Monday, August 10, 2009

Well, This Is Troubling

My title today comes from two different stories I've read recently.

Here is one and here is the other.

The two stories discuss matters related to the safety of President Barack Obama. The first deals with the meteoric rise in death threats that the Secret Service has dealt with since Obama became president. I believe the death threats have increased by 400 percent. (Oh and shout out to my homie Torrance over at Raw Dawg Buffalo, 'cause that's where I got this story from.) It also talks about the manpower shortages the Secret Service is dealing with.

The second story talks about a man who brought a loaded gun to a recent health care meeting with the President. I'll let Makheru Bradeley, who visits a blog I like, give a better description of the incident:

Kostric was “legally” armed and carrying a sign that read “IT’S TIME TO WATER THE TREE OF LIBERTY” which is taken from a Thomas Jefferson quote, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

Clearly, we have a problem.

It was noted during the presidential campaign that all this talk of President Obama's death was stupid. Even the man's wife came out to calm people down. But, clearly, this issue will not die because it is a real one.

Some people view the president as an evil tyrant bent on stripping them of their rights. They believe that as such a tyrant, he holds power illegally and deserves to be killed for that offense. And, those people have guns.


I don't know that something bad is going to happen, but, increasingly, I'm losing faith that something bad WON'T happen. This is not because I think nutsos are everywhere and all powerful, it's because I believe that the government agencies tasked with protecting the president are not equipped to handle the current level of danger.

More importantly, I think it's pretty damn telling that despite the horrible, HORRIBLE job the previous president did, there was not this sort of clamor for his head. There just wasn't. That tells me that it's time to take a good hard look at my own personal arsenal because I'm convinced that there are quite a few people who believe anyone with my worldview and skin color doesn't deserve to live.

That is all.



Deacon Blue said...

I agree with you. Bush & Co. were so very awful in their handling of the country, they wiped their asses with the constitution regularly, and they probed into the private communications of citizens constantly.

And yet, Obama is the tyrant trying to take away our rights all of a sudden.

I hated just about everything the previous administration did and felt that Cheney was evil incarnate and Bush was the most dangerous puppet prince in history.

But still, I never wished them violence and never wished them dead. It's frightening how quickly the nutsos in the right wing will turn to violence as the answer...and yet so many conservatives and even just republicans in general will talk about how dangeous left-wing ideology is.

I'll take well-meaning socialists over crazed neocons any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

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PPR_Scribe said...

I am glad more and more bloggers are picking up on this issue and are expressing some concern. I recently wrote about this topic and struggled a little with the post, feeling as if I did not want to come off as some kind of wacky conspiracy theorist.

The safety of the sitting president of the US should be a concern for everyone--regardless of whether they supported the president's election or not. Not to mention the safety of his family, and anyone else who may be in his general vicinity if some deranged individual decides to take a shot.

Just ask James Brady...

Imhotep said...

Big Man, I hear you on the need for an arsenal. I see the vitriolic hate spewed by these red necks at the president, after only 6 months in office. These people are talking about wanting their country back, and I get the feeling they will do whatever to regain their perceived loss. We ain’t turning back the clock, and I’m not the one to assuage their paranoia. So guns and target practice at the range will be a part of my future.

For me to consider getting armed is a mighty big step.I believe I'm the only person in the state of texas not packing. As I watch these angry mob demonize our Black president, I know that they taking out their hate on me or someone that looks like me is not farfetched. So Big Man, I'll meet you at the range. I'll be the guy with a glock in one hand and the bible in the other. That’s how they do it in texas.

LisaMJ said...

This is scary. It is funny how the most priviliged folks in the world are suddenly so "oppressed" and are having their "liberties" taken away. A friend of a friend made a crack on facebook about how sad she gets watching old movies seeing how Americans used to have more freedoms. Part of me wants to give her the benefit of the doubt but the other part of me thinks she is part of this crew who things Obama is taking away "their" country. Iwanted to ask her what movies she was watching, b/c even when watching Mad Men the other day, I saw how women with college educations could only be secretaries, housewives or models and men who are gay who have to marry women and pretend to be straight to keep jobs, or the silent movie I watched 2 weeks ago that was from the 20's when women just gained the right to vote, or any movie I watched pre-mid 60's when my Mom had to go to sit in the back of the bus in North Carolina, couldn't eat in restaurants etc, etc, my grandparents couldn't vote, and on and on, but I didn't want to start another fight with someone on FB so I let it go and just hid her comments from my view b/c I really don't need to see that trash. Plus if I'm wrong, I havent' jumped in her world and caused a ruckus

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