Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ain't You Bold

I recently watched a video clip of this black woman being hauled out of a health care debate.
I'm sure most of y'all saw it since it was all over the TV news. Turns out the woman got into trouble after some random white dude had a problem with a poster she was carrying, walked over to her, grabbed it and ripped it up.

That's right, he didn't like her poster, so he took it from her and destroyed:

"No free speech for you nigger!

Seriously though, that clip, combined with the info I posted recently about guns and town hall meetings has me tripping. I can't imagine why this dude actually believed that it was acceptable for him to walk over to a random person, take her sign and then just destroy it. The lady was minding her own business, and he straight jacked her.

"Niggers and signs I do despise, the next sign I see, the next nigger dies."

What the hell is going on? Are we reaching critical mass? If mofos think it's ok to start snatching signs at public meetings, how long is it going to be before they start trying to bring back the slave code in masse? If my personal property isn't sacrosanct, why should I believe that my personal liberties are?

"Who you eyeballing coon? I got something for coons with wandering eyes."

I know some folks will note that the white guy who did the sign snatching was eventually arrested and whatnot, but to me that's unimportant. The simple fact that he went left in a public place is crazy.

Hell, I'm also troubled how the original news reports went right to the angry black woman meme complete with videos of her in handcuffs, boobies bouncing, as the police hauled her out of the meeting. You could just see the white folks and assimilated Negroes on TV shaking their heads: "You blacks just can't have a civilized debate without getting emotional."

Now I'm hearing that President Obama is considering scrapping the whole health care plan because of all the crazed opposition he's received. That's disappointing. Not because I was so convinced that his plan was great, but I hate to see a black man back down from his stance because of crazy white folks. It only gives them more power, and I hope he realizes that if they are successful now, they'll use these same tactics on each and every controversial issue.

Oh well, that's his cross to bear. I'm just sitting here hoping a crazy cracker tries to snatch a sign out of my hand.

Wish a cracker would.



Anonymous said...

Speak! You are indeed spitting truth. The level of craziness we are seeing is starting to really scare me...ripping signs, folks with guns and assault rifles? WTF?

Thing is one of these days, these characters will rip a sign out of the wrong person's hands and it will be on.

Like you and its funny since my mate is a white guy but he knows I operate under the I wish a cracka would screw with me. My southside Chicago roots will come out real quick.

Anyway good post!

Big Man said...

Thanks BGM.

I try to stay calm and be Christ-like, but like you, sometimes I operate from the "I wish" perspective. Folks take way too many liberties, and this dude with the sign went way, WAY too far. The sheer audacity of his action was amazing.

Tit for Tat said...

Youre too funny. What if the cracker ripped up another crackers sign?

Big Man said...

Tell me the last time that happened.

Tit for Tat said...

Big Man

Youre not serious, are you? Shit like that happens pretty much everytime you have people with differing opinions. Just look at Pro/Anti abortionists. Doesnt much matter what colour their skin is.

Big Man said...


In my job, I have covered many, MANY protests and I have never seen dissenters run up and snatch other people's signs.

I have covered town hall meetings and heated city council meetings, and I don't see that. That does not happen "all the time."

Moreover, this woman was sitting down minding her business and she showed the sign to somebody. She wasn't yelling, she wasn't even waving the sign. This cat just didn't like the fact that she had a sign at all so he snatched it and destroyed it. It was unusual and troubling.

Put it this way, how many folks with crazy, racist signs about Obama are getting their signs snatched?

Imhotep said...

Big man, I got your back on that. Not that you would need it, that coward's balls ain't big enough to step to any man, regardless of size.

Brother, the sane part of me is wishing he don't fuck with my sign. Cause my rage would not be satisfied with just whipping his ass, I would look to take his life. At that moment he would represent all the heinous acts that whites have committed against Black people, and my rage would take me to the place where I would unflinchingly seek to crush his esophagus and snuff out his life. And his sorry ass ain't worth it.

Deacon Blue said...

I knew a Black president wouldn't solve race relations in this nation. I knew it probably wouldn't even advance them forward significantly. Sad to see that it seems to have brought so many crazies out of the woodwork that it might actually make things worse and bring us to some breaking point that will make the Watts riots and such look like a game of beach volleybal...

LisaMJ said...

Deacon, I hope you are wrong, but I fear you may be right.

Anonymous said...

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