Friday, January 23, 2009

Horrible News. It's Really Horrible.

There is a crisis in Lunatic world.

I have been notified that my place of employment is cracking down on the online expression of political views. So, no blogs or other online endeavors that are political in nature.

Of course, that's a problem since I run a semi-political blog.

So, what say you good readers? Should I try to continue the blog without dealing with so much political stuff? You know, focus even more on racial, personal and religious reflections?

Would that even be interesting? Would y'all still read it?

I mean, I love doing this blog, it's a great creative outlet, but I got bills to pay and babies to feed. Can't jeopardize all that just for my creativity.

So, I'd like to hear from y'all over the weekend and Monday and next week I'll make a decision. Thanks in advance.



Darth Whitey said...

Yea the cultural stuff, I'd still read it. Try to go easy on the black victim stuff though or I'll have to expend my valuable energy to offer alternate possibilities and explanations you may have overlooked! :-)

Lorraine said...

You will I'd read any of the racial stuff. Our religious differ, well, a lot. But! I do hope that you keep writing about whatever you want.

I will definitely keep reading!!

Lorraine said...

*You know I'd read

WNG said...

I'll read whatever you write, Big Man, you know I love you :-)

BUT is there someone you can talk to about what, exactly, you need to stay away from to be safe, because you family is the most important thing and I think we'd all understand whatever changes you need to make.

On another note - if you're not writing from work how can they tell you what to write???

blackgirlinmaine said...

I'm here no matter what you read, damn that sucks man. But like you said, gotta feed the family...just don't disappear. ;-)

Lolo said...

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, what is UP with that?? I mean, I'm right there with the whole "job and family first" but I'm really curious how/why they are taking this line.

You could take it as a challenge to your writing skills and motivation, you know? I know that I would still be interested to at least read, that's for certain.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I'm down with whatever you have to do. I knwo you gotta take care of your family.


Deacon Blue said...

Given that you're a journalist working for a newspaper, I'm surprised they haven't been on you before now. Seems like most media companies and publications and stations have issues with their employees blogging about politics or current events. Could be worse though. CNN employees can't have ANY kind of blog without prior permission, even if it has ZERO to do with their job or the network or anything related to it.

But, to answer your overriding concern, I'm one of those people who will stick with you regardless, as long as you continue to blog. Movie reviews. Family recipes. Your son's latest misadventures. Whatever you blog about is cool with me.

Fry said...

My subscription wouldn't change either. Please keep this up; I dig it.

the uppity negro said...


No, literally What the Fuck?!?!?!

You need to find a new job then....because um, yeah, you need to find a new job because that shyt aint cool. I don't think you should compromise your God-given right to express your feelings for the sake of your job.

Although, why haven't you been anonymous toward the people at your job?

Lolo said...

Our local paper has a page of blogs that their reporters post to. Just a thought. Oh, and the paper has to be one of the only ones in the entire country that is able to afford to build itself a new building these days.

Imhotep said...

Big man, Wow! Sounds like a job threat to me. Bro, you have young children and a family that's depending on you, so family first. No doubts.

But, I've got some reservations about your employer. If they can control your blog, then how far are they from controlling your actual news reporting? If they know where you're vulnerable, can they not influence the articles that you write or the stories that you report?

Darth White, What do you know about Black victimology from a Black persons perspective? I hope you're going to those redneck cracka sites and chastising those whites about their victimology. You know, about illegal immigration destroying the country, or affirmative action being unfair, or tax money going to welfare recipients. It’s mighty white of your to tell Black folks when and how we are victims.

Big Man, do your thing, write it and I'll read it. You profess to be a man of God, I believe you to be a man of God, therefore let God move you as to what to write.

Deacon Blue said...

I know a lot of y'all are concerned about Big Man's rights being trampeled, and frankly, I think most media outlets are in the dark ages regarding blogging. I also think it's ridiculous to expect their reporters not to have opinions and express them, as long as it's clear that those are the INDIVIDUAL'S opinions...and also as long as it doesn't directly conflict with areas they cover.

But the fact is, most media companies aren't going to be any nicer about. If a media outlet doesn't have a policy limiting or controlling employee blogging, it probably means they just haven't gotten around to formalizing yet or haven't noticed the blog world yet (yes, the media is, overall, that clueless about entering the new millennium).

Big Man is left with few options. And free speech? Well, yeah, we have free speech in this nation on a limited basis. Employers do have the ability to hang your job over your head at times based on what you want to say in public. Fact of life, and in this economy, standing up for one's values could mean ending up at a food pantry on the regular.

Not pretty, but it is life in this nation where the corporations are the entities that really control most of the shit.

As far as Big Man remaining anonymous, that was out the window pretty quickly. He would have had to be totally anonymous to US about his location and occupation to evade detection by his bosses.

That's kinda why I remain anonymous about my location and true identity at my blog. I don't have an employer right now, being a freelancer, but what if one of my clients found me blog and didn't like it? I could be out yet another client, and I've lost too many to the economic spasms of this nation in the past two years already. And if I end up in an office job, then I face the possibility of having to kill my blog at any moment to keep my job.

The new media and the old paradigm are having a rough time getting along right now.

Clifton said...

There's two topics that I don't write about because of my job. Life is so complex that you won't have any trouble not addressing politics directly. The racial, personal and religious reflections will probably address them anyway.

vicdamonejr said...

two words: write on.

MacDaddy said...

Hang in there, brotha!

Leigh C. said...

Do whatcha gotta do. You could write about ikebana all the time and it'd still be kick-ass.

Be well.

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