Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just One More Hit Of That "H"

Pull that belt

Tap that vein

Ease a little in, take a little blood out, then bang it all the way.

Now you're riding the "H" Train baby, don't it feel good?

There seems to be a strong sentiment in Congress that the only constitutional right suspected terrorists have is the right to bear arms.

“I think you’re going too far here,” said Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina at a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday. He was speaking in opposition to a bill that would keep people on the F.B.I. terrorist watch list from buying guns and explosives.

Say what?

Yes, if you are on the terrorist watch list, the authorities can keep you from getting on a plane but not from purchasing an AK-47. This makes sense to Congress because, as Graham accurately pointed out, “when the founders sat down and wrote the Constitution, they didn’t consider flying.”

The subject of guns turns Congress into a twilight zone. People who are perfectly happy to let the government wiretap phones go nuts when the government wants to keep track of weapons permits. A guy who stands up in the House and defends the torture of terror suspects will nearly faint with horror at the prospect of depriving someone on the watch list of the right to purchase a pistol....

The Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on “Terrorists and Guns: The Nature of the Threat and Proposed Reforms,” concerned a modest bill sponsored by Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey. It would allow the government to stop gun sales to people on the F.B.I. terror watch list the same way it does people who have felony convictions. Because Congress has repeatedly rejected this idea, 1,119 people on the watch list have been able to purchase weapons over the last six years. One of them bought 50 pounds of military grade explosives

Oooh, nothing feels better than hypocrisy. That "H" is better than heroin.

So we can take away citizenship, but not guns.




Thordaddy said...

Lil man,

When one doesn't have any higher principle than liberalism, he wields "hypocrisy" like a styrofoam sword.

There is NO HYPOCRISY in liberal society. There is only assertion of one's will.

You think it's wrong to strip citizenship from naturalized foreign terrorists BECAUSE we haven't proposed that the same apply to domestic terrorists. AND this also means people on the FBI terrorist watch list shouldn't be able to buy guns BECAUSE we can strip citizenship from naturalized foreign terrorists.


Do you think if you apply "equal" punishment that the naturalized foreign terrorist and the domestic terrorist are being "equally" punished? Is stripping the citizenship of a naturalized foreign terrorist EVEN PUNISHMENT?

If the FBI watch list is anything like airport screening or border control then there is ALWAYS going to be the suspicion that radical "liberals" will attempt to minimize the autonomy of government weary Americans by seizing their guns through bureaucratic shennanigans.

In reality, there should be NO LIST. There should be every effort made to deport threats and remove names that were erroneously added to the list.

This is the rational thing to do and won't involve any new gun law.

Shady_Grady said...

Yes, the hypocrisy on all sides bothers me about this. People that were (rightly IMO) up in arms about terror lists/no fly lists in the first place when Bush came up with them now want to use these lists to prevent people from purchasing a gun. Bloomberg clearly does not like the idea of private gun ownership.
Remember that a lot of people on those "no-fly lists/terror watch lists" just so happened to be political dissidents. How convenient...

On the other side some people are falling over themselves to try to strip citizenship away from people SUSPECTED, (not tried or convicted of crimes) torture people when convenient, prevent people from being tried in courts, detain people without warrants, and of course spy on anyone and everyone without warrants BUT God forbid anyone try to mess with the constitutional right to own a gun.

Everyone needs to respect due process. That's the problem here.

Just because a government agency-or for that matter an associated private entity (AIPAC?, Blackwater? ) puts you on a list doesn't mean your right to own a gun should be eliminated.

Similarly just because the government accuses you of a crime doesn't mean they get to punish you before the end of a trial.

It's really messed up as a country that so many of us want to pick and choose which rights should be protected.

Raving Black Lunatic