Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pass That Good Stuff, Dubya

George Bush got the chronic.

That sticky-icky.

That Death-Star, lung-clearing, slap-yo-mama weed that makes the world a better place with every single puff. That boy's weed is so good, even Snoop be like "No thanks" when the blunt comes around.

I mean, George W. Bush has got to be high, right?

There is no other explanation for his recent comments about Katrina. When asked about his administration's abject failure following the storm that destroyed my city, Dubya actually had the nerve to swell up and tell folks that his people did a good job.

That's either good weed or pure insanity.

No objective observer has said the federal government did a good job. Sure, some folks have tried to spread blame around to local and state agencies, while also blaming residents who didn't evacuate, but nobody, NOBODY, has tried to exonerate Dubya and his cronies. That's because it's effing impossible.

Look, Dubya effed up. It happens in everybody's life, and during his tenure as president it happened to him a lot more than most people. I think we all understand that. It doesn't make Bush look good to deny that his presidency has been one massive clusterfuck from start to finish. It makes him look whiny, dishonest and delusional.

That's not a good look when you're trying to burnish your legacy.

I wonder if Bush realizes that claiming that Hurricane Katrina wasn't really a big deal makes him look like a pompous, callous imbecile? I wonder if really cares? After all, he's allowed nearly 5,000 American soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens to be killed because he won't admit that the Iraq war was a ridiculous endeavor. Maybe he actually does believe that his administration did everything it could after Hurricane Katrina.

Well, at least when he gets high in the future only the cattle at his Crawford ranch will have to deal with it.



Big Man said...

I'm so lonely, so very lonely.

Deacon Blue said...

I'm here. Hand me a beer or a coke, would you?

Seriously, though, I think you're right that he's imbibing something or another, because even he can't possibly be THAT dense or even be foolish enough to think that denying the obvious will make people forget he messed up so bad.

Oh, well, on the bright side, we can tell our kids and grandkids that we got to experience the worst president in U.S. history.

Got to be worth something.

Ben Atkinson said...

Here is a very good comment on the topic from a James Fallow blog:

"...I too thought the final Bush press conference was a remarkable performance; if an actor were to memorize and replicate it, it would seem like something out of Eugene O'Neill, staged in a barroom, and we might feel pity. The inept man without words realizes that he cannot say what he must say: an admission of failures across the board, a realization that his pipe dreams were deadly, an understanding that his nation and the world now hold him in low esteem and wish him gone. And not to be able to say these things is to remain their captive forever. But there is no expiation for Mr. Bush, and that is the objective tragedy. How can he live without awareness? He also must see how much Barack Obama is his opposite, how much he is admired and welcomed to the office, so unlike the stolen Bush arrival in 2000. It's a remarkable achievement for Mr. Bush: every moment of his presidency is touched with a shame that cannot be bathed away. I think he will disappear; I cannot see any post-presidential role he could fulfill without the full recollection of that shame..."

Only six days left until he is no longer President, but the World will be living with the fallout of eight horrible years of his (non)-leadership.

the uppity negro said...

I'm with Whoopi...."this time next week..."

Bush is still part of an elite club of the 44, but still out of the presidents, he's going to end up joining the club of the William Henry Harrison's--famous for nothing.

Or even worse yet, the James K. Polks, the Andrew Johnsons or the Grover Clevelands that when the name get's mentioned 100 years from now they'll be left with a resounding "Who?"

Big Man said...

Nah, Bush is stricly with Herbert Hoover.

The Presidents in the club where people are like "What the fuck was he thinking?"

Big Man said...

Nah, Bush is stricly with Herbert Hoover.

The Presidents in the club where people are like "What the fuck was he thinking?"

blackgirlinmaine said...

He is totally smoking something, of course if I were him, I would want to be high all the time too.

The man was and is a loser, had he been George Archibald rather than George Bush none of us would have had to deal with his sorry butt.

WNG said...

Have you read the Rolling Stone cover article where he 'apologizes'? It's priceless. I only wish it wasn't fiction.

That said - the man will never learn and he knows less about himself than any person in public life that I can name.

Maybe you've got one?

Raving Black Lunatic