioned the Middle Passage and hardly addressed the genocide of native americans. It was one complete joke, and would be eligible for banning under arizona law except that it was white studies.

TLS said...

BIg Man--
Taking your advice. Moment of weakness. Better ways to spend time. But I'll keep reading.

Thordaddy said...

Lil man,

Do you think you build good relations by being all-inclusive or exclusive?

If you are a liberationist, how exactly are you creating good relations?

What does your all-inclusiveness mean OTHER THAN you invite others to be liberal like you? In this endeavor you see the realization of "equality" as we all seek liberation.

But again, how do you build good relations with this fundamental belief in liberation (Liberal Orthodoxy)?

Big Man said...


I thought about watching that History of Us thing, then I remembered what it was and knew I would just get frustrated by what was included and what was left out.


I have no interest in answering any of your questions. You have exposed yourself yet again. That was all I needed.

Thordaddy said...

Lil man,

You're too much, dawg...

Exposed me...? What...? As an exclusive kind of guy. Oh!

Listen, WE KNOW THAT YOU DON'T TREAT YOUR WIFE AND CHILDREN liberally UNLESS you are looking to give them a pass on their wayward behavior.


Now the question becomes, WHY WILL YOU NOT EXTEND THIS SAME EXCLUSIVE MENTALITY to your fellow Americans?

Why do you treat America and Americans SO LIBERALLY???

Yeah, I know, it's a rhetorical question.

Big Man said...

Nah, it's a stupid question.

1. I've never advocated giving the same privileges to everybody that American citizens possess. That's an argument YOU created to move from an untenable position to one where your more comfortable. It's a common tactic of yours, which is why every conversations we have exposes you more and more.

2. You have consistently run away from the point that this law doesn't just target or affect illegal immigrants. It affects AMERICANS. Just the brown ones you don't particularly care for.

But, I already knew that about you.

Thordaddy said...

Lil man,

Now that you have CONCEDED that you will DISCRIMINATE in favor of Americans over non-Americans


The Arizona law MIRRORS federal immigration law and so passes CONSTITUTIONAL muster...

What EXACTLY is your argument again???

Oh... You fantasize and foreshadow "brown people" persecution...

What are we to chalk this up to OTHER THAN your continued alienation from America as a "brown person?"

Big Man said...


Fantasize and foreshadow?

More like prophecy.

Apply the test, judge the prophet by his prophecies.

And I didn't "concede" anything, I've said the same thing from jump, you just lack reading comprehension. Re-read my first post on the Arizona law.

Federal law requires that all legal immigrants carry papers.

Federal law does not require than any citizen can be stopped on a traffic stop and then required to prove their citizenship based on an officer's reasonable suspicion.

Damn son, you gotta do better. You're making it too easy with these recycled talking points.

Thordaddy said...

Lil man,

Arizona law REQUIRES that all legal immigrants carry papers.


Arizona law MIRRORS federal law.

You have NO PROBLEM with federal law BUT you have a problem with Arizona law...



Federal law ISN'T ENFORCED and so Arizonians MUST ENFORCE IT.


Thordaddy said...

Imagine some evil cracka breaks into your house attempting to rob, rape and murder your family. Federal law says that's illegal, but they aren't at your house to enforce it. So some forward-thinking black cat introduces a law that says you can KILL that cracka BEFORE he kills your family.

And you protest...

That's where you stand, homeboy...

Legless, armless and brainless...

Raving Black Lunatic